Blood Pressure Factors

The following factors influence the value:

  1. The intensity of blood supply to organs and the outflow of blood to the periphery.
  2. The amount of blood that enters the vessels over a period of time.
  3. The resistance of the walls of the vessel.
  4. The frequency with which the heart contracts
  5. Vascular elasticity.
  6. Blood viscosity

Throughout the day, pressure can change in any person. This is especially noticeable during physical exertion on the body and during sleep. In the first case, it rises, and in the second, it decreases.

When blood pressure rises to 140/90, then such indicators are critical.

It also indicates that it is already difficult for the heart to pump blood. The reason here may be a decrease in vascular elasticity or in an excess volume of blood in the vessels. There are also other reasons.

If constant loads are given to the heart, then this can lead to the development of heart diseases. It can also cause a heart attack if blood clots form in the vessels.

Arterial hypertension

AH can develop at any age. Young people often may not notice that they have high blood pressure. The body in such cases copes with the load. During adulthood, the body will be harder.

Therefore, it is recommended to take a number of measures that will prevent the occurrence of serious diseases of the cardiovascular system. It is recommended with frequent increase in pressure to some extent, and can radically change your usual way of life.

Causes of high blood pressure

Doctors still in most cases do not know the exact reason that affects the increase in blood pressure. Among the possible, the presence of such a disease in close relatives stands out.

Scientists also identified other factors that affect the appearance of high blood pressure. They will be described in detail below.

Blood Pressure Factors

Scientists have proven that those who are overweight are prone to high blood pressure. With obesity, the circulatory system experiences great stress. In order to provide all organs and tissues with blood, the heart and blood vessels need to work hard.

This leads to the fact that blood pressure increases. In this case, to get rid of blood pressure, you need to lose weight. The result can be achieved if:

  • Increase the burden on the body. In this case, the energy received from food will be spent more efficiently.
  • Reduce the amount of food consumed. To do this, you need to adjust your diet: eat in small portions several times a day. The rhythm of life can be kept normal.

Doctors also recommend combining these two options, which will help to more effectively treat blood pressure. It will also give the patient the opportunity to ignore some psychological factors that affect blood pressure.

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Basically, this substance enters the body with food. During numerous studies, scientists came to the conclusion that this product also causes high blood pressure.

Moreover, if you reduce the daily salt intake to 300 mg per day, then in half the cases this will help to avoid the appearance of blood pressure, since blood clots will form less in the vessels. It is noted that the sensitivity of an organism to salt today is impossible to verify.

If a person develops shortness of breath or being overweight, then this can be an indicator that the body has a lot of sodium, and, as you know, it is contained in salt. In this case, you should try to completely eliminate salt from your diet or significantly reduce its amount.

Nicotine can cause cramping in blood vessels. As a result, blood pressure may rise above normal. Also, smokers, according to doctors, have an increased risk of coronary disease or atherosclerosis.

It is recommended to quit such a habit. And you need to do this as soon as possible with the appearance of symptoms of high blood pressure. If this is not done on time, then the effectiveness of quitting smoking will decrease in the future.

If you regularly drink alcohol, there is a risk of an increase in the tone of the sympathetic nervous system. As a result, blood pressure will increase.

Those who are in a drunken state have an increased risk of heart attack, blood glucose and other complex diseases of the circulatory system. It is recommended to limit yourself to alcohol. A day you can take no more than 60 milliliters of alcohol. And it’s better to completely abandon alcohol.

Psychological factors can also play a small role in increasing blood pressure. Observations of patients showed that if a person experiences anxiety or stress, then his pressure rises several times.

Stress can occur at work, at home, on the street. We must try to protect ourselves from such situations. If this is not possible, then it is necessary to periodically undergo examinations by specialists and take appropriate medications that will lower the pressure.

Also, experts noted, the most unfavorable conditions for the body can develop when taking a large amount of sodium and stress. Therefore, one must also refrain from eating food in which there is a lot of sodium.

Factors affecting the appearance of high blood pressure may also be associated with insufficient activity during the working day. This also leads to disruption of various systems and organs.

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When muscle tone decreases, the number of contractions of the heart decreases. It begins to spend energy uneconomically, and also becomes less enduring.

If a person does not spend the energy that he receives with food, this can lead to obesity and, as a result, to the appearance of pressure. Also in this case, blood coagulation will become worse, which will lead to blockage of the veins.

To correct the situation will help regular physical activity. They will gradually reduce the risk of pressure, and improve the functioning of the heart muscles, it will also favorably affect the whole body.

Many patients may not notice that they have high blood pressure. There will be no symptoms at the same time. Also, well-being does not change. Therefore, you need to regularly check the value of blood pressure and know how to correctly measure the pressure.

If the disease proceeds over a long period of time, then the body will gradually adapt to pressure drops, and therefore there will be no symptoms with increasing pressure.

It should be noted that the risk of getting serious illnesses from high pressure is the same both in the case described above and when there are sensitive symptoms with high pressure.

In addition to the fact that serious diseases of the cardiovascular system will occur, there is a risk that other organs will also suffer. Among them may be:

Therefore, it is important to constantly monitor your health, measure the pressure and lead a healthy lifestyle.

A person’s ignorance of this disease leads to the fact that his blood pressure may increase, and he will not even know about it. Accordingly, he will not start treating him in time. This is fraught with complications that will cause irreparable harm to the whole body.

Therefore, experts recommend that even those who feel good, periodically checked by a doctor. The video in this article will reveal the main reasons for increasing blood pressure.

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