Pressure 130 to 60 – what does it mean and is it normal

Blood pressure 130/60 or 130/50 – this is not normal, even if a person feels great. Such a breakdown between the diastolic and systolic indicators indicates a pathological condition that requires immediate medical attention.

Pressure 135/65 is considered elevated, but it is normal if a person feels well. Such indicators do not require medical treatment, a correction of lifestyle (sports, nutrition, rejection of bad habits) is enough.

Features of pressure in pregnant women:

  • For a pregnant woman, a pressure of 135/70 or 130/60 is considered normal if other parameters do not go beyond the established norm, and in the absence of characteristic symptoms.
  • An increase in the lower indicator is much more serious than its decrease.
  • Therapy can be recommended only in cases where the lower indicator becomes even lower, for example 130/50 – this is no longer normal, and faces serious consequences.

With such indicators, the probability of a violation of the blood supply to the fetus is not excluded, as a result of which the intake of nutrients decreases, oxygen starvation can occur.

If a healthy person has a lower pressure figure of 60 mmHg, then we can talk about hypotension.

It is the lower limit of blood pressure that acts as an indicator of the state of the structure of the great vessels, which indicates their elasticity and tension.

Diastolic pressure below normal signals a malfunction of the hormonal system, which is responsible for the regulation of blood pressure, it can even be assumed that kidney pathology develops.

Why low diastolic pressure?

To date, there are many reasons that can lower the lower blood pressure to 50-60 mmHg. The most common causes are:

  1. Heart disease. The lower figure decreases most often with acquired heart disease, when aortic valve insufficiency occurs, which is a consequence of myocarditis of an infectious etiology, or of an acute form of rheumatic fever.
  2. Atherosclerosis is a common cause of a decrease in diastolic rates in people after 65 years of age.
  3. Pathology of the k >In addition, a low diastolic rate may indicate the appearance of malignant neoplasms, allergic reactions.

Sometimes a healthy young person can have a pressure of 120/65, which indicates intense physical activity. For example, if a person has not been involved in sports before, but in one day tried to catch up.

Usually for a short time the pressure normalizes to normal parameters. When this does not happen, it is not normal, and speaks of the development of some kind of pathology.

We cannot but mention the incorrect measurement of blood pressure. Quite often it happens that the patient incorrectly recorded his indicators, or did not comply with the measurement rules.

In this case, you need to control your pressure for several days, and derive the average rate. Perhaps the whole point is in the measurement errors.

The danger of low diastolic pressure

It is worth saying right away that for young people, pressure 120/60 is not critical, and it will restore to the required norm over time.

For older and older people, such indicators are not normal, and they carry a serious danger:

  • Due to too low vascular pressure, stagnant blood phenomena are detected, as a result of which the heart muscle begins to work in an accelerated rhythm in order to pump the necessary amount of blood. In turn, this leads to an increase in the upper indicator, increasing the risk of developing coronary heart disease.
  • Low lower blood pressure, like hypertension, increases the likelihood of developing a stroke, heart attack.
  • An elderly person may develop Alzheimer’s disease due to a small supply of blood to the brain. At first, a short-term memory disorder occurs, then long-term memory is disrupted. Unfortunately, such a disease of drug therapy is not amenable to.

In addition, hypotension greatly reduces the quality of human life, because he has constant fatigue, weakness, he can not concentrate on performing any duties.

Fatal symptoms, which are detected against a background of low vascular pressure, do not allow you to actively engage in everyday activities and lead an active lifestyle.

Methods of therapy

To improve your well-being, you must adhere to an unchanged daily routine. Some malfunctions or deviations from the regime may be painful, with headache, nausea and fatigue.

It is better to wake up and fall asleep at the same time, preferably in a ventilated room. The duration of a full night’s sleep should be at least 8 hours. A good result can be achieved with morning exercises.

It is important to review your diet рацион start a diet at high pressure:

  1. Food should be fresh and healthy.
  2. Eat 5 times a day: three main meals, plus 2 snacks.
  3. Breaks between meals – 3 hours.

Water procedures are no less useful, you can sign up for a pool, a hydromassage, and a circular shower perfectly normalizes blood pressure. Hot tubs should be discarded.

At the first recorded situation of diastolic pressure reduction, you must immediately consult a doctor to establish the causes of this condition. As a rule, drug treatment of concomitant diseases solves the problem. And proper nutrition and daily routine, water procedures and sports in any case will bring only health benefits. The video in this article will explain the difference between pressure metrics.

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