How much water to drink with hypertension – is it possible to drink a lot

As you know, 55% of a person consists of water. With a normal amount of water in the body, a person feels a surge of strength, he has good skin and there is no strong fatigue even with strong mental or physical stress.

Even if 1% of the fluid is lacking, then the person begins to feel thirst. In case of violation of the water balance, first of all, the skin of a person begins to suffer, which is manifested in peeling and dryness.

Such signs indicate the need to urgently increase the amount of fluid in the body, as this is fraught with problems with the circulatory system, especially in people with high blood pressure.

The body is designed in such a way that in the absence of one substance replaces it with a similar element. With an insufficient volume of fluid, the body begins to delay the withdrawal of sodium in order to prevent dehydration.

The level of sodium will gradually increase, which is directly related to an increase in blood pressure. Thus, people with high blood pressure can drink plenty of fluids to avoid exacerbating the disease.

An ordinary person needs to drink at least one and a half liters of water per day. If a person is sick with hypertension, then the daily intake of fluid increases, since the right amount of water will help lower blood pressure.

An improper water regime often leads to dehydration of cells and closure of capillaries. If there is a long process of dehydration, then additional diseases arise, since the internal organs cannot function normally without a sufficient amount of fluid. The possibility of exacerbation of hypertension significantly increases.

An increase in blood pressure quite often acts as a reaction to an insufficient amount of fluid in the body. With a long absence of the required volume of water – the vessels begin to narrow.

In hypertensive patients, blood vessels cannot narrow in order to completely fill the circulatory system with fluid, therefore pressure surges appear.

To avoid worsening the situation with hypertension, due to a lack of water in the body, you need to follow a drinking regime.

General rules for fluid intake

Doctors say that water should be consumed based on the following rules:

  • To drink when there is a desire. Thirsty is highly discouraged,
  • With heart and k >Dietary regimen for hypertensives involves saturating the body with fruits and vegetables, which contain a lot of trace elements and minerals. You also need to drink mineral water, as coffee, herbal tinctures and strong teas are not considered water.

You can find out about the possibility of drinking green tea from your doctor, since this drink is not suitable for all people with hypertension.

Daily intake of mineral water has several positive properties:

  • Slag removal
  • humidification of oxygen
  • removal of harmful toxins and toxins,
  • lowering blood pressure
  • metabolic stimulation,
  • stabilization of total body temperature,
  • improving the functioning of internal organs and joints.

In addition to useful trace elements useful to the body, water improves its condition as a whole. With high blood pressure, water has a lot of useful properties.

Overweight people are especially difficult to tolerate hypertension, the correct mode of water intake helps to stimulate metabolism, so the weight decreases, which has a positive effect on blood pressure.

Hypertension, in most cases, worsens in hot and dry weather. Water helps regulate body temperature, which reduces discomfort with an increase in blood pressure.

With hypertension, it is recommended to drink from 8 or more cups of pure water per day in order to maintain the correct water balance and normalize blood pressure. The maximum benefit is proved when drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach before eating.

Water consumed in this way in the morning starts the work of internal organs and contributes to their normal work throughout the day.

The benefits of a water diet

Various diets with medical supervision bring tangible benefits to the whole body. Today there are many diets, but one of the most effective and affordable is considered a water diet. One day in 7 days, you need to take only a lot of still mineral water.

Using the water diet you can:

  1. speed up the metabolism
  2. cleanse the body
  3. optimize the work of internal organs.

Doctors recommend this simple diet to middle-aged hypertensives. However, the water diet is quite difficult to tolerate, so you should consider age restrictions and the state of health in general.

The presence of additional physiological features explains the rejection of this method of cleansing the body. Getting used to the diet is quite difficult, because the body will constantly report a lack of food. It is best to stick to an aqueous diet in the summer when a person does not have a lack of vitamins.

Diet is contraindicated in:

  • poor health
  • childhood and old age.

By following these recommendations, you can significantly improve your health, because the functioning of the body will become more effective when it gets rid of harmful substances.

You can do an unloading day no more than once a month. A month later, a person with hypertension in most cases, feels a surge of strength and increased activity.

High pressure water intake

The simplest but most effective method of dealing with high blood pressure is to consume pure water. For the effectiveness of the method, it is necessary to observe the established regimen, not to drink a large amount of liquid situationally.

Doctors recommend drinking 250 ml of mineral water on an empty stomach 20 minutes before eating. It is best to drink water before meals, but not after dinner. A lot of water on an empty stomach fully assimilates the body, thereby bringing more benefits.

Also, before going to bed, it is advisable to drink one glass of water. If it is difficult to once consume such an amount of liquid, you can drink half a glass of water and a cup of tea. You do not need to drink coffee, because with hypertension this drink contributes to a further increase in pressure.

If a person has kidney disease, then he should be assigned a more specific regimen for fluid intake. An increased amount of water in the body can aggravate the course of the disease. In this case, the golden mean is important in order to maintain the normal functioning of the kidneys and reduce blood pressure.

A person dealing with the issue of determining his norm of water consumption should discuss the problem with the attending physician. The final figure is influenced by many factors. Available concomitant diseases and age are fundamental factors in determining the rate of water per day.

How much water you can drink per day with high blood pressure can only be determined by your doctor. Maintaining an optimal water balance is imperative, but do not forget about the individual characteristics of a person. An interesting video in this article will tell you what to do with hypertension.

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