What to do if the pressure rises from 160 to 90

A pressure of 160 to 90 is thought about raised. In this state, an individual has disruptions in the work of the brain and heart. The client might feel discomfort and other symptoms of the illness.

This post will speak about what provokes high blood pressure, what it suggests, and how to handle it.

High pressure functions

In males and females, blood pressure never ever rises to 160 to 80 for no factor. Some health problem or tension typically contributes to this. If this condition repeats often, the going to doctor might identify high blood pressure.

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In the occasion that the pressure rises just in the very first indication (systolic requirement), then this suggests arterial high blood pressure of the separated systolic type. This illness is rather severe. It needs long-lasting treatment.

Most frequently, this condition is detected in a senior. This is validated by the truth that with aging, the vessels end up being less versatile. Calcium collects in their cavity. This threatens to boost the pressure. (*90*), in this state, there is frequently an infraction of the functions of the kidneys and heart.

Important! A really hazardous blood pressure 160 to 90 is for teenagers. In the lack of prompt treatment, the illness can enter into an overlooked kind, which threatens not just special needs, however likewise increases the possibility of death. Moreover, it is understood that boys are more vulnerable to this kind of high blood pressure than ladies.


Systolic high blood pressure might not manifest itself at all for a very long time. Long-term sleeping disorders ought to be the initially cautioning indication. In such a state, an individual sleeps extremely severely, he can get up from the tiniest rustle.

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Another sign of the illness is headaches that intensify with tension. They are accompanied by a sensation of heaviness in the temples, along with an increased pulse (more than 80 beats).

Additional indications of high blood pressure are:

  • ringing in the ears
  • weak point and tiredness of an individual,
  • increased heart rate
  • irritation,
  • lightheadedness,
  • skin soreness
  • regular modifications in sweating and chills,
  • a propensity to edema,
  • pins and needles of the skin.


An individual’s blood pressure of 160 to 90 suggests a severe hypertensive condition.

The following aspects can provoke this condition:

  • Improper nutrition. Especially the excess of salt in the diet plan, which leads to a boost in the quantity of fluid in the body, impacts the boost in pressure. Drinking alcohol is likewise extremely damaging to capillary.
  • Weight gain. Studies have actually revealed that the more body weight, the more blood volume is required for appropriate nutrition of the body. For the circulatory system to function appropriately, the arteries require to be dilated, which can lead to a loss of flexibility.
  • Acute absence of potassium and other useful micronutrient. In a comparable state, an individual experiences a degeneration in water-salt metabolic process, along with a decline in the strength of the vessel walls.
  • Insufficiently active way of life. The absence of sports activities adversely impacts the tone of the arteries. That is why, with an unexpected stress, they merely cannot sufficiently react to the load.
  • Smoking. It boosts the danger of embolism and likewise decreases vascular flexibility.
  • Living in an undesirable eco-friendly environment boosts the danger of establishing high blood pressure, even in youths.
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Important! Very frequently, hypotension establishes in individuals who suffer from serious persistent illness. Such illness can be diabetes mellitus, kidney failure, cardiovascular disease.

Therapeutic treatment

Treatment for this condition ought to be thorough. Traditional treatment is targeted at decreasing blood pressure, stopping undesirable signs in an individual, along with saturating the body with beneficial compounds.

The most efficient medications for stabilizing blood pressure are:

Name of the drug Therapeutic action Captopril One tablet of the drug ought to be put under the tongue, and after 15 minutes the pressure will drop Nifedipine The drug has a noticable hypotensive result Propranolol This is a drug that is utilized to minimize pressure in emergency situation cases

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In addition, sometimes, the client needs the consultation of the following groups of drugs:

  • diuretic drugs (Furosemide),
  • ACE inhibitors – Bagopril,
  • medications to stabilize the work of the heart – Kapoten.

In the occasion that, 40 minutes after taking the drug, the client’s condition has actually not enhanced, it deserves calling a medical professional.

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Folk treatments can likewise be utilized as adjunctive treatment. They will assist eliminate blood pressure, along with calm an individual. One of the most efficient herbs for high blood pressure is motherwort. To prepare a cast from it, 2 tablespoons of the plant ought to be blended with a spoonful of mint and valerian. Pour all 500 ml of boiling water. Insist and take 50 ml daily.

Remember! Before taking any folk treatments, you ought to consult your medical professional so as not to aggravate your condition.

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What do we have to do

In parallel with drug treatment, the client requires way of life and dietary changes.

The most efficient for stabilizing blood pressure are the list below suggestions of medical professionals:

  • Limit salt in your diet plan. To do this, you ought to not salt the meals throughout their preparation. It is much better to do this currently prior to consuming. It is likewise worth refusing to take salted fish, caviar and other foods high in salt.
  • Enrich the menu with veggies and fruits, herbs, boiled fish and meat. Moreover, dried fruits and preparations from them will be extremely beneficial.
  • Refuse to consume fried and fatty foods. Semi-completed items, smoked meats, indigestible food are strictly restricted.
  • Avoid tension and stress and anxiety. It is likewise worth having a complete 8 hours of sleep.
  • Protect yourself from physical tension. At the very same time, it will be extremely beneficial for an individual to do light sports, long strolls in the fresh air.
  • Give up bad routines totally, be it cigarette smoking or drinking alcohol.
  • Treat those illness that can trigger high blood pressure.
  • Practice solidifying. To do this, you can do rubdowns with a cold towel, carry out a contrast shower. People with cardiovascular disease ought to be tempered with care.
  • Maintain your weight. If this issue currently exists, an individual requires to contact a nutritional expert who will pick a specific meal prepare for him.
  • Control your condition with medications recommended by your medical professional.
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Pressure readings of 160 to 90 are substantially greater than the standard. In such a state, an individual is recommended to speak with a medical professional as quickly as possible, go through diagnostics and begin treatment. With prompt treatment, the client has every possibility of stabilizing health.

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