Is it possible to run with high pressure

Patients with hypertension should especially carefully approach the selection of adequate physical activity. The positive dynamics of the disease and the normalization of blood pressure can be achieved by organically combining:

beg - Is it possible to run with high pressureFast walking and running are called effective and natural exercises that can stimulate absolutely all systems of the human body, including the cardiovascular one.

If you regularly run in the fresh air, you can lose weight, clean your blood vessels and normalize your tone, lower blood pressure. With systematic running and walking, blood pressure can be reduced immediately by 10-20 mm. Hg. Art.

Begin classes gradually. Before the first run, you will need to conduct a consultation conversation with your doctor and ask him about possible complications and contraindications.

For hypertensive patients with mild or moderate symptoms, fast running is ideal. It needs to be dosed and gradually increase the load, speed. In this way, you will be able to choose for yourself the optimal rhythm of exercises.

When running at elevated pressure is correct, the following occurs:

  • dilation of blood vessels;
  • blood flow to the muscles;
  • decrease in the degree of resistance in the vascular system.

Each item contributes to a persistent decrease in blood pressure. It is noteworthy that slow running is most promising for patients with the middle stage of hypertension. Cyclic exercises at a moderate pace favorably affect the vessels, expand the gaps in them, reduce peripheral resistance by more than 4 times, thereby lowering blood pressure. There is a clear decrease in both systolic blood pressure and diastolic.

It is enough to jog for 10 minutes, but every day, regardless of the weather. Running has a positive effect on the body:

  1. improves well-being;
  2. reduces the likelihood of a crisis;
  3. eliminates the need to purchase expensive drugs.

Another great way to workout would be brisk walking. You must choose your own pace, which will be pleasant for the patient, and walk as often as possible. Alternatively, walking to the upper floors is practiced without using an escalator or elevator. In old age it is enough to walk 5 floors up and back down.

When for some reason it is not possible to walk for a long time, run or walk up the stairs, walking or running on the spot is allowed. You can choose any pace of the class, gradually increasing it to the maximum possible.

However, in the presence of serious heart pathologies, diabetes mellitus, and vision problems, it will not hurt to consult with your doctor before starting a run.

What you should know

Progulka 2 - Is it possible to run with high pressureHypertonic must understand that you need to start small. The first training should not last more than 10-15 minutes, and the run itself should be of low intensity.

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It is allowed to increase the pace and duration of the run only after a couple of weeks after the start of training. Gradually, you should bring the time to 40 minutes.

The main criterion for the usefulness of running should be called the complete absence of uncomfortable sensations, a feeling of satisfaction after a run, and good health.

An important point is the control of the pulse. For hypertension, the maximum possible value should be calculated by the formula: the number 210 minus the age of the patient. That is, for a patient of 50 years, an acceptable pulse value will be equal to 160. For other indicators, there is a risk of complication of the disease, so you should immediately

  1. reduce the load;
  2. slow down the pace of running;
  3. reduce training time.

You can run with pressure at any time of the day, it is better to do this in park areas located away from industrial facilities and roads. Doctors are sure that jogging in the evenings is ideal for women at high pressure, since the concentration of hormones that provide good physical activity reaches its maximum exactly at the end of the day.

There are several rules that are recommended for hypertension. So, it is forbidden to run immediately after eating or even on an empty stomach. Before starting a workout, it is necessary to warm up the joints and muscles.

While running, it is important to breathe correctly, this should be done naturally and naturally. The patient should take short breaths and exhalations through the nose. After a run, a good rest is shown. If the patient is at home, it is best for him to lie down so that his legs remain above chest level.

There is another important point – this is shoes for training. It is recommended to choose models specially designed for running, for example, with a sole made of foam. Natural cotton socks should be worn under the shoes.

It is useful to monitor the body’s response to dosed physical activity with hypertension. It is considered quite normal:

  • minor fatigue;
  • full restoration of normal breathing no later than 10 minutes later.

When the body is too heavy a load, this can provoke an attack of nausea, dizziness, loss of coordination in space. If this happens, exercise with high blood pressure should be limited.

Basic Contraindications

As practice shows, there are clear contraindications to jogging and similar types of physical activity if blood pressure is increased. So, usually we are talking about such conditions:

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  1. exacerbation of ischemic disease;
  2. the third stage of hypertension with frequent crises;
  3. exacerbation of infectious or any chronic pathologies;
  4. rap >1419354032 - Is it possible to run with high pressureWhen playing sports, hypertensive patients must constantly monitor the symptoms of their disease, blood pressure, and visit a doctor to monitor their health status in a timely manner. In this case, you should always remember about a healthy lifestyle, a normal full sleep, the exclusion of stressful situations.

Hypertension, unfortunately, belongs to a number of chronic pathologies that cannot be eliminated once and for all. Nevertheless, the ailment is perfectly controlled. Subject to all the rules and recommendations, you can maintain excellent health and performance.

With high blood pressure, not only competent and constant therapy is important. The patient should radically change his lifestyle, get rid of addictions, if any.

Only with an organic combination of these factors can one count on maintaining blood pressure within the permissible norm throughout life. How exactly to engage in sports with hypertension will tell the popular video in this article.

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