Cognac increases or decreases pressure – is it possible to drink with hypertension

It is believed that the optimal dose of alcohol for a person is 70 grams per day.

If you drink the drink in the indicated amount, then its effect on the vessels will be supportive and will help prevent the development of hypertensive crisis and atherosclerosis.

It should be remembered that the effect of alcohol is distributed differently to people.

Individual susceptibility depends on the following factors:

  1. Weight of a person. People with a small body mass get drunk much faster than with a large one.
  2. Floor. Men are less susceptible to alcohol than women.
  3. Age. Resistant to alcoholic beverages are middle-aged people from 30 to 40 years old, and susceptible are young and old people.
  4. Bad habits. Smokers with “experience” are more susceptible to the effects of alcohol. As a result of smoking and regular intake of alcoholic beverages, blood vessels lose their elasticity and strength.
  5. Physical exercise. If a person regularly practices sports or physiotherapy, he becomes less susceptible to alcohol.
  6. General state of health. The presence of certain diseases and the simultaneous use of alcohol can not only affect the pressure of a person, but also on his well-being.

There are certain drinks that are similar in composition and manufacturing process to cognac. For example, brandy is an alcoholic drink that differs in degrees (40-72⁰) from cognac, which has a stable value of 40⁰. In small quantities, brandy dilates blood vessels and relieves high blood pressure.

Whiskey is a strong alcoholic beverage containing 40-50% alcohol turnover. It not only has an antiseptic and hypotensive property, but is also able to reduce the risk of a heart attack. Incredibly, even vodka in small doses dilates blood vessels and helps to normalize blood pressure.

Therefore, a hypertensive patient should contact a treating specialist and consult with him if he can take some alcoholic beverages. The doctor, taking into account concomitant diseases and general health, will issue a verdict to the patient.

Contraindications and harm from brandy

Despite the fact that cognac helps to lower blood pressure, there are certain contraindications in which it can not be used even in minimal doses. Firstly, it is forbidden to take alcohol to people with alcohol addiction. Secondly, it is contraindicated in gallstone disease, decompensated heart failure, and type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

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Cognac should not be consumed with salty foods, as it will counteract it, increasing human pressure. The question arises, how much per day you need to eat table salt. No more than 5 grams. In addition, the drink should not be mixed with sparkling water (Coca-Cola), cocktails and tonics. The simultaneous use of alcohol during therapy with antihypertensive tablets is contraindicated.

If a person drinks more than 80 grams of cognac per day, then instead of stabilizing blood pressure, he will increase it. An increase in pressure, including intracranial, will completely block the therapeutic effect. Cognac in large quantities causes harm:

  • ethanol increases arterial pulse several times;
  • a high level of fusel oils adversely affects the nervous system;
  • an alcoholic drink has a negative effect on the functioning of the liver and kidneys, which causes problems with the cardiovascular system over time;
  • the load on the heart increases, blood pressure becomes stronger, which entails problems with pressure in patients with arterial hypertension.

Cognac drink has a high calorie content and improves appetite. For those who want to get better – this is a good property, but for those who are overweight – negative.

Cognac and pressure are compatible concepts. With moderate alcohol consumption of less than 70 grams, a beneficial effect on the body can be achieved. However, excessive intake leads to the development of dangerous complications – severe heart failure, heart attack, stroke, etc. Patients with diabetes mellitus, decompensated heart failure and cholelithiasis should not drink cognac. Taking antihypertensive drugs is also a contraindication to drinking alcohol.

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