How to treat hypertension at home with folk remedies

So, how is hypertension treated at home? To quickly reduce the blood pressure, you should pay attention to the ambulance recipes. Reviews of hypertensive patients indicate that their use guarantees a decrease in diabetes and DD within half an hour.

A quick way involves using vinegar. Apply the component to the cotton fabric so that it becomes wet, attach to the patient’s heels. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. After 10 minutes, the symptoms of high blood pressure disappear, the readings on the tonometer return to normal.

This method is not a treatment, it helps only temporarily. After a critical increase in numbers, you need to reconsider your lifestyle, find the reason that led to the pathological condition, exclude it.

A foot bath with mustard is an effective tool that quickly brings blood parameters back to normal. You need to add two tablespoons of dry mustard powder to a small amount of water, shake the liquid. Lower your legs ankle-deep, hold until water is warm. After the procedure, it is recommended to carefully monitor the level of blood pressure. Vegetable juices can also be noted, which help cleanse the vessels of calcium accumulation, thin the blood, and prevent blood clots. The most effective against hypertension will be:

Recipes that help to quickly improve the state of hypertension:

  • In 250 ml of warm milk add two cloves of garlic, put the medicine on fire. Stew until the garlic becomes soft and almost transparent. Condemn and filter. Drink one tablespoon of garlic milk after each meal.
  • Grind a small onion and a head of garlic with a knife, add two tablespoons of viburnum to the mixture and pour 1 liter of water. Bring to a boil, cool. Bring to a boil again. After filtering. Take a decoction before eating two tablespoons. The duration of the therapeutic course is one month.

It is not recommended to use the described recipes during pregnancy, as well as during breastfeeding, with intolerance to the components used.

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Detonic for pressure normalization

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Alternative methods of treating hypertension

Recently, hirudotherapy has been popular – the treatment of hypertension with leeches. Many note that a kind of bloodletting reduces blood pressure, improves the tone of blood vessels, levels the signs of pathology. Against the background of manipulation, the outflow of venous blood from internal organs and soft tissues increases, which leads to a decrease in blood viscosity and an improvement in its properties.

This procedure is carried out in specialized medical rooms. Normal leeches are not good for her. Each patient is assigned a certain number of manipulations in accordance with age, degree of illness and other factors.

Adherents of natural therapy claim that ordinary iodine is able to cure hypertension forever. To do this, add 250 g of potato starch and a teaspoon of 10% iodine solution to a glass of 5 ml of water. Stir, add the same amount of liquid. The medicine is stored in the refrigerator.

Every day, take two tablespoons twice a day. The duration of therapy is not less than 3 weeks. Of course, the tool helps to reduce diabetes and DD, but it will not be able to cure the disease forever. Unfortunately, the disease is chronic and incurable.

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With renal hypertension, the following recipes help:

  1. Take 4 parts of a mixture of hawthorn and rose hips, three parts of chokeberry fruits, two parts of dill seeds. Pour three tablespoons of the made collection with a liter of boiling water, insist in a thermos for two hours or in a sealed container for 5 hours. Drink three times a day for 150 ml.
  2. To normalize the blood load in the vessels, it is necessary to take 50 ml of viburnum juice four times a day. Juice must be fresh. It is permissible to dilute with a minimum amount of water.
  3. Finely chop the flesh of a lemon, grate horseradish, mix. Add carrot and beet juice to the mixture, insist for 4 hours. Take one teaspoon three times a day. Eat only after eating after 20-30 minutes. If a history of gastrointestinal pathology, a prescription is not recommended.
  4. Crush the berries of viburnum, twist the lemon in a meat grinder. Add two tablespoons of honey to the mixture, mix. Insist a few days in the refrigerator. To eat a tablespoon in the morning and in the evening, washing down with plain water.

In such ways, it is permissible to treat hypertension at home. They have no contraindications – with the exception of intolerance, they do not lead to side effects, so they are suitable for both adults and elderly hypertensive patients.

For information, viburnum berries not only eliminate the symptoms of hypertension, but also are a good prevention of infectious diseases, including acute respiratory infections and influenza.

Medicinal herbs that lower blood pressure

Various herbs are used to treat arterial hypertension, which help improve blood circulation and vascular tone, have a diuretic and sedative effect. They are used individually, or combined in the form of fees.

