How and how to treat hypertension – is it possible to cure completely

If there is a sharp deterioration in well-being, it is necessary to call an ambulance team. Before her arrival should:

  1. half sitting in an armchair or on a bed;
  2. warm your feet with a warm bath (it can be replaced with a heating pad);
  3. take 30-35 drops of Corvalol or Valocordin;
  4. take an extraordinary dose of the medicine that the patient usually takes;
  5. refrain from food.

When there is severe pain behind the chest, a Nitroglycerin tablet under the tongue will help get rid of it. With intense pain in the head, a diuretic tablet is required.

Mild and moderate degrees of hypertension (1 and 2), regardless of symptoms, are dangerous for their complications, which develop in more than one day.

And in this case, it is still necessary to cure hypertension. It is these forms of pathology that the overwhelming majority of hypertensive patients suffer, 60% of them have circulatory disorders. A quarter of the deaths associated with this disease occurs when the tonometer readings are no higher than 140/90 mm. Hg. Art.

The first and second stage of treatment

Approximately half of patients with grade 1 hypertension can maintain normal blood pressure without taking medication. To do this, abandon addiction.

As the medical experience of different countries of the world shows, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle can achieve a significant reduction in mortality from hypertension. Unfortunately, in our country, people dismiss the recommendations of doctors or do not want to put in enough effort to comply with them.

High-pressure non-drug therapy provides for:

  • low fat, low salt diet;
  • normalized physical activity;
  • a complete rejection of alcohol and tobacco;
  • herbal medicine;
  • auto-training, reflexology, electric sleep.

There are cases when it was possible to get rid of hypertension and its symptoms after systematic listening to classical music.

If there are a history of aggravating factors, for example, hypertensive crises, left ventricular hypertrophy, atherosclerosis, it is necessary to start treatment with drugs as soon as possible.

With grade 2 hypertension, it is reasonable to connect a medicine to alternative methods of therapy. This is required if after 3-4 months there is no persistent positive dynamics of the disease.

Often the treatment of an illness of the 2nd degree at this stage is limited to taking only one drug at the lowest possible dosage per day. The right choice of medication is of great importance. In this case, it is especially important to take into account all possible contraindications to the use of the drug in a particular patient, the possibility of drug correction of risk factors.

Most often, cardiologists recommend first-line drugs that fully satisfy the requirements of their patients:

    do not violate lip >The first and main rule for the successful treatment of hypertension of any severity is continuity, that is, antihypertensive drugs must be taken every day. It is strictly forbidden to stop the use of medicines, since in some patients even a short interruption in treatment can provoke formidable complications, up to a stroke, heart attack.

To increase the effectiveness of the treatment of grade 2 hypertension, the patient must understand that the effect of any drug does not occur immediately. To speed up the process, the medicine must be taken 1 hour before meals or 2 hours after it, since the absorption of active substances occurs directly in the intestine.

If the drug is taken with food, the food must be warm. This will help increase the speed of her evacuation from the stomach. You should be aware that sometimes the effectiveness of drugs can be reduced, for example, if the patient’s diet contains too much protein.

Another important point – medications should be washed down with purified water without gas; you can not drink them down with tea, compote, and especially soda.

The expected therapeutic effect is considered achieved if there are no sharp jumps in blood pressure, blood pressure is steadily reduced to:

With severe aggravated hypertension, a good result will be a decrease in blood pressure by 10-15% from the initial level. The positive effect of drug therapy is to normalize cardiac output, reduce daily pressure drops, heart rate, reverse development of left ventricular hypertrophy.

To cope with the problem, treatment with folk remedies helps, but only in the absence of contraindications and allergies.

Third stage of therapy

It is quite normal that the doctor to the last tries to keep the patient in monotherapy. However, if, with a gradual increase in the dosage of the drug, blood pressure does not return to normal, hypertension has shifted to grade 2, there are indications for prescribing drugs of another group or starting combination therapy (taking several drugs of different groups). Typically, treatment involves:

  • beta-blocker + diuretic;
  • beta-blocker + calcium antagonist;
  • beta-blocker + ACE inhibitor;
  • ACE inhibitor + diuretic;
  • ACE inhibitor + calcium antagonist.

If the proposed scheme is not effective enough, a third drug is required. Treatment is carried out every day, regardless of the well-being of the person. Even if the pressure is normal, only the doctor makes the decision to cancel the therapy.

