Waning immunity and COVID-19 vaccines: How worried should we be?
6594d4add59c6efefe77fd4b11976b35 - September 26, 2021
Research has found a significant fall in levels of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, 6 months after the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Clinical
COVID-19: ‘Disparities in vaccine coverage highlight ongoing inequities’
30f64bba878abf67e2b26811fec59eea - September 26, 2021
Although marginalized communities have had the highest numbers of severe COVID-19 cases, these populations have had less access to vaccines. Now, Massachusetts researchers highlight structural racism in the
Could oxytocin receptors influence Instagram activity?
dbf4fa3d1aeba0fb6e87695f5e9ce3bf - September 26, 2021
Oxytocin plays a role in the development of social bonds. Some evidence suggests that variations in the gene that codes for the oxytocin receptor might account for interpersonal
COVID-19 vaccine: Are boys at an increased risk of heart inflammation?
c3b0eb84573b0a539019fd6355cabb9a - September 26, 2021
A new, non-peer-reviewed study concluded that healthy boys aged 12–17 years had a higher hospitalization rate due to heart inflammation after their second mRNA COVID-19 vaccination than the
COVID-19 vaccines work in MS patients despite immunotherapy treatment
92b25396b0ff47ee2b02925513016c8b - September 26, 2021
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease, typically treated by quelling the activity of immune system cells, such as B lymphocytes. COVID-19 vaccines work by stimulating the immune
Obesity: Exercising, not dieting, may be key to avoiding health risks
0811d0654d8329463ced3a2ffcd3b1c0 - September 26, 2021
Guidelines for obesity management tend to focus on weight loss through calorie restriction and increased physical activity. Weight loss is often difficult to sustain, and repeated weight loss
Atherosclerosis present in 42% of adults without heart disease
12b2ccae2ba8f67ae271960a74d87a93 - September 26, 2021
A study conducted in Sweden found that about 42% of the participants without known heart disease or symptoms had fatty deposits in the arteries of their heart, which
Gut bacteria are ‘major player’ in weight loss success
41bbb0f96c819619a5cb70c3679f6ae0 - September 26, 2021
Recent research suggests that the composition of the gut microbiome can predict an individual’s likelihood of obesity. A new study reports that differences in the functional profile of
Statins show promise for treating ulcerative colitis
cfc9790d37092acbf7669976e07f750f - September 26, 2021
Researchers recently examined several Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved drugs to see whether any might effectively treat ulcerative colitis (UC). Their results suggest that cholesterol-lowering statins may reduce
Long COVID in children: How long might it last?
9354267459d93e293a74480e286a01bc - September 26, 2021
A recent review included 14 international studies on long COVID in children and adolescents involving nearly 20,000 participants. Some studies indicated no difference in the symptoms reported by