Causes of high blood pressure in women

High blood pressure is a fairly common disease at present, especially in women after 35 years.

This disease manifests itself slowly.

Initial symptoms may include:

  • weakness,
  • bad dream
  • fast fatiguability,
  • rush of blood to the head and so on.

Such symptoms in women after 35 years are manifested over a fairly long period of time. After which irreversible processes begin to occur in the body. For example, blood circulation in the brain is disturbed, and heart and kidney failure appear.

If you do not start treatment for high blood pressure in women on time, then there is a chance of a heart attack and even death. The body may also completely cease to function normally.

Since women’s pressure rises with age, almost every woman after 35 years of age can suffer from this disease.

This disease should be taken seriously even in its initial stages, since it can affect vision and the state of blood vessels, especially at an older age (in women after 50 years).

Women under 35 years old are frivolous with the symptoms of the disease, and therefore the treatment does not start on time. Based on studies by scientists, it became clear that a risk factor for high blood pressure is observed in 45% of the population.

This number is constantly increasing with every goal. It is also noted that men are several times more exposed to this ailment. But this does not mean that women after 50 years cannot have health complications.

The main causes of high blood pressure – stress and anxiety, pressure from nerves – is quite normal. Also, the disease can develop in those who are predisposed to it at the genetic level. Not the least role is played by the correct lifestyle and environment.

The more a person exposes himself to stress and anxiety, the greater the likelihood that he will develop hypertension.

If you do not pay attention to the symptoms of high blood pressure in time and start treatment, after 50 years it will already be difficult to do.

This disease can be effectively treated only in the initial stages, after which it will be necessary to take drugs to stabilize the body.

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A healthy person may also suffer from symptoms of high blood pressure. This can occur over several months or years. The reasons for high pressure here are different. This is mainly a nervous and physical overstrain of the body.

After resting, the pressure usually returns to normal. In this case, treatment of high blood pressure can not be started, experts say, because this is a protective reaction of the body. The human condition in this case is considered normal and not hazardous to health.

There are two types of high pressure:

  1. Hypertension
  2. Symptomatic arterial hypertension.

It is noted that specialists at this time have not been able to identify the exact causes of the appearance of hypertension in the fairer sex. And therefore, the treatment of high blood pressure in each case will be carried out individually.

The causes of high blood pressure in women after 35 may be due to the consumption of fatty acids. They are mainly present in coconut and palm fats, as well as:

and other similar products. It should also be remembered that such fats are found in large quantities in:

Another reason for the appearance of high pressure in women after 35 years is the use of salt in food, after which blood pressure rises. This element is found in many products. It is recommended to give preference to fresh products, as well as not to abuse packaged products.

Salt in large quantities is the reason for the appearance of not only high pressure, but also the destruction of the walls of blood vessels, after which they become less elastic and cease to fully perform their functions.

Treatment after several years of the course of the disease will need to be carried out comprehensively on the basis of medications that the specialist attributes. In the early stages of the disease, treatment can be carried out by alternative methods, for example, decoctions of herbs.

Another reason for high blood pressure is excessive drinking. Some people think that alcohol can lower your blood pressure. In small doses, this product has no effect on pressure.

But if the amount of alcohol consumed is large, then this will cause accelerated heart function, which directly affects the pressure in the arteries.

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Also in alcohol there may be other substances that will not only affect pressure, but also on the general condition of the body. In this case, the doctor prescribes the treatment also individually, depending on the characteristics of a particular organism.

A sedentary lifestyle, as the cause of high blood pressure. Symptoms can occur with this way of life only after a few years.

Treatment in this case is also carried out individually, taking into account certain characteristics of a person, as well as the presence of other chronic diseases.

  • Initially, the patient undergoes a comprehensive examination by a doctor, after which he prescribes drugs for him to reduce blood pressure.
  • It is important to note that treatment with such drugs should be lengthy.
  • Interruption of the course is in no case recommended independently.

Stress is also one of the causes of high blood pressure. To protect yourself, you must try to avoid stressful situations and learn how to relax. This will help restore emotional balance to normal.

Smoking also does not contribute to normal pressure. When smoking, the vessels will constantly be in good shape, which will lead to loss of elasticity of the walls of the vessels.

They will narrow, calcify, sediment and deposits will appear on the walls. This will increase pressure.

Being overweight is also the cause of symptoms of high blood pressure in women at different ages.

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