At this stage of treatment, recommendations regarding nutrition, bad habits, and psycho-emotional discharge remain relevant. From the moment the diagnosis is confirmed, these rules should become the norm for the patient.

This is the only way to count on the control of hypertension, its favorable prognosis.

Treatment of severe, malignant hypertension

It is possible that the disease was detected too late or treatment did not bring the long-awaited result. How to cure hypertension in this case? With a burdened disease, one should take into account not only the level of blood pressure, but also the degree of damage to target organs. Typically, grade 3 hypertension is accompanied by serious disabilities:

At home with severe hypertension it is impossible to relieve pressure sharply, since this can serve as an impetus to the deterioration of blood supply, the general well-being of the patient.

Therefore, it is reasonable to normalize the pressure gradually: initially no more than 10-15%, after a month another 10-15%. In the absence of complications (cerebrovascular accident, renal failure), it is necessary to strive to bring the blood pressure to normal. Naturally, it is unrealistic to do this in one day, but if all the doctor’s instructions are followed, the patient will be able to control his pressure.

It is customary to apply a combination of several medicines at once:

  • beta-blocker + diuretic + ACE inhibitor;
  • beta-blocker + diuretic + calcium antagonist + alpha-blocker;
  • diuretic + ACE inhibitor + alpha-blocker + calcium antagonist.

When there is a syndrome of malignant arterial hypertension, which is combined with cardiac, renal, coronary, cerebrovascular insufficiency, additional symptomatic therapy of these pathological conditions is indicated. Sometimes you can not do without surgery. The result of treatment for malignant arterial hypertension syndrome should be regarded as positive if the goals were achieved:

  1. persistent decrease in blood pressure by 25% or more;
  2. elimination of the symptoms of hypertensive encephalopathy;
  3. improvement of the general condition of the fundus, improvement of vision;
  4. normalization of concentration, nitrogen excretory function of the kidneys.

Even with the stabilization of blood pressure, careful medical supervision, the use of recommended drugs, and regular measurement of blood pressure at home (several times a day) are important. Hypertensive patients must be examined by a cardiologist at least once every few months. This is important, because during this time addiction to drugs (tolerance) could develop. Maybe the doctor will prescribe supplement treatment with folk remedies.

Can hypertension be cured only with folk remedies? No, It is Immpossible. However, you can count on a reduction in the dosages of the drugs used.

A look ahead

Hypertension is the main risk factor for many pathologies of the heart, blood vessels, mortality from which will be 53% of the total mortality of the population of our country. However, in this case, for a particular patient, her prognosis can be quite favorable, this condition can be controlled, although hypertension is not treatable.

Men should be especially wary of complications, as they suffer from high blood pressure more often. The risk of stroke increases if there is:

  • myocardial hypertrophy;
  • hyperrenin form of hypertension;
  • cerebral complaints;
  • hypertensive crises.

The frequency of complications depends entirely on the age at which the person began to get sick. The sooner this happened, the worse the forecast for the future. With timely detection and proper treatment, such a disease is not so life-threatening.

The most important factor that positively affects the prognosis of hypertension is the patient’s attitude to his problem and his readiness to follow the recommendations of a cardiologist every day.

Home treatment (if there are no complications)

You can supplement the therapy with folk remedies, which are also selected individually. Some patients get rid of hypertension, and May honey helps its symptoms. To reduce pressure, you need to take 100 g of the product, mix with the same amount of onion juice, 25 g of chopped lemon peel.

Store the mixture in a cool place, always in well-sealed containers. It is recommended to take it every day for a tablespoon.

Hypertension of the 1st degree can be relieved by decoctions, infusions, and Valerian officinalis powder. The recipe for this infusion is:

  • Grind 10 g of valerian roots;
  • pour 300 ml of boiling water;
  • boil for 10 minutes;
  • insist 2 hours.

After which the broth is filtered and taken in a quarter cup 3-4 times a day.

Treatment with folk remedies involves the use of lingonberries, honeysuckle, meadow clover. You can purchase ready-made fees and infusions, or cook them at home.

Every day, it is useful to drink a third of a glass of pumpkin broth with honey. This will relieve hypertension from insomnia, help relieve hypertension and dull its symptoms. the opinion of the famous professor Neumyvakin in the video in this article will be very interesting.

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