Causes of protein traces in urine during pregnancy and why it is dangerous

The existence of protein in urine during the gestational duration is not unusual. Even if there are no pathologies, the protein can be discovered in pregnant ladies in unimportant amounts, when the regular sign in a healthy individual is its total lack.

When bring a kid, the kidneys go through a double load, they need to work in a boosted mode. Therefore, even a banal meal with a high protein material prior to passing urine for analysis can provoke the detection of protein in a lady. To figure out whether the detection of a protein is related to a severe pathology or this discrepancy varies within the regular variety, pregnant ladies are recommended a basic urine test prior to each visit with a gynecologist.


Normal signs of the existence of protein in the urine of a pregnant lady are:

  • 1st trimester approximately 0,002 g/l.
  • 2nd trimester – approximately 0,1 g/l.
  • 3nd trimester – approximately 0,033 g/l.

If the protein in the urine goes beyond these signs, then a 2nd analysis ought to be required to validate or refute the outcome. In case of verification of an overstated level of protein in urine, the pregnant lady is analyzed in a thorough way to determine the causes, identify and recommend treatment.

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Causes of the look of protein in urine during pregnancy

The factors for the look of protein in urine can be both the most safe and the most severe, needing instant medical attention.

Among the typical, safe factors are:

  • Active exercise prior to taking the analysis.
  • Experiencing tension.
  • Excessive usage of protein foods.
  • Failure to adhere to health guidelines during the collection of biomaterial.

To acquire right test results when gathering biomaterial, utilize a sterilized container, prevent getting vaginal discharge, gather just early morning urine and do not abuse protein, salted, fatty foods the day previously. It is likewise much better to hold off unfavorable feelings and exercise for later on.

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As a guideline, if the factor lies in one of the above points, then the protein is not maintained in the urine and on the exact same day, a retake of the analysis will reveal a reduction in its level.

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Serious factors needing medical attention consist of:

  • Diseases of the kidneys and urinary system: pyelonephritis, urethritis, cystitis, nephritis and others.
  • Gestosis is the most dangerous pathological condition for mom and kid,
  • Kidney cysts.
  • Chronic illness: high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem,
  • Intoxication of the body.

If a minimum of one of these factors for the look of protein in urine is determined, the lady is proposed treatment with anti-inflammatory, diuretic drugs, or drugs for the treatment or upkeep of a steady state in persistent pathologies. Hospitalization is likewise likely, specifically if a pregnant lady has gestosis.

Why is the existence of protein in urine dangerous?

The risk of the existence of protein in urine is that if treatment is prevented or the signs are not kept at the exact same level/reduced, then this can result in the most unfortunate outcomes.

These effects consist of:

  • Blood poisoning.
  • Violation of uteroplacental blood circulation.
  • Fetal hypoxia.
  • Infection of the placenta, fetus.
  • Termination of the kidneys.
  • Abnormal fetal advancement.
  • Premature shipment.
  • Death of mom and kid.

One of the most perilous conditions of a pregnant lady is gestosis. Gestosis indicates an issue of the gestational duration, specifically in the 2nd half of pregnancy.

This pathology is accompanied by a disturbance in the work of essential organs of a lady. Vascular convulsions take place in all tissues, blood supply to organs is interfered with, the whole nerve system, capillary, heart, kidneys, liver, and fetus are impacted.

There are numerous phases of gestosis, however the faster this pathology is found, the much better and more secure for the mom and kid.

The primary signs of gestosis:

  • Proteinuria.
  • Edema.
  • High high blood pressure.
  • Accelerated weight gain.
  • Detection of impaired uteroplacental blood circulation with Doppler sonography.
  • Delayed fetal advancement.
  • Increased blood clot.

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In an extreme kind, the above signs might be accompanied by convulsions, fever, throwing up, fever, cough, headache and other undesirable conditions.

If there is even one indication, you require to notify your physician to avoid problems. Gestosis establishes rather quickly and imperceptibly, and, sadly, it is frequently found currently in an extreme degree.


The shipment of a basic urine test is a compulsory treatment for a pregnant lady prior to each visit with a gynecologist. During the research study, the level of protein, leukocytes, erythrocytes, Ph urine is figured out, color, openness, density are examined.

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Correct urine collection:

  • Before gathering urine in a container, you need to urinate in the toilet for a couple of seconds.
  • Collect urine just in a sterilized container.
  • Before collection, perform health treatments for the body and genital areas.
  • Avoid getting vaginal discharge into urine.
  • Deliver the product to the lab no behind 2 hours after collection.

If proteinuria has actually currently been detected, protein levels can be kept track of in your home utilizing quick tests. Place the test in the early morning urine for 2 minutes and decipher the outcome according to the connected guidelines.

What to do?

First of all, you require to look for assistance from a medical professional. When the factor for the existence of protein in the urine is figured out, the physician will recommend treatment. If it is an infection of the urinary system, then prescription antibiotics are recommended. If kidney pathology, then diuretic and anti-inflammatory drugs are recommended.

If it is gestosis, then a diet plan without salt is recommended, a decrease in fluid consumption, treatment versus hypertension, anti-oxidants, diuretics and other essential funds. In the case of an extreme kind of preeclampsia, preterm labor (caesarean area) is recommended in order to prevent the most extreme effects and even death of the mom and kid.

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