Lack of iron in the child’s body

ferr - 7Iron in the body is contained in the red blood cells of the peripheral blood and

erythroid cells – growths that are located in the bone marrow.

It takes part in the transport of oxygen to all organs and tissues, and is also a part of various enzymes. Therefore, its lack during pregnancy, as well as in children under 2 years of age, can contribute to the disruption of the development of many organs and systems, for example, the brain. Deficiency of the required amount of iron in a newborn baby can lead to impaired mental and psychomotor development.

Among all types of anemia, IDA is most often found in newborns, as well as in infants. The main source of iron for the fetus is the mother’s blood.

Therefore, the main role for the unborn child is played by the uteroplacental blood flow, violations of which lead to a decrease in the supply of iron to the fetus.

berem - 9In newborns, the supply of iron received in the womb is rapidly depleted. But in full-term babies this happens much later at 4-5 months, and in premature babies already by 3 months of age.

Iron deficiency can be in children who are fed early adapted milk formulas.

As for adolescents, iron deficiency in them leads to memory impairment, a sharp decline in intellectual capabilities. The lack of this element can manifest itself in different ways: in the form of weakness, memory loss, mental retardation, as well as physical development, and much more.

To increase the level of iron in the blood, special treatment methods are used, the results of which can be seen within three weeks.

childoc02 - 11Treatment of anemia in children should be comprehensive. It is based on the correct nutrition of the child, and a special preparation containing iron can also be prescribed.

The main factor in the treatment of anemia is a balanced diet, for infants it is breastfeeding, despite the fact that the amount of iron in such milk is small. By the sixth month of life, complementary foods are introduced.

The main source of this microelement is buckwheat and oatmeal, egg yolk, vegetable puree, and a large amount of iron is found in beef, seaweed, peaches, etc.

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For iron deficiency anemia, medications are usually given by mouth and only in some cases can they be given intramuscularly or intravenously. The duration of treatment should be from 4-7 months, since the restoration of the iron level is rather slow.

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