What pills to reduce blood pressure during pregnancy at different periods

According to the recommendations of the European Association of Cardiology, pressure pills for pregnant women are prescribed with an indicator above 140/90 mm. Medicines are not indifferent to the fetus.

Expectant mothers can only take pills as directed by a doctor. Drugs that are safe for mother and child are selected.

When to take antihypertensive medications for pregnant women

WHO (World Health Organization) also recommends prescribing tablets during pregnancy for persistent hypertension of 140/90 mm. RT. Art. Canadian obstetricians-gynecologists suggest only diastolic pressure above 90 mm as a criterion. With an indicator of 160-170/110, a woman is hospitalized to establish the cause of hypertension.

Today, there are no completely harmless drugs for lowering blood pressure in pregnant women.

Attention! Antihypertensive drugs pose the greatest danger in the first trimester, when fetal organs are laid. That is why, at an early stage, they try to use not antihypertensive drugs, but pills that help reduce blood pressure.

With an unbalanced diet, the cause of hypertension in pregnant women is often a deficiency of magnesium and potassium. Prescribing drugs containing these elements effectively reduces blood pressure. By the way, not only for pregnant women, but also for all hypertensive patients, doctors prescribe medications and foodstuffs containing magnesium and potassium. In the line of drugs of this profile, Magne B6 and Magnerot are popular.

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Detonic – a unique medicine that helps fight hypertension at all stages of its development.

Detonic for pressure normalization

The complex effect of plant components of the drug Detonic on the walls of blood vessels and the autonomic nervous system contribute to a rapid decrease in blood pressure. In addition, this drug prevents the development of atherosclerosis, thanks to the unique components that are involved in the synthesis of lecithin, an amino acid that regulates cholesterol metabolism and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Detonic not addictive and withdrawal syndrome, since all components of the product are natural.

Detailed information about Detonic is located on the manufacturer’s page www.detonicnd.com.

The role of trace elements in hypertension in a pregnant woman

When a new life is born in the mother’s body, there is a large consumption of nutrients. All systems are completely rebuilt. Improper nutrition leads to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. This leads to disruption of the work of the heart and blood vessels in the mother. One of the important elements, magnesium, has several functions in the body:

  • significantly reduces blood pressure,
  • regulates heart rate,
  • prevents blood clots,
  • eliminates cramps of the calf muscles in a pregnant woman,
  • relieves increased uterine tone,
  • has a calming effect,
  • regulates electrolyte balance.

In the body, minerals are in a certain ratio, maintaining the composition of the blood. Magnesium and potassium deficiency is accompanied by an excess of sodium and calcium. In turn, sodium attracts fluid, which leads to leg swelling and increased blood pressure.

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Important! After the application of Magne B6 or Magnerot, the sodium level decreases, which draws in excess fluid. This means that the swelling of the legs decreases, the pressure decreases. There is no need to follow a strict salt-free diet.

Thus, Magne B6 tablets act as calcium channel blockers (Nifedipine), but without side effects. In addition, they enhance the effect of antihypertensive drugs when used together.

Magne B6 to reduce blood pressure is prescribed 2 tablets 3 times a day for 2 weeks. If, after a short course of treatment, the parameters have not returned to normal, a blood or urine test for magnesium is done.

Allowed antihypertensive drugs during pregnancy

Tablets differ from pressure in efficiency, the rate of release of the active substance. On these grounds, drugs are grouped into different groups. To eliminate high blood pressure in pregnant women, drugs with a different mechanism of action are used. Currently, specialized tablets of several pharmacological groups are used.

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List of approved products:

  • Dopegyt methyldopa is the most commonly used drug in pregnancy. Representative of centrally acting alpha agonists.
  • Labetalol belongs to the group of beta-blockers with an alpha-blocking effect.
  • Atenolol, Metaprolol, Bisoprolol – beta-blockers.
  • Clopamide, Indapamide are diuretics of the thiazide group.
  • Calcium antagonists Isradipine, Nifedipine.

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The safest tablets for mother and baby are Methyldopa. The drug can be drunk without risk even in the early stages of pregnancy, because it does not have a teratogenic (damaging the fetus) effect.

If hypertension persists when using Methyldopa, Atenolol, Metaprolol tablets are used. Beta blockers are more effective in lowering high blood pressure.

In emergency cases, with a hypertensive crisis, Nifedipine or Isradipine is prescribed.

Diuretic pills are used if the cause of hypertension is excess sodium in the blood plasma.

Dopegit (Methyldopa)

The most studied and most often prescribed by doctors for hypertension in pregnant women – – Hungarian-made Dopegit. The active substance of the tablets is Methyldopa.

The drug of the central mechanism of action is able to reduce pressure by reducing the resistance of peripheral vessels. Methyldopa also lowers the heart rate.

Dopegit is taken 2 times a day, gradually increasing the dose until the hypotensive effect. After stabilization of the pressure, the number of tablets is reduced with subsequent cancellation. You can take the product for 1-2 weeks under the supervision of a doctor. The duration of the course depends on the level of hypertension, the condition of the pregnant woman.

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The drug is a representative of non-selective beta-blockers with a selective blocking effect on postsynaptic receptors. Labetalol compares favorably with Metaprolol. Due to its double action, it expands blood vessels without reducing cardiac output and reflex tachycardia. In addition, it does not impair renal blood flow.

After oral administration, the tablets are rapidly absorbed. The antihypertensive effect begins in 20 minutes, lasts 8-24 hours, depending on the dose. The active substance crosses the placenta, passes into breast milk.

  • hypertension
  • aortic aneurysm,
  • hypertensive crisis.

