Tavegil for allergies

tavegil - 3Tavegil is an efficient antihistamine. It is utilized in the treatment of numerous type of allergies in both kids and adult clients. The drug works and prevalent, in spite of the truth that it is a very first generation drug.

Relieves Tavegil from eczema, nettle rash, deals with dermatoses, reduces modifications in the mucous membrane of the upper breathing system and eyes due to allergies.

Tavegil is likewise utilized for allergic reaction in the complex treatment of inflammatory procedures in the organs of the bronchopulmonary system.

Antihistamine action

When the body is hypersensitive to a particular irritant, a particular reaction happens. The truth is that a foreign body, permeating into the body, enters contact with the antigen and renders it safe.

After such adjustment of the implanted antibody, an allergic reaction starts to appear, accompanied by the release of bioactive compounds (bradykinin, histamine, serotonin, etc.). It is they that result in the look of indications of allergic reaction – capillary dilate, high blood pressure reduces, edema, cough, rash, runny nose, etc. appear.

Tavegil impacts bioactive compounds, in specific histamine, as it is thought about an antihistamine. It reduces the activity of histamine receptors and reduces the look of allergies.


Modern pharmaceuticals use brand-new generation antihistamines. However, the tried and true Tavegil is rather in need today. This treatment works in combating numerous kinds of allergies.

It is recommended if:

  • allergic skin sores (nettle rash, dermatosis, pruritus, eczema, allergic dermatitis, etc.),
  • angioneurotic (Quincke) edema,
  • advancement of serum illness,
  • hay fever (pollen allergic reaction), hay fever or conjunctivitis,
  • illness of ENT organs provoked by allergies,
  • bronchitis and asthma,
  • animal bites,
  • allergic reaction to medications.

Dosage, suggestions for usage

The medication is produced in the type of an injection service, syrup and tablets. Most frequently, physicians recommend a tablet preparation, considering that in this type it has the capability to be quickly taken in and maximally focused in the blood (an hour and a half after administration).

After the injection of Tavegil by injection, the suction lasts from 40 to 60 minutes. The drug can trigger sleepiness, is excreted through the kidneys, for that reason, the dosage needs to be minimized for clients with kidney illness.

The dose of the drug depends upon the specific attributes of the organism (client weight, age, the existence of concomitant illness) and on the seriousness of the allergic reaction. The medication is recommended by a medical professional just after taking a look at the client and making a medical diagnosis.

The whole day-to-day dosage of the tablet preparation is divided into 2-3 dosages. Adults and teenagers from 12 years of ages, 1 tab. 2 times a day, in complicated types, the dosage can be increased to 6 mg – 2 tablets for Tavegil allergic reaction 3 times a day.

For kids from 6 to 12 years of ages, a two-time reception (early morning and night) of 0,5 -1 tab is advised. The tablets are swallowed prior to meals, cleaned down with an adequate quantity of water. Only a medical professional can recommend Tavegil injections for allergies and their number.


Not everybody can utilize Tavegil. It is strictly prohibited to take it to clients with hypersensitivity to the elements.

It is likewise contraindicated in such cases:

  • when taking antidepressants (MAOIs),
  • with illness of the bronchi, specifically with bronchial asthma and bronchospasm,
  • young children approximately 6 years of ages,
  • pregnant females,
  • throughout the lactation duration.

Patients with stomach ulcer, with urinary system blockage, with high intraocular and high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, along with those detected with BPH of the prostate gland or illness of the cardiovascular system, ought to be utilized with care.

Side results

Undesirable results throughout treatment with the drug are uncommon. However, when utilizing it, it needs to be remembered that the representative has a sedative impact and it cannot be taken if a fast reaction is essential (mechanized work, driving).

In some clients, the drug can provoke such unfavorable phenomena:

  • sensation of weak point, lightheadedness, disruption of stability,
  • gastrointestinal conditions, queasiness, gag reflex, anorexia nervosa, dry mouth,
  • sensation of pressure in the chest location, nasal blockage,
  • reducing high blood pressure, palpitations,
  • ringing in the ears, reduced vision clearness,
  • regular urination
  • hemolytic anemia,
  • rash,
  • anaphylaxis,
  • increased intraocular pressure.

In case of an overdose of the drug, the client is cleaned with the stomach and turn to the assistance of medical employees. After the suggestion of a medical professional, enterosorbents can be taken – representatives with taking in homes.

Appointment to kids, functions of admission

Until the age of 2, the drug is not recommended. Nursing moms can take the medication, however throughout treatment, you require to stop feeding the infant, and resume breastfeeding just 3 days after finishing the course of taking Tavegil.

When taking the syrup, utilize a dispenser cup. When recommending tablets to a kid, it is advised to grind the needed dosage into powder and water down with a percentage of water. The age-related dosages of Tavegil should not be gone beyond in order to prevent overdose.

Similar medications

The most efficient in the battle versus allergies are Tavegil and Suprastin. Their benefits are speed and minimum adverse effects. The active compound of Tavegil is clemastine, which triggers sleepiness, and Suprastin has chloropyramine, which has no hypnotic impact.

It is tough to state that Suprastin or Tavegil is much better for allergies, however Suprastin is regularly advised for usage in your home.

There are other allergic reaction medications with comparable medicinal action: Zyrtec is a brand-new generation drug, Diphenhydramine is an effective drug with a hypnotic impact, Suprastinex, Loratadin are moderate drugs, Fenistil is a strong long-acting drug, etc.

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Detonic for pressure normalization

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Detonic not addictive and withdrawal syndrome, since all components of the product are natural.

Detailed information about Detonic is located on the manufacturer’s page www.detonicnd.com.

Svetlana Borszavich

General practitioner, cardiologist, with active work in therapy, gastroenterology, cardiology, rheumatology, immunology with allergology.
Fluent in general clinical methods for the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, as well as electrocardiography, echocardiography, monitoring of cholera on an ECG and daily monitoring of blood pressure.
The treatment complex developed by the author significantly helps with cerebrovascular injuries and metabolic disorders in the brain and vascular diseases: hypertension and complications caused by diabetes.
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