St. John’s wort is recommended to normalize the blood load and the cardiovascular system. The component can be purchased at the pharmacy. Preparation: a teaspoon of the plant is poured with 250 ml of water, insist 15 minutes. Take 80-100 ml after meals twice a day. Therapy varies from 2 to 4 weeks. It all depends on the initial level of numbers on the tonometer, overall well-being and symptoms.

Calendula is an effective drug that has been used for the treatment of hypertension for many centuries. On its basis, an alcohol solution is most often prepared:

  • Mix calendula with 40% alcohol in a ratio of 2: 100, respectively.
  • Insist for two weeks, shake the container every day.
  • Take 30 drops before a meal.
  • To level the strong herbal taste, you can add drops to the water.
  • The course of treatment is three months.

Reviews show that after two weeks of such treatment the signs of hypertension disappear, the headache disappears and sleep improves.

How to cure hypertension at home? The following herbs will help:

  1. Peppermint, immortelle, knotweed and dandelion. They have the ability to dilate blood vessels, positively affect the condition of the heart.
  2. Mushroom sushi, white mistletoe, flowers and fruits of hawthorn. Regulate blood flow in the body, establish blood circulation.
  3. Motherwort, valerian, lemon mint. They give a slight sedative effect, relieve nervous tension and the effects of stress.
  4. Bearberry, horsetail, dill, succession. They have a diuretic property.

You can choose a single plant for yourself, or make up a unique collection that helps fight GB. However, it is preliminary recommended to study the contraindications of each plant individually.

A popular gathering from HELL: an equal amount of plantain, motherwort, dried pineapple, bearberry, meadowsweet and chamomile flowers. Two spoons in a glass of water, brew for 10 minutes. Divide into five servings, take throughout the day.

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Water treatments for high blood pressure

How to treat hypertension at home? Warm baths will help to cope with the task. Reviews recommend adding 40 ml of turpentine to a warm bath. The duration of the manipulation is 15 minutes. Baths are carried out every two days for one month.

A herbal bath is prepared like this. You need to add 10 grams of birch leaves, 100 g of oregano, 60 g of hops and the same amount of thyme, linden flowers, sage to 30 liters of water. Bring to a boil in a water bath. Let it brew for about 20 minutes.

Pour the broth into a bath of water. Water treatments last a quarter of an hour. After you need to rinse with plain water. The course of treatment is two weeks. The first is every day, then the manipulation is carried out every other day. DM and DD decrease smoothly.

A popular bath recipe for treating hypertension:

  • In a container, heat 300 ml of castor oil. In another bowl, soda is dissolved in water. Everyone mixes.
  • 200 ml of oleic acid and 750 ml of turpentine are added to the mixture.
  • Poured into containers, stored in a dark place.
  • Before water procedures, 40 ml (1/6 cup) are added to the bath.
  • You need to be in the bathroom for 15 minutes.
  • For each subsequent procedure, increase the amount of solution by 5 ml.

After the bath you need to drink warm green or herbal tea with honey. It is advisable to lie down for about 30 minutes, to avoid physical activity.

Therapy of GB with honey

Honey is included in many recipes, in combination with other components, effectively affects blood pressure in the human body. For cooking, you need 500 g of dogrose, insist with a liter of water in a thermos for an hour. Filter, add a tablespoon of honey. Take 70 ml three times a day. It is necessary to be treated for three weeks.

Grind 100 grams of walnuts, mix with a spoon of liquid honey. Divide the serving into several parts, eat for 2 days. The course of treatment is 2 months. The tool improves sleep, replenishes the deficiency of vitamins.

Wash 200 g of cranberries under running water, remove bad berries, let dry. After twisting in a meat grinder, add 2 tablespoons of honey. Eat a teaspoon three times a day, regardless of food intake. This recipe also exists with sugar. However, there is little potential benefit from granulated sugar, so many began to replace it with honey.

Other recipes with honey:

  1. Take a pinch of knotweed, oregano, valerian, motherwort. Pour 250 ml of water, bring to a boil, let cool. Then strain with gauze. In a slightly warm broth add a bee product, knead. Drink 50 ml twice a day. Keep refrigerated.
  2. Mix 500 g of honey, onion juice from three kilograms of product, 500 ml of vodka, 30 g of walnut partitions. Insist 10 days. Take a tablespoon three times a day.

Honey is a strong allergen, so if there is a tendency to allergic reactions, it is better to choose recipes without this component.

Folk remedies can adversely affect the state of the body with organic intolerance and in cases of overdose. This manifests itself in the form of severe allergies, nausea, and vomiting.

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