With vasodilatation, pressure rises or falls

Some people have a prolonged narrowing of the muscles of their arteries. In this case, the blood pressure in the body will be increased. The result is hypertension.

If you do not start treating it in time, then this can lead to complications and disruptions of the organs. Also, the load will primarily lie on the heart.

High pressure will gradually destroy blood vessels. In this case, a disease called sclerosis can develop. Of particular importance is the form of this disease (atherosclerosis).

A lump of cholesterol is deposited in the vessel, which is a piece of fat. At this point, scar tissue appears over time and a plaque forms, which narrows the lumen of the vessel. In such a place, vein blockage may occur.

When this happens, then a heart attack, stroke or hemorrhage in the brain may occur. What to do to prevent such a disease?

Blood pressure

Blood pressure depends on many factors and serves as a specific indicator of the functioning of the cardiovascular system. The most important factors that cause pressure to change are the following:

  1. Under the influence of humoral factors, a narrowing of the lumen of the vessels occurs. When this happens, the pressure rises.
  2. The pace and strength of contractions of the heart muscles are changing. The stronger the organ will work, the greater the pressure in the arteries.
  3. Increased viscosity and blood volume. More flu >Doctors note that hypertension is quite insidious, and therefore it is difficult to detect. For example, a person with high blood pressure may feel quite well, and therefore do not go to the doctor. If the disease is started, it is more difficult to treat.

For this reason, with the first symptoms of the onset of the disease, you should immediately contact a doctor who will begin her treatment. You should not wait until the moment when the state of health begins to deteriorate sharply.

The main symptom for hypertension is a headache. If it appears, then first of all you need to immediately check your pressure. The appearance of a headache is due to the fact that the vessels are narrowing. In this case, a headache in the neck is characteristic.

Tinnitus may also appear. This also happens due to narrowing of the vessels in the hearing aid. There is the possibility of temporary visual impairment in hypertension. Circles may appear in the eyes.

Doctors note that if the corresponding symptoms appear when the disease appears, then it is not so bad if the disease proceeds without obvious signs.

If there are no manifestations of the disease, then it can last for several years, and a person will not even know about it. Usually, the patient turns to the doctor only if he has complications, such as a stroke or heart attack.

Sometimes a hypertensive crisis may occur. It is characterized by a sharp increase in pressure and the appearance of a severe headache. Also, nausea or vomiting may be present at this point.

At the onset of the disease, the patient develops shortness of breath, and also the skin loses its original color. He’s getting white. Dyspnea can witness the appearance of coronary heart disease.

Reasons for high blood pressure

Among them, blood clotting can be noted. If a person does not consume pure water for a long period of time, replacing the body’s need for liquids with other drinks, then moisture will leave certain tissues of the body, and blood will thicken.

If the blood thickens, then there is an increased load on the heart. He will have to contract more often in order to push thick blood. Blood moves slowly over wide vessels, and therefore, to maintain normal pressure, they need to be narrowed.

The heart sends an impulse to the brain, it sends an impulse to the kidneys, and the kidneys send it to the vessels, as a result of which the latter narrow, and the pressure rises. In this case, doctors can attribute to the patient the use of special drugs that dilate blood vessels.

When the vessels narrowed, the pressure returned to normal, but other organs stopped receiving enough blood and oxygen. Here again, the protective function of the body is triggered and the vasoconstriction occurs.

If this happens over several months, then the patient has a second stage of the disease. In this case, the doctor ascribes to him drugs that will have to be taken until the end of his life.

Blood cholesterol and protein

If the amount of cholesterol in the blood rises, the blood will become oily. In such a situation, the heart will also have to work hard to push blood through the vessels.

If there is a large amount of protein in the blood, this will also thicken the blood. This can happen due to the lack of the body’s production of enzymes that improve metabolic processes.

When a person experiences stress every day and at the same time consumes a small amount of fluid, which can reduce the level of adrenaline in the blood, this leads to an increased load on the heart. Adrenaline can also constrict blood vessels, and therefore heart contraction increases.

This organ is a kind of filter of the body. It consists of a large number of tubes. Blood circulates in the kidneys at high speed. In these tubes, it is cleaned of dirt.

In the case when a person drinks a little liquid and his blood is very dirty, the filter elements will be clogged, which will cause an increase in pressure. Heart contraction in this case also increases.

Treatment and prevention of high blood pressure

Experts recommend adhering to simple rules that will help prevent the onset of the disease, and also cure it at the initial stage:

  1. Exclude from your diet all drinks that contain acid (sweet carbonated drinks). Use only clean water.
  2. Use hydrosel to purify water. This will help to make it structured and restore the state of the body faster.
  3. Exclude fatty and salty foods, canned foods and spicy foods from the diet.
  4. Take other plant enzymes that will reduce heart rate, normalize the state of blood vessels and accelerate the recovery processes in the body.
  5. Using artichoke will lower blood pressure on the blood vessels and reduce blood cholesterol.
  6. You need to eat more vegetables and fruits to restore the body, as they contain fiber.
  7. You should eat black grapes, which also helps to expand the arteries and reduce pressure.
  8. It is recommended to eat one clove of garlic every day.
  9. You have to eat fish and seafood.

It should be constantly remembered that the human body is fighting for his state of health, making every effort to this. Symptoms such as heart palpitations, increased pressure and others are protective properties of the body.

They have to run in order to normalize the condition and prevent the development of hypoxia. The body starts these actions in response to the unreasonable behavior of a person and his unhealthy way of life.

In this case, the body should try to help. Do not stop taking the drugs that the doctor has assigned to normalize the pressure, as well as adhere to and follow all his recommendations.

It should be remembered that at the initial stage of the disease, hypertension can be cured. The main thing is to identify it in time and the specialist will help in this in the video in this article.

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