How to properly treat the adrenal glands with traditional medicine

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The main function of the adrenal glands is the production of hormones that affect metabolic processes, help maintain water-salt balance, and regulate sexual activity. An excess or lack of adrenal hormones indicates organ dysfunction and the occurrence of a serious illness.

Symptoms of adrenal gland disease in women and men differ, but the principles of treatment, including alternative methods, are the same.

If you know how to treat the adrenal glands quickly and effectively at home, you can improve their work with the help of folk remedies. We will find out how to cleanse the adrenal glands with the help of medicinal compounds and relieve the condition in case of serious ailments.

Disorders of the adrenal glands and their consequences

The adrenal glands are paired endocrine glands that are located above the kidneys. The body signals the malfunction of these organs with various symptoms. These can be spikes in blood pressure and sugar levels, loss of appetite, problems with memory and concentration, and chronic fatigue.

Most people do not pay attention to these signs, considering them the consequences of overwork. But after a long period of ignoring the hidden pathological changes in the human body, the situation changes, the symptoms take on a painful and frightening form.

This means that you will not only have to normalize the functions of the glands, but also fight a serious adrenal disease.

To heal the adrenal glands, you need to know the exact cause of the malfunction. It may be associated with insufficiency of the adrenal cortex or, conversely, excessive production of hormones. In the first case, this most often leads to Addison’s disease or hypocorticism. Hyperfunction causes Itsenko-Cushing’s disease.

Also, increased production of steroid hormones can lead to glandular hyperplasia. And a violation of the production of hormones norepinephrine, adrenaline and dopamine – to provoke the growth of pheochromocytoma, neoplasms in the brain zone of the gland.

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Cushing’s syndrome is more commonly diagnosed in women. The disease is characterized by:

  • a sharp increase in body weight, obesity,
  • muscle atrophy,
  • thinning and dryness of the epithelium,
  • the appearance of a large amount of hair in places that are not typical for women.

This syndrome can be caused by hyperplasia – an increase in the number of cells in the gland. Another ailment associated with hyperplasia is Conn’s syndrome, in which cramps, headaches, constant thirst, edema, and increased pressure are noted.

Another form of manifestation of this syndrome is aldosteroma. This cyst is a type of adenoma. That is, the first symptom of the appearance of adrenal adenoma in women and the signal for the need for treatment may be the appearance of hair in unwanted places.

With hypofunctional disruption of the adrenal glands, a person quickly gets tired, he feels sick, libido decreases, the skin acquires a bronze tint.

If you find suspicious symptoms in yourself or a loved one, including darkening of skin areas, abnormal hair growth, or, conversely, hair loss, you should seek medical advice.


Diagnostic measures for ailments of the endocrine glands are prescribed by a narrow specialist – an endocrinologist. First of all, he will issue a referral for the study of blood and urine to determine the level of hormones. This will clarify whether there is adrenal hyperfunction or insufficiency.

An additional analysis can be a test for the presence of Koch’s bacillus – adrenal dysfunction is often associated with tuberculosis. In difficult cases, radiopaque phlebography of the adrenal glands is also prescribed.

To identify the state of the organs under study, and to exclude the likelihood of neoplasms, an ultrasound of the adrenal glands must be performed, and to clarify the results – CT or MRI.

Before starting drug therapy and treatment with folk remedies, women should visit not only an endocrinologist, but also a gynecologist.

Methods of therapy

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The restoration of hormonal levels is one of the first points in the treatment of adrenal diseases. In case of not too serious dysfunctions, the doctor will select hormonal pharmaceuticals that compensate for the lack of the hormone or its excess.

Therapeutic methods of influence are necessary in case of insufficient or excess production of hormones by the glands themselves. In this case, drugs for the treatment of the adrenal glands can get rid of the disease without surgery. It is important to remember that the use of drugs to restore the adrenal glands is possible only under the supervision of the attending physician.

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If conservative techniques do not help, surgical intervention will be required, for example, surgical treatment of an adrenal adenoma.

Help in restoring the function of the glands will also be provided by traditional medicine, taking vitamin and mineral complexes, a proper diet, and spa treatment.

Folk remedies for diseases of the adrenal glands

Treatment of the adrenal glands with alternative methods in men and women may differ. Therefore, when choosing this or that remedy, be sure to consult a doctor. He will tell you what recipes can be applied. The formulations below are non-toxic and generally suitable for the treatment of adrenal glands in women and men. But medical advice is still highly desirable.

Getting rid of toxins

The adrenal glands, with the wrong lifestyle of a person, may not cope with one of their most important functions – the regulation of metabolism. Cleaning the adrenal glands with natural herbal remedies will help to reduce the effect of toxins and toxins on organs and avoid pathological changes.

Four effective compounds to cleanse the adrenal glands:

  • Honey drink with viburnum and calendula. Dilute a bottle of calendula tincture with water (three liters), boil and simmer over low heat for a quarter of an hour. Refrigerate and mix with crushed berries (250 g) and half a glass of honey. Keep it cool and dark for 24 hours. Enjoy a pleasant drink during lunch and dinner (no more than half a glass).
  • “Herculean” infusion. Soak five tablespoons of rolled oats in 0,5 L of water overnight. In the morning, strain and drink in small sips all day.
  • Tumbleweed decoction. Pour two tablespoons of dry saltwort powder with water (300 ml), boil and let cool. Filter after a couple of hours. Treatment with a hill hodgepodge is as follows: you need to drink a quarter of a glass 20 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner for at least two weeks.
  • Dandelion tincture. Put a large spoonful of dried dandelion root powder in a thermos (250 ml). After 48 hours, filter and drink a small glass before meals.

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Freshly squeezed beet juice with parsley and blackcurrant juice also help cleanse the adrenal glands. They not only help to get rid of toxins, but also saturate the body with vitamins.

Restoring the adrenal glands and increasing immunity

With any ailments, including dysfunctions of the adrenal glands, not only the weakened organ suffers, but also the defenses of the body as a whole.

How to improve the work of the adrenal glands with folk remedies and at the same time increase immunity? You can use fees to normalize these body functions:

Phytopreparation nameTechnology of preparationApplication
Collection of four herbsIn a saucepan, steam calendula, thyme, yarrow, St. John’s wort with boiling water in a ratio of 0,5: 2. Insist for a day.On an empty stomach, two tablespoons.
Echinacea with honeyPour two tablespoons of dry herb with a glass of boiling water and leave until it cools. Sweeten with honey.Half a cup with meals.
Burdock leavesGrind three clean leaves in a blender and squeeze out the juice.Spoon after meals. The course is 90 days.
Flask of the city’s gravilathGrind the grass and roots and steam a tablespoon in boiling water (250 ml). Wait until cool and filter.200 ml twice a day after meals.

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Licorice tea for adrenal ailments is also very good. It is drunk half a cup four times a day, and cooked in the evening. Add two pinches of licorice root to 500 ml of ice water, boil for five minutes. Insist the saucepan with the broth overnight, wrapped in a warm towel. Filter and drink in the morning.

Treatment fees for Cushing’s syndrome

Herbs will help to reduce the effects of excessive synthesis of hormones and supplement the treatment of the adrenal glands:

  • the fight against obesity with this ailment will contribute to a series in combination with a powder from dandelion roots. For four tablespoons of the first plant, you need five of the second. Steam in a half-liter thermos with boiling water for 24 hours. Drink half a cup three times a day,
  • lungwort helps to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of this ailment. The herb can be found at any drugstore. A quarter of a pack of lungwort is steamed in boiling water (0,5 l). When the infusion has cooled, filtered. Drink a glass 30 minutes before meals – breakfast and afternoon tea. The cycle is repeated before lunch and dinner, but the broth needs a fresh one,
  • a decoction of black and white mulberry has a positive effect on the synthesis of corticosteroids and normalizes hormonal levels. Dried leaves of plants, preferably in a mixture, are poured with warm water at the rate of one liter per four large spoons. The broth is cooked over high heat for 30 minutes – it should boil well. Then it should be drunk throughout the day as tea,
  • for patients with this ailment, linseed broth is useful. Flax seeds (two large spoons) pour 200 ml of boiling water, cover with a lid and leave overnight. You need to drink the herbal remedy on an empty stomach, then you can eat right away. To achieve a healing effect, you need to drink the broth for 20 days,
  • folk healers also recommend a decoction of mint leaves, lingonberry and immortelle flowers. You need to mix dry plants in a 2: 3: 3 ratio. Boil a quarter of a glass of plant materials in boiling water (500 ml) for five minutes. Remove from heat and filter after three hours. Drink half a cup three times a day.
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Treatment of this ailment involves adherence to a diet with the complete exclusion of fatty, smoked and fried foods.

Addison’s disease: help from the green pharmacy

Healing plants contribute to recovery from this ailment: the action of herbal preparations is aimed at improving the functions of the adrenal cortex.

The properties of elderberry produce good results. You need to take a large spoonful of black elderberry flowers and insist in boiling water (250 ml) until it cools. Filter and take a small glass before each meal.

What other medicinal plants can help treat Addison’s disease? Bearberry, horsetail and geranium flowers have suitable medicinal properties. Here are three recipes based on them:

Recipe number 1. Horsetail tincture. Pour four tablespoons of water (450 ml) and boil. After ten minutes, filter. They drink half a cup twice a day.

Recipe number 2. Geranium infusion. Grind the leaves of the plant, collect in a small spoon and brew with boiling water (200 ml). After cooling down, drink.

Recipe number 3. Bearberry infusion. Mix three tablespoons of herbal remedies with wild rosemary (two tablespoons). Steam in boiling water (500 ml) for three hours. Drink half a cup twice a day.

Be sure to follow a diet during herbal medicine with the exception of hot spices, citrus fruits.

Healing plants for cysts and tumors

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Herbal medicine, of course, will not relieve such ailments. But it can relieve unpleasant symptoms. What to use in addition to treating adrenal neoplasms?

With aldosteroma, you can try a composition based on yarrow, St. John’s wort, elecampane, mountaineer bird and thyme in equal shares. Steam five tablespoons of the mixture in 250 ml of boiling water for four hours. Filter and drink two tablespoons three times a day.

For adenoma, black currant leaves are useful. Chop them up and take three large pinches. Steam the raw materials in boiling water (250 ml) for three hours. Drink on an empty stomach in the morning and before dinner.


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Treatment with folk remedies for adrenal ailments helps to normalize the work of the glands. Herbal medicine is aimed at restoring the patient’s hormonal levels. Healing plants and compositions are selected depending on whether the activity of the adrenal glands is reduced or increased.

The uncontrolled use of healing fees can give an unpredictable, far from always positive result.

Any medicines, including traditional medicine, have their own contraindications. The use of folk recipes for adrenal diseases must be approved by an endocrinologist and under his supervision.

General recommendations


Home remedies can help with adrenal dysfunctions. But it alone is not enough. In addition to medication and herbal medicine, with adrenal pathology, it is necessary to completely change the lifestyle.

With adrenal ailments, diet therapy is extremely important. You will have to exclude from the menu:

  • nuts,
  • beans and peas,
  • chocolate products,
  • alcoholic and caffeinated drinks,
  • fatty and spicy dishes,
  • pickles and marinades.


It is equally important to lead a calm, measured lifestyle, avoid stressful situations. The fairer sex should not plan to add to the family until the completion of treatment.

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