Louise Hay – High Pressure and Hypertension

1 272 - Louise Hay - High Pressure and HypertensionHypertension is a person’s condition in which stable high blood pressure is noted, and it can be accompanied by various disorders from the target organs – the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, and organs of vision.

Elevated is the pressure at which the tonometer readings rise above 135/80 mm Hg. with consecutive three measurements over two weeks. The optimal blood pressure for a person’s well-being and health is 120/80 mm Hg.

Hypertension is often the result of other diseases, it can provoke:

  • Obesity;
  • Diabetes;
  • Cardiac pathology;
  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Osteochondrosis.

At the same time, arterial hypertension itself can cause other diseases and significantly worsen the quality of life of the patient. The most dangerous complications of hypertension are stroke and myocardial infarction. Although even if it does not reach this point, it is still sad enough to realize that now until the end of your life you will have to adhere to a diet, constantly measure blood pressure, take medications every day, give up sports and outdoor activities.

But since hypertension is not considered a disease as such, there is no cure that could completely cure it. You can only control blood pressure with varying success. And continue to look for a universal method of treatment that would help get rid of it forever.

Louise Hay believes she found him. In her opinion, the cause of all diseases is unrealized dreams and aspirations of man. Based on this, she is developing her own method of treating hypertension.

Louise Hay on the causes of hypertension

1 273 - Louise Hay - High Pressure and HypertensionBlood pressure is created when blood circulates through a person’s veins and arteries. According to Louise Hey, human blood is a symbol of joy and desire to live. If he lives a monotonous, gray life, he has no prospects, every new day is like the previous one and does not bring any joy and hope (as it seems to the patient in depression), stagnant processes begin.

At the same time, they affect not only the spiritual world of a person, but also his body. Blood literally begins to circulate more slowly – Louise Hay is convinced of this. The world around a person is seething and living a fast-moving life; there are a lot of new interesting, joyful and bright in it. But absorbed in a dull life and everyday chores, the patient will not notice this.

He cannot escape from this vicious and very dangerous circle on his own, and often does not want to. Louise Hay believes: emotional trauma, mental imbalance, dissatisfaction, hidden insult is not even necessary for a particular person, but simply for her fate and the whole world cause high blood pressure and hypertension.

When a patient steps over a 40-year milestone, he begins to evaluate his past life, analyze what he has achieved and how he lives – and is disappointed because not a single dream has become a reality. And, as he believes, he will not. Such thoughts depress, lead to deep depression. And depression – to the formation of diseases of the cardiovascular system, says Louise Hay.

Vasospasm occurs under the influence of psycho-emotional stress. Blood can no longer normally circulate through the veins and arteries, resulting in increased pressure – and arterial hypertension occurs.

All the diseases that arise in the human body, on a subconscious level, he programs for himself – that is what the American writer and researcher is sure of. If a person is sick, it means that he himself so wanted at this stage of his life, he needs it. In this way, he attracts attention, because in other ways he cannot solve his internal unresolved problems.

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To begin treatment, the patient must first understand his illness, be aware of the fact that he created it for himself. And after that, understand yourself and find the true reason why he did it.

Here, with her decision, the treatment of hypertension according to the method of Louise Hay begins.

How to treat hypertension according to the method of Louise Hay

1 274 - Louise Hay - High Pressure and HypertensionWhat does Louise Hay suggest to prevent the progression of hypertension and restore blood pressure? What medicine, in her opinion, will be effective against vascular diseases? Everything is very simple.

It’s enough just to repeat mentally or aloud every day: “I gladly forgive past grievances. Peace and harmony always reign in my soul. ” The only way to get rid of diseases is to be able to feel the joy of life again. You need to look around and learn to notice the positive and the good, and not concentrate on the negative.

