The rate of microalbumin (malb) in urine

Before passing the analysis, a person must identify the causes of the appearance of pathology, what it is. Albumin is a protein found in blood serum, and a lot of this substance is found in blood plasma. The constituents of albumin are very large in size and have the following functions for the body:

  • Transport,
  • Binding.

The protein is formed in the liver and travels to the kidneys through the bloodstream. In a perfect case, microalbumin in urine should be present in small doses or not at all.

Kidneys that are free of any disease will prevent large albumin particles from entering the urine.

In urine, the protein content rate fluctuates at small rates, which are called microalbumin. In the case of kidney disease, albumin in the body can increase and large molecules begin to be excreted.

Purpose of the study for microalbumin.

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An analysis for the content of albumin in urine with such a pathology as nephropathy is a good opportunity to identify the course of the pathological process at an easy stage.

Nephropathy has several types, but in any of them it is a painful process that affects the kidneys of a person. There are 2 significant degrees of nephropathy:

  • Inability to detect changes in the body
  • Renal failure begins from a large change in the human body.

In most cases, the 1 degree of development of pathology is detected during the study of the analysis. With microalbinuria, it is possible to cure and correct the disease, because this stage is initial. An examination of urine for microalbuminuria is prescribed for pathologies:

  • Diabetes

This pathology is associated with the functioning of the kidneys and to control their function, the patient should be examined for the presence of microalbuminuria urine at least 2 times a year.

  • High blood pressure

When a person has renal failure, their blood pressure rises. This process refers to the symptom of kidney disease. If other reasons for the increase in pressure are not noticed, then the person donates urine for research.

  • Heart problems
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With poor blood supply, there is a risk of kidney damage and a decrease in their functioning, for these reasons, chronic renal failure can form.

  • Symptoms of nephropathy

Symptoms include the following processes: thirst, discomfort in the lumbar spine, weakness, swelling. At stage 1, symptoms may be mild or not noticed at all.

  • In systemic lupus erythematosus, the entire body is damaged.

When urinalysis for microalbumin is not done

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There are a number of reasons why urinalysis for microalbumin is not recommended:

  • After physical overstrain,
  • With infectious pathologies of the bladder,
  • With other kidney diseases,
  • With congestive heart failure,
  • With an increase in body temperature,
  • Neglected diabetes mellitus,
  • Menses,
  • Ketoacidotic coma.

Laboratory indicators

If specialists have identified albumin in the urine of a person, this is not yet a sign of the onset of the disease development process. Microalbumin is a very small protein fraction and, in the absence of pathology, can penetrate through healthy glomeruli.

Large molecules of albumin in urine are not found in normal levels. In a child, a slight increase in protein in the urinary sediment can be considered the beginning of the development of the disease. Before starting to decipher the data obtained, it is important for specialists to clarify which indicators are the norm and fall within the framework of human physiological values:

The rate of albumin in the urine, which the doctor can reveal when he examines the urinary sediment, should be less than 30 mg per day.

With increased values ​​of indicators, doctors diagnose the disease microalbuminuria, with the release of 300 mg of protein per day, they diagnose proteinuria.

Normal indications of microalbumin in a single urine sample should be less than a malb of 20 mg/L. In a portion of urine, the ratio of albunine and creatine is assessed, at the norm, the values ​​should be less than the following figures: in women up to 2,5, and in men – up to 3,5. When the values ​​are increased, this indicates the onset of nephropathy.

Who should be screened for albuminuria for prevention?

There is a category of people who should be given urine tests several times a year:

  • People with type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • Suffering from hypertension
  • After chemotherapy for the treatment of oncology
  • Pregnant women at risk of developing preeclampsia.
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Microalbuminuria correction options

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Specialists of various directions (therapists and neurologists, gynecologists) are engaged in the treatment of microalbuminuria for this reason and the conduct of therapy by each doctor with its own nuances.

All patients should adhere to a healthy diet and fight the inflammatory substance vigorously. To detect pathology at the beginning of development, it is necessary to regularly visit doctors and undergo all the required examinations.

Therapy includes the following procedures:

  • Restoring blood glucose levels using insulin or blood sugar lowering agents,
  • Normalization of blood pressure digits (diuretics, etc.),
  • Using statins to correct the lipid profile,
  • In complicated cases, hemodialysis is performed or an organ transplant is performed.

Detection of microalbuminuria at the beginning of development is very difficult, because special clinical manifestations at this stage do not cause suspicion in a person and he does not seek medical help.

Albumin is a protein found in human serum; a large amount of this substance is present in plasma.

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