Side effects of the pills are headache, urinary retention, fatigue, depression. Labetalol is carefully prescribed for diabetes mellitus. The drug masks the signs of hypoglycemia – limb tremor, tachycardia. When taken simultaneously with antidiabetic agents, it causes unwanted reactions. In patients with obstructive bronchial diseases, the development of airway spasm is not excluded.

  • bradycardia,
  • hepatitis,
  • thyrotoxicosis.

Attention! Studies have shown that Labetalol does not impair placental blood flow. The drug does not cause intrauterine growth retardation. However, it is not used in early pregnancy. As prescribed by the doctor, the tablets are used from the second trimester.

In a pharmacy, Labetalol can be found under the name – Abetol, Presopol, Amipress.

Metaprolol, Atenolol, Bisoprolol

The approved tablets from the group of cardioselective beta-blockers belong to the second generation. The mechanism of action is to selectively block the adrenergic receptors of the myocardium and blood vessels.

  • hypertonic disease,
  • heart rhythm disturbances – tachycardia, extrasystole,
  • angina pectoris,
  • complex treatment for myocardial infarction.

Metoprolol, Atenolol are produced by Russian and foreign companies. An analogue of Betalok ZOK is produced by Sweden, Egilok – Switzerland. Tablets Metaprolol, Bisoprolol, Atenolol effectively reduce upper and lower pressure. Reduce the heart rate, eliminate arrhythmia, tachycardia. The drugs transfer the work of the heart to an economical mode. The tablets improve the well-being of patients, reduce the intensity of pain in angina pectoris.

  • individual intolerance,
  • bradycardia,
  • hypotension,
  • heart failure,
  • cardiogenic shock.

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Side effects after taking the pills are bronchospasm, nasal congestion, deterioration in visual acuity, shortness of breath. Blood sugar fluctuations are observed in diabetics. On the part of the nervous system, there is a decrease in memory, confusion.

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Beta blockers in pregnant women impair blood flow to the placenta, resulting in low birth weight babies. The drugs pass through the bloodstream into breast milk.

Metaprolol tablets are prohibited for use in the first trimester, because the development of the fetus is disturbed.

Important! For pregnant women, Metaprolol is rarely prescribed and on strict indications, if there is no other choice. The doctor weighs the benefits of the pills to the mother against the risk of harm to the baby.


Thiazide diuretics – Indapamide, Clopamide have a hypotensive, diuretic, vasoconstrictor effect. Tablets are used in the complex treatment of hypertension. With isolated diastolic pressure, they are prescribed as independent means of treatment. Pregnant women take 1 tablet per day for 3-5 days.

Like other diuretics, Indapamide is not a first-line drug for the expectant mother.

Attention! Pregnant women are prescribed pills only for hypertension caused by an increased concentration of sodium in the blood.

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Nifedipine, Isradipine

The drugs are class II calcium antagonists. Nifedipine is a dihydropyridine derivative. It is produced in the dosage form of sustained-release tablets with slow release of the active substance.

Nifedipine tablets relieve the tone of smooth muscles that make up the vessels, the uterus. Reduce pressure due to the expansion of the arteries. They improve coronary blood flow without inhibiting the activity of the heart muscle.

  • Arterial hypertension,
  • relief of an attack of angina pectoris,
  • Raynaud’s disease.

Important! Calcium antagonists Nifedipine, Isradipine are used to lower blood pressure only in emergency cases. The drug has a teratogenic effect on the fetus.

Sometimes pressure pills for pregnancy Nifedipine, Isradipine relieve uterine hypertonicity. This prevents the threat of miscarriage. But they can be used no earlier than 16 weeks of gestation.

  • tachycardia,
  • redness of the face,
  • headache,
  • swelling of the limbs.

Nifedipine passes into breast milk. It is forbidden for a nursing mother to breastfeed her baby during treatment. For liver and kidney diseases, the drug is used only in a clinic.

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Opinions of pregnant women about antihypertensive pills

It is not uncommon for young women to face increased pressure when preparing to become a mother. Some of them take the pill, leaving reviews online.

Ekaterina, 22 years old, Tomsk

At the 9-month period, the blood pressure increased to 140/90, and swelling of the legs began. The gynecologist prescribed Dopegit tablets 2 times a day. An effective drug normalized the indicator after a week.

Zhenya, 25 years old, Novosibirsk

Vitamin Magne B6 was prescribed to me by a gynecologist during my second pregnancy due to hypertension 140/95 and edema of the legs. Took 2 tablets 3 times a day. After 2 weeks, the pressure returned to normal, the edema disappeared.

Anyuta, 34 years old, Moscow

When I was young, I suffered from pressure drops. In the third trimester, the numbers reached 145/90. My doctor prescribed Dopegit. I spent 2 weeks on drink, 2 tablets a day. The blood pressure returned to normal and did not rise anymore.

Anastasia, 27 years old, Moscow

Magne B6 helped me with 3 months of pregnancy, when hypertension appeared. In addition, the stomach periodically hardened. The doctor said that the reason is a lack of magnesium. Within 3 days after taking Magne B6, the pressure returned to normal. The hypertonicity of the uterus also stopped.

Katy, 39 years old, Moscow

Took 3 days Dopegit without results. At 160/100 I got to the hospital. Prescribed only Metaprolol ½ tablet twice a day. This drug holds 130/80 mm Hg.

If the blood pressure starts to rise in pregnant women, it is forbidden to take pills on their own. Medicines are dangerous for both mother and fetus. The doctor prescribes antihypertensive drugs after examination. In some cases, magnesium tablets are sufficient to reduce blood pressure.

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