Diet and nutrition for oxalate kidney stones

If the result of a visit to a urologist is a diagnosis of urolithiasis, then you should not despair. The specialist will prescribe not only treatment that will definitely work for the result, but also recommendations for changing the lifestyle, namely a special diet.

Diet is a way to treat and prevent kidney disease

So, kidney stones. There are many people who recognize this problem as theirs. Urolithiasis affects the kidneys, the quality of life is significantly reduced and mankind is looking for ways to get rid of the problem and prevent it. Kidney stones are different, in this article we will focus on oxalate. They are no better and no worse than others, bring their owners a lot of trouble and have their own characteristics of treatment and prevention.

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The following must be remembered: diet is an extremely effective way to prevent the disease from developing further and get rid of problems that already exist. “Again diets!” the answer is possible. In this case, an exchange is proposed: restrictions in nutrition for a fundamental improvement in the general condition of the body. It will become much easier to give up your favorite “snacks”.

Nutritional features of patients with oxalate kidney stones

While adhering to a diet, it is necessary to completely abandon prohibited foods, while welcoming the recommended ones. Only in this case, the effect of it will be maximum, and the disease will recede.

For oxalate kidney stones, the following is recommended in the diet:

  • Pay attention to the portion size, carefully avoiding overeating.
  • We eat a little, but often – at least five times a day.
  • We take food at the same time, preferably after the same number of hours
  • If kidney stones are found, then salt intake should be minimized, if not completely excluded.
  • Pickles, smoked foods, pickles and hot spices for taboo patients.
  • The diet is inseparable from the drinking regimen – 2-2,5 liters of water per day should be drunk by the patient.
  • We pay special attention to medicinal decoctions, which have the ability to break down stones and make it impossible for fluid to stagnate in the patient’s body.
  • An active life position with physical activity and walking will help to improve the general condition.
  • The attending physician must be sure to inform about the patient’s illnesses in order to timely adjust the diet.

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What can you include in your menu?

Since the task of the doctor and the patient is to get rid of the formations in the kidneys, we include the following foods in the diet:

  • We introduce various types of cabbage, zucchini, carrots and cucumbers into the diet without restrictions. Pumpkin and skinless turnips are useful. Potatoes are consumed only boiled, and eggplants have no place on the patient’s table.
  • The list of fruits is rather limited, but banana, quince and apricot are recommended. The raisins, loved by many, are excluded from dried fruits.
  • Vegetable, dairy soups, with various cereals are recommended.

    The menu can be varied successfully. A tasty and healthy addition to a limited set of dishes will be fish, chicken, meat, from which the fat has been previously removed. Dairy products are acceptable in moderation and should be consumed before lunchtime. Nuts and seeds are easily absorbed by the body and are useful for it, gray and black bread is preferable.

    A strict limitation is imposed on sugar – no more than 20-30 g per day. You can not drink strong tea and coffee; from drinks it is better to choose birch sap and dried fruit compote.

    Herbal medicine in the treatment of urolithiasis

    Special healing fees deserve special attention:

  • “Fitoliton” and “Nephrophyt” are ready-made collections of medicinal herbs
  • The use of magnesium preparations significantly improves the effectiveness of treatment
  • B vitamins, especially B6, are indispensable in stabilizing the state of the body
  • Periodically (course 3 weeks) it is necessary to use “Urolesan”

    What foods are banned?

    The list of products that definitely makes sense to refuse is quite large:

    • Spinach.
    • Radish.
    • Beans, peas, soy.
    • Beet.
    • Tomatoes.
    • Rhubarb.
    • Bell pepper.
    • Asparagus.

    To this are added rich meat broths, as well as products that are provoking for the formation of kidney stones – chocolate products, sausages, liver, lungs, heart, jellied meat, sweets.

    The sick person’s diet should be limited to 3 calories.

    Diet number 5 – the path to recovery

    It is this type of diet that is distinguished by its diversity, if at all such an assessment is appropriate for the diet, however, the patient does not feel constant hunger and the food does not seem monotonous to him. If you strictly adhere to the recommendations drawn up for this dietary table, then such harmful substances as cholesterol, oxalic acid will not be able to enter the body.

    You should pay attention to the method of preparing food for diet number 5. These are mainly baked and boiled dishes, which is a fairly gentle option.

    Here is an example of a possible menu for the day:

    • The first breakfast – curd mass, tea with milk, a small piece of gray bread with butter.
    • Second breakfast – milk buckwheat porridge, a glass of dried fruit compote.
    • Lunch – vegetable soup, a slice of boiled chicken, fruit juice.
    • Afternoon snack – cottage cheese casserole, weak tea.
    • Dinner – stewed vegetables with meat, kefir.

    On the basis of this menu, they make up a diet for a week, making a substitution of products according to the permitted list and the patient’s capabilities. It should be noted that diet number 5 becomes the most effective if, between meals, patients will use decoctions of plants that promote recovery.


    To get rid of stones and prevent the disease in the future, you should strictly follow the recommendations indicated in the diet, combining it with herbal medicine and an active lifestyle. Be persistent and persistent in achieving the goal and the disease will be defeated.

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