Uraturia – urates in the urine of a child

When doctors detect urate in a child’s urine, it means that a uric acid precipitate is forming in it. This deposit can have serious consequences for the child’s body, and therefore, if undesirable substances are identified, treatment should be started immediately.

It is necessary to donate the child’s urine regularly in order to monitor metabolic processes and timely identify deviations from the norm.

Salts in the urine of a child

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The study of urine is used to detect disease processes in the body. Sends the attending physician for analyzes when diagnosing complications. Phosphates, urates, carbonates, oxalates can be detected in urine. The presence of these substances may not be the cause of disease.

When the organs are functioning normally, urate salts should not be present in the child’s urine. But it happens that the metabolism gets lost and the composition of the child’s urine changes from this. The formation of salts in fluids occurs for a variety of reasons, ranging from digestive problems to heredity.

The detection of urates in the biological fluid of a child is a frequent occurrence. Incompletely formed reproductive and urinary systems may not have time to fight the salts supplied with food, as a result, a salt precipitate forms. The presence of urates may be caused by taking antibiotics and a deficiency in the menu of vegetables and fruits. If salts are detected in an infant, the mother should reduce meat in the diet and consume more fruits and vegetables. To reduce the level of urates, children from 2 years old need a special diet, which will include foods high in calcium and potassium.

You need to give preference to chicken meat, limit or completely replace poultry meat, do not feed the baby with vegetables, which contain oxalic acid. You can consume dairy products and mineral water in any quantity.

A large number of urates in urine

With normal results of the study of urine, salts and other components should not be detected. If the urates rise to 2 pluses it is not considered a deviation. With values ​​over 3 pluses or the mark of unwanted substances in the urine does not decrease when changing the diet, you need to additionally examine the baby and make sure that there is no gout or leukemia.

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When a large amount of urate is detected in a child, parents do not need to panic. In most cases, parents do not limit their children to sweets, meat and fish before the tests, and therefore the tests can be false. In analyzes after the disease, the examination indicators may be false due to the intake of medications.

With a large amount of test salts, you need to adhere to a healthy diet and retake the analysis, conduct an ultrasound examination of the kidneys. In addition to urates, it is important to monitor the rest of the urine components. A large number of leukocytes, erythrocytes and other substances can cause an infectious process in the body. A lot of urates in urine can inform about dysbiosis and worms.

If relatives were sick with gout, overweight, diseases of the joints, spine, blood vessels, it is necessary to inform the nephrologist and pediatrician.


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There are several reasons for the appearance of salts in the urine:

  • With improper diet.

With frequent use of monotonous food and the abuse of some components, hydrochloric acid may appear.

Products that are not recommended for use include products: meat, fish, spicy and smoked food, mushrooms, sausage, cheese, tomatoes.

Parents should provide their child with healthy and varied food.

  • In case of impaired renal function.
  • Insufficient fluid intake.

Symptoms of a lack of fluid include nausea, stool problems, and fever.

  • The use of antibiotics, medicines to relieve pain and inflammation.
  • Infectious pathological processes.
  • Varieties of leukemia.
  • Uraturia in children

Symptoms and Treatment

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With a high salt content, treatment should be immediate. If they are present at an acceptable level, a person will not feel symptoms and this fact does not have specific manifestations.

Only an analysis made in a laboratory can give a clear idea of ​​the state of urine. According to the results of the study, with an increased content of urates, the specialist may send the child for additional examination, which includes ultrasound of the kidneys, because the increased number of salts will cause kidney stones.

If a kidney stone is found in a child, he is prescribed an additional intake of medications. A good result can be obtained from infusions of medicinal herbs with a diuretic effect.

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Sometimes a specialist prescribes medications that alkalize urine, relieve spasms, and other medications necessary to prevent the presence of unwanted substances in the kidneys and the body.

Prognosis and prevention

If the causes of the appearance of harmful substances in the urine are not eliminated in time and kidney stones are treated, this can cause closure of the urinary tract, blood poisoning and inflammation of the kidneys.

If you follow a diet and take the necessary drugs, the risk of complications of pathologies is reduced to a minimum. When a child has a loss of undesirable components, then his health should be carefully monitored. First, change the daily diet, adjust the menu and add or remove some of the products. Leading a healthy lifestyle.

When parents begin to devote more time to the health and physical development of their child, this will be the key to good health. From an early age, you need to carefully monitor children and the loss of salts will be the first sign that you need to change the child’s lifestyle.

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