Valerian increases or decreases pressure

Valerian can interact with other drugs, increase the effects of natural medicines, such as St. John’s wort, intoxicating pepper, melatonin. Before taking Valerian, talk with your doctor if you have a chronic condition, make sure that it does not affect the effects of other medications or supplements.

Herbal preparations have good reviews. They are safe for most patients. It is important to know that valerian requires coursework. This is the only way to achieve a lasting result. The plant contributes to the normalization of the function of the nervous system, improves mood and improves performance.

Finished dosage forms are convenient to use. They need to be washed down with a small amount of water. As a rule, it is recommended to take 1 tablet 2-3 times a day before meals. Duration of admission is determined individually.

Detonic – a unique medicine that helps fight hypertension at all stages of its development.

Detonic for pressure normalization

The complex effect of plant components of the drug Detonic on the walls of blood vessels and the autonomic nervous system contribute to a rapid decrease in blood pressure. In addition, this drug prevents the development of atherosclerosis, thanks to the unique components that are involved in the synthesis of lecithin, an amino acid that regulates cholesterol metabolism and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Detonic not addictive and withdrawal syndrome, since all components of the product are natural.

Detailed information about Detonic is located on the manufacturer’s page


Valeryanka povyshaet davlenie ili ponizhaet e1508693704928 - Valerian increases or decreases pressure

The liquid form of the drug is characterized by faster absorption. If there is alcohol in the composition, the drug is not recommended for use by patients suffering from gastrointestinal tract lesions. Tinctures are taken 3 times a day before meals, diluting 20-30 drops with a quarter glass of water.

Natalia, 42 years old, Moscow

Pressure jumps from stress. The doctor advised combined sedatives based on valerian. I took the remedy in a course, since only in this way can a pronounced effect be achieved. It became easier to deal with everyday problems, and two weeks later, blood pressure indicators returned to normal.

Oleg, 45 years old, Ekaterinburg

Every time I get nervous, my head starts to hurt. Somehow he measured the pressure and was horrified – 220/90. A familiar doctor advised me to drink valerian under stress. A natural product that, with prolonged use, helps to cope with nervous tension. Against the background of taking pills, I began to feel better. Yes, and pressure indicators are no longer jumping.

Since the pharmacy tincture contains alcohol, it is not always suitable for use. In this case, you can buy shredded plant roots, at home, prepare a medicinal infusion on water or a decoction.

The infusion is recommended for hypertension, severe headaches, dizziness, emotional lability. For cooking, you need 1 tablespoon of chopped roots, pour 250 ml of cold water.

Insist during the day at room temperature. Then filter out. Take three times a day before meals. Dosage at one time – 1 tablespoon. It should not be abused, the effectiveness will not increase, while the condition worsens.

Prescriptions for preparing a medicine at home:

  • Break the dry roots of the plant, send to a coffee grinder, grind to a powder state. Take three times a day. The dose at one time is no more than 2 grams of the drug.
  • Pour 1 tablespoon of valerian roots 250 boiling water, leave for an hour. Strain with gauze. Drink four times a day for a tablespoon.

Water tincture will help lower blood pressure without tablets, improve sleep and restore heart rhythm.

You can independently prepare and alcohol infusion. The components are purchased at the pharmacy, the price is about 100 rubles for the roots of the plant. Home-made medicine calms, relieves anxiety and irritability, effectively with insomnia.

Proportions of 1 to 5. Insist for one week in a dark place. Filter out. The course of treatment is determined individually depending on the severity of anxiety symptoms and blood pressure indicators.

Take three times a day before meals – mix 20-30 drops with 120 ml of warm water.

Hypertension Therapy

It is necessary to determine the cause of hypertension. If the exact cause was not found, then this form of GB is called essential. Her treatment should be comprehensive and be prescribed depending on the indicators of pressure. Valeryanka is recommended to be taken independently if the tonometer numbers do not exceed 140 by 90 mm Hg. Art. A valerian should also be prescribed if a patient with hypertension is prone to stress, has a labile nervous system with frequent mood swings.

In other cases, the drug is prescribed in combination with the means:

  • ACE inhibitors;
  • beta blockers;
  • diuretics;
  • angiotensin receptor antagonists;
  • calcium channel antagonists.

Which is better: tincture or pills?

The drug is safe for any age category, it has a positive effect at an older age and relieves teenage stress. Children from 12 years old.

With regular use of valerian, the pressure lowers, and also potentiates the effect:

  • tranquilizers,
  • analgesics
  • antihypertensive drugs
  • sleeping pills.

Antagonism, that is, inhibition of the action of any drugs by valerian, has not been noticed.

The medicinal effect of the use of valerian lies in the special properties of the plant. The composition of one tablet includes essential oils, acids, as well as magnesium carbonate. The approximate amount of the plant in a tablet or tincture is up to 70%.

In addition to the sedative effect, the drug affects the body as follows:

  • normalizes the work of the digestive tract;
  • slows the heart rate with tachycardia;
  • restores a dream;
  • relieves cramps with prolonged use;
  • relieves pain in the heart.

There are two forms of the spread of valerian: tincture and tablets. It is tincture, in the opinion of most patients, that acts faster, and the remedy itself is more effective. The phenomenon can be explained by an increased percentage of the concentration of the active substance, namely the root of the plant. The drug itself has a faster effect, being absorbed in the body from a liquid form.

But tincture of valerian implies the use of alcohol as a solvent. Alcohol-based tincture is prohibited for use in case of kidney or liver failure, as well as during pregnancy and lactation. It is not recommended to use alcohol tinctures for hypertension due to the negative effects of ethanol on blood vessels.

To normalize the pressure and valerian helped in this, you need to choose the right form of the drug and dosage. The difference between tincture and tablet form is in the dosage of the extract and additional components. The tincture contains alcohol, and with some diseases of the stomach it can not be taken, as with a negative reaction to alcohol.

Drops are often prescribed for insomnia and increased nervousness. It is not recommended to take chloramphenicol, metronidazole and other drugs at the same time as tincture, which can cause a strong heartbeat, redness of the skin, fever. You can not take alcohol tincture of valerian with other tinctures on alcohol. The disadvantages of tinctures also include a pungent smell.

A more convenient form are tablets, where the main component can be in different dosages. The composition of the tablets is ground into a powder, a thick extract of valerian and dry extract.

Usually Valerian does not give adverse reactions, only if you take more than 20 g, this will lead to abdominal pain, trembling hands, dizziness, dilated pupils. If you take excessive amounts of tablets for a long time, this can lead to an overdose of the substance in the body. Signs of an increased amount of valerian in the body will be: drowsiness, malfunction of the digestive tract, depression, arrhythmia. In case of an overdose, consult a doctor.

Based on the observations and reviews of patients, many doctors claim that tincture of valerian is much more effective than tablets. This is explained by a high percentage of the concentration of the active substance – valerian root, and a low percentage of absorption. The same applies to the speed of action – the liquid form has an effect immediately after ingestion, in contrast to tablets with a protective coating.

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valeriana povyshaet ili ponizhaet davlenie3 - Valerian increases or decreases pressure

However, valerian tincture has one significant drawback – the high content of ethyl alcohol. Therefore, it is forbidden to take it with gastritis with low acidity, stomach ulcers, liver diseases, alcoholism, pregnancy and lactation. Alcohol dramatically dilates blood vessels, so alcohol tinctures are undesirable for those who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system. And this means that with hypertension, it is better to give preference to the tablet forms of valerian.

Most often in the pharmacy you can find small tablets with a protective shell of yellow color. They are distinguished by a low percentage of valerian extract. Once in the body, part of the drug is absorbed by the walls of the stomach, in addition, it takes some time to dissolve the protective membrane. Therefore, the tablets begin to act only after a certain time after administration.

Tincture includes alcohol in its composition, therefore, it is not recommended for alcohol intolerance, if there is a history of peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum. Drops are most often prescribed for insomnia. It is acceptable to combine with other sedatives.

Valerian is not combined with medications that can lead to fever, tachycardia and hyperemia. Drops are not combined with other alcohol-containing tinctures and infusions, including home-made.

Take drops at home. It can be taken at work, but it should be borne in mind that drowsiness may appear, concentration of attention will be disturbed.

Tablets are made from plant root powder. Contain a different dosage of the active substance. In contrast, tinctures are characterized by a less pronounced odor. Patient reviews indicate no side effects.

The maximum dosage per day is 20 mg. Taking 30-40 mg can provoke the following negative phenomena:

  • Tremor of the limbs.
  • Dizziness.
  • Pain in the abdomen.
  • Dilation of pupils.
  • Fit of nausea.
  • Vomiting (rarely).

In case of an overdose, symptomatic therapy is not required. Alarming symptoms go away on their own within a few hours.

In the infusion, the concentration of valerian root extract is higher than in tablets.

Valeryanka i davlenie 4 e1518413915934 - Valerian increases or decreases pressure

Valerian is available in the form of tablets and alcohol tinctures. If desired, in pharmacies you can also purchase the medicinal raw material itself for preparing infusions at home.

The composition of drugs with this plant may vary slightly from different manufacturers. The most commonly used options are:

  • Valerian tincture contains: crushed rhizomes with plant roots and 70% ethyl alcohol in a ratio of 1: 5.
  • Valerian tablets contain: dry Valerian extract, supplemented with various excipients.

In addition, valerian is part of many sedatives.

Indications for use

Despite the benefits of valerian with pressure, some people refuse it because of an unpleasant odor. But fortunately, the taste of the preparations based on it is not as repulsive as the aroma.

Valerian for pressure is considered the most effective with regular use (at least 2 weeks – only after this period of application its effects on the body are noticeable).


The most practical and commonly used form of valerian is in tablets. Tablets are made by many manufacturers, so it is always important to look at how much extract contains 1 tablet, because the differences are significant (from 100 to 500 mg). Depending on the amount of active substance, the dosage of tablets is determined. The total daily dose should not exceed 15 g.


The most effective form of use for pressure and other problems is alcohol tincture, taken on a spoon or with water. It is recommended to take a tincture of 15-20 drops.

valeryanka i alkogol sovmestimost 2 - Valerian increases or decreases pressure

The main effect of the drug is mild sedation or sedation of the patient. This is necessary in the following cases:

  • agitation and its somatic manifestations (tremor, sweating, redness of the face);
  • sleep disorder;
  • complex therapy of migraines;
  • functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

The drug is produced in different forms, each of which has its own field of application. The most popular is the infusion, which helps:

  • with migraines and headaches;
  • calm the nervous system;
  • with heart rhythm failures, insomnia;
  • reduce pressure;
  • with irritability and emotional instability.

The effect of this drug on the cardiovascular system has been proven: the drug valerian is prescribed for tachycardia, in the initial stages of angina pectoris, for heart pain. Due to the expansion of blood vessels and normalization of blood circulation, it affects pressure, lowering it.

Valerian has a sedative effect, removing the feeling of anxiety, normalizing the emotional state, increased excitability. The substances in the composition of the plant help to cope with neurosis and hysteria, in some cases they are used for epileptic seizures. At low pressure, the herbal remedy is used sporadically if necessary, but is not taken continuously.

Methods of application and dosage are indicated in the instructions, which are adjusted by the doctor, based on the patient’s condition and his health problems. Most often, tinctures and tablets are used in practice.


slide 11 e1535699032657 - Valerian increases or decreases pressure

A valerian tablet consists of a powder of crushed rhizomes. The instructions for use do not say that this drug has an effect on pressure, but due to the general sedative effect, this indicator can be completely reduced.

How to take valerian with hypertension? It is convenient to use the medicine from valerian in the form of tablets and always have it “at hand”, for example, to carry with you in a purse. It should be taken three times a day, 2 tablets before a meal. To equalize the pressure, the administration in tablets must be continued for 3 weeks to a month. They are recommended for children starting from 4 years old.

During pregnancy, women are recommended tablet forms of the drug, and they can also independently prepare an infusion or decoction. Ready tinctures can not be used because of the high% alcohol content.


Pharmacy tincture includes valerian root extract and 70% alcohol. Does tincture of valerian increase or decrease pressure? The instructions say that with prolonged use, a hypotensive effect is observed. It is not recommended for people with gastrointestinal problems or are prone to alcohol abuse. Tincture of valerian under reduced pressure is not accepted, since it can further reduce this indicator.

The recommended dosage is 20-30 drops 3-4 times a day. The duration of the course is set individually, based on the age and condition of the person. Since the composition contains alcohol, it is advisable to use tincture at home. It reduces concentration and has an unpleasant odor.

Tincture of valerian at high pressure can be used as follows: divide the bread into small pieces and drip 4 drops of tincture into a slice. Eat a small piece every 2-3 hours. This remedy helps with hypertension if used for 3 weeks.


A popular recipe with valerian for cleaning vessels:

  • 100 g of dill seeds mixed with 2 tbsp. l of ground valerian root;
  • pour boiling water over the ingredients;
  • in warm broth add 2 tbsp. l honey;
  • insist on the day.

To clean the vessels take 1 tbsp. l half an hour before meals for 20 days. Dill and honey, together with valerian, by improving blood flow, help in the fight against hypertension.

Grass itself does not reduce high pressure. It only potentiates the effects of specialized drugs, and also helps to cope with stress and increase the stability of the patient’s psyche. After all, it is nervous overexcitation that can cause arterial hypertension. Therefore, drugs based on valerian are also used for hypotension, since they are unable to harm the patient’s body. Among the indications for the use of the plant are the following pathological conditions that may be accompanied by low pressure:

  1. General anxiety and hysteria, especially at the stage of depletion of the body’s energy resources.
  2. Tinctures and extracts of herbs are used in the treatment of insomnia, but are not indicated as monotherapy.
  3. Migraines occurring against the background of nervousness, emotional and mental stress.
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It is important to understand that valerian does not increase pressure. Therefore, it is not used as a basic therapy for hypotension. Plant-based drugs only indirectly affect the patient’s condition due to the normalization of the nervous system.

First of all, valerian is recommended to be taken with neuropsychic excitability and neurasthenia that occurs against the background of prolonged stress. The drug is indicated in cases of sleep disturbance caused by overexcitation of the nervous system. As part of complex therapy, along with other medicines, valerian is prescribed at high blood pressure, as well as functional disorders in the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract.

005 e1535699127257 - Valerian increases or decreases pressure

Valerian helps reduce blood pressure, despite the fact that it does not have antihypertensive properties. Therefore, it is always combined with other medicines.

Take drops and tablets after a meal. The dosage of tincture at one time is 25 drops. Multiplicity of use – up to 4 times a day inclusive. Valerian is sold in filter bags for brewing tea. Accepted in accordance with the attached instructions from the manufacturer.

In some cases, the drug may raise blood pressure. As a rule, this occurs with a long course of treatment against the background of excessively high dosages. You can not take up to 12 years of age, with individual intolerance.

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Beat hypertension at home. A month has passed since I forgot about the pressure surges. Oh, how much I tried everything – nothing helped. How many times I went to the clinic, but I was prescribed useless medicines again and again, and when I returned, the doctors simply shrugged. