How to lower heart rate at home under normal pressure

56558937750c4b0d50f2be781419133 orig - How to lower heart rate at home under normal pressureBefore you find out what treatment is needed and which drug will help to quickly normalize a person’s condition, it is necessary to consider the causes of this pathological phenomenon.

The human heart functions under the influence of specific electrical impulses. When the process of their formation is disturbed, arrhythmia occurs – this is tachycardia, when an increased pulse is observed at normal pressure.

The following reasons can lead to this condition: weakness of the sinus node, ventricular dysplasia, Clerk-Levy-Cristesco disease, and some others.

Arterial hypertension and concomitant tachycardia, accompanied by a violation of heart rate, more than 90 strokes in one minute. Against the background of such a pathology, a person feels his heartbeat, headache, anxiety, dizziness come to light.

In the vast majority of cases, tachycardia is not a disease, but simply a symptom indicating a violation of the functioning of the cardiovascular system. The reasons for this condition are distinguished:

  • Coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction.
  • Myocarditis.
  • Dysplasia of the right ventricle.
  • Congenital malformation of the heart.

In addition, a rapid heartbeat and high pulse at normal pressure can signal diseases of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine disorders, and pathologies of the central nervous system.

In any case, an increased pulse at high pressure is not considered normal if such a pattern is observed continuously. You must consult a doctor to undergo an examination. You may need treatment.

For this, the doctor will recommend various drugs and pills that can reduce the pulse rate, heart rate, reduce the severity of concomitant symptoms and normalize the person’s well-being.

It is also worth noting that in some situations, tachycardia can occur due to stressful situations, nervous tension, insomnia, chronic fatigue.

High pulse at high pressure

36b54303fca89a2228c80c8980a8850e - How to lower heart rate at home under normal pressureThe frequency of heart contractions in each person is different, since any human body has its own individual characteristics.

On average, the pulse is about 100 beats in one minute, while its rates cannot be less than 32 and more than 200 beats. If the heart rate rises, then this adversely affects the heart muscle, it wears out faster.

If a high pulse is observed at high pressure, then this situation should alert the person, and become a reason for contacting a medical institution.

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Since with arterial hypertension, a frequent pulse with high blood pressure can indicate various pathologies. You can say even more, not always a hypertensive crisis is accompanied by a high pulse and an increased heart rate.

In addition, it often happens that a person takes pills at home to lower blood pressure, but the pulse still does not return to normal. If a high pulse is observed continuously, then the likelihood of developing diseases is high:

  1. Pathological changes in the heart vessels.
  2. Endocrine diseases.
  3. Anemia.
  4. Oncological formations.
  5. Pathology of the respiratory organs.

All these diseases require not only a quick reduction in heart rate, but also treatment of the underlying disease, so doing something at home is not practical. Taking arbitrarily drugs that lower blood pressure and normalize the pulse, it will not be possible to eliminate the root cause, and over time the situation will only get worse.

Pills will no longer help at home, concomitant diseases will either go to a severe stage or become chronic, which will seriously complicate the treatment.

And each doctor tells his patients how dangerous this condition is for the elderly and young people, because taking various drugs mindlessly is a direct way to death.

What to do at home, what drugs will help?

6436 - How to lower heart rate at home under normal pressureA rapid heart rate under normal pressure is dangerous, as is a heart rate too. Tachycardia can trigger a sudden arrhythmic shock, an acute violation of the blood circulation in the brain, which leads to loss of consciousness, fainting.

In addition, tachycardia can cause cardiac asthma, since acute ventricular failure develops on its background. Therefore, before lowering your pulse, you need to know what reasons it is based on.

For example, if its increase is triggered by stress, you can do breathing exercises to reduce pressure, to relieve an increased heart rate, and lower the pulse. Or take sedatives with a mild sedative effect. In this situation, treatment consists in normalizing the state of the nervous system.

If such a picture is observed due to overeating, then you do not need to do anything, much less take any medications. It is enough to arrange a fasting day for yourself.

Recommendations that will help to quickly reduce the pulse:

  • A medicine, in particular, Falipamine tablets will help to quickly reduce the pulse, while not having any effect on blood pressure.
  • If a high pulse is observed, while the pressure is normal, then it is better to choose sedative drugs without alcohol – Valerian, Novo-Passit.
  • If, against the background of a high pulse, blood pressure indicators jumped sharply, then it is better to take medications that help lower blood pressure – Captopril.
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During a high pulse, regardless of blood pressure, it is recommended to lie down in a horizontal position. You can’t do anything, move or otherwise show physical activity.

In this situation, such a simple measure helps to lower blood pressure and pulse, as a result of which the person’s condition normalizes, and the negative symptoms go away.

In summing up, it is worth saying that taking medications at a high pulse rate, without knowing the reasons for this condition, you can seriously harm yourself, as a result of which the negative consequences and complications will not take long. A specialist will tell about what can be done with tachycardia in the video in this article.

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