Louise Hay builds her own method of treating hypertension on such points:

  1. The day should begin with sincere gratitude to all people around us and the world for the opportunity to live in it and among them. If it seems that it is very difficult, it is worth remembering about all people with disabilities and people with disabilities who would have given a lot just for how to walk on two legs, have two arms, move independently, work, live and love.
  2. You need to try to do only what you really like, even if for this you have to radically change your life, change your place of work and circle of acquaintances.
  3. Only be with people who are pleasant and loved. With those who are unpleasant, do not categorically communicate.
  4. Do not give up holidays and weekends at work. They must be taken necessarily and at least sometimes, at least one day should be devoted only to oneself, one’s hobbies and thoughts.
  5. You should definitely get enough sleep every day. An adult active person in order to fully recover and feel cheerful, calmly requires at least 8 hours of full sleep.
  6. If required, you can make an appointment with a therapist. Some patients cannot even confess their true desires and aspirations to themselves. A professional doctor will help with this and greatly facilitate the existence.
  7. In conclusion, you should write a list of 100 items, each of which will be a secret desire. Before you add your desire to this list, you should carefully consider and analyze whose reality it is. Parents from childhood, friends, colleagues, superiors, society impose so many desires on people. One should not think about such desires, because they will not bring happiness and peace.

Louise Hey is convinced that happiness and deliverance from illnesses are possible only when all wishes coming from the depths of the soul and heart are realized. Or, at least, the person will be on the way to their implementation.

Louise Hay’s table – what is it

1 275 - Louise Hay - High Pressure and HypertensionThe table of the American researcher is quite extensive and it is not possible to bring it in this article. The table lists the most common human diseases, the psychological causes that caused them, according to Louise Hay, and the settings that a person should remember and constantly repeat if he wants to recover.

Hypertension and arterial problems are just small graphs in this table. But since arterial hypertension is very rarely isolated, as a rule, other pathologies accompany it, hypertensive patients will be interested to read this table in full. Finding it on the Internet is easy. And it’s better to buy one of Louise Hay’s books if her theory is seriously interested.

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As mentioned above, Louise Hay considers the arteries to be a source of joy. And if problems arise with them, blood pressure disturbances occur in one direction or another – it means that the patient has lost his taste for life, the world around him has ceased to interest him. It is difficult to say how effective in this case only the installations will be.

Arterial hypertension is often often caused by nervous strain. Therefore, if Louise Hey’s attitude calms the patient and sets them in a positive mood, there will definitely not be worse from this – the internal balance is to the benefit of everyone, not just hypertensive patients.

However, doctors do not deny the harm that the human body experiences with the constant suppression of emotions. If you restrain your frustration, anger, resentment, sooner or later it will lead to a nervous breakdown. Each person has it differently. Someone is really having tantrums with beating dishes and screaming. And some silently endure it, lose sleep and appetite.

All this very badly affects the work of the heart, forcing it to work in extreme mode. It ceases to cope with its functions, and hence additional complications arise. So do not be surprised if a person who is completely healthy and well-off for everyone on the part of a person suddenly has a hypertensive crisis or heart attack.

According to the theory of Louise Hay, he simply suppressed his emotions for a very long time and did not live the life he would like to live.

As a summary

When a patient is diagnosed with arterial hypertension, all treatment methods are good – if only the patient did not get worse and the condition remained stable. But at the same time, you need to be aware that if the disease has already affected the target organs and there have been irreversible changes in the tissues, traditional medicine and special medicines can no longer be dispensed with.

Why then do we need the technique of Louise Hay? Everything is very simple. With its help, you can stop the progression of the disease and prevent the development of new complications. And this is a lot. In addition, a calm, peaceful, positive patient is always more likely to recover than a gloomy and embittered patient.

A calm and happy every new day person is ready to be distracted from his illness, it is not so difficult for him to endure a diet and rejection of many life pleasures, he is interested in others and strives to live like all healthy people, and not as terminally ill.

So, the treatment of hypertension according to the method of Louise Hay and all her books can be recommended to those patients who are prone to depression, suspiciousness, anxiety, aggressiveness, or, conversely, apathy. But at the same time, the patient should not forget about medical treatment and regular visits to the doctor. Such an integrated approach will certainly give results very soon. In the video in this article, Louise Hay will tell you what to do with herself and her health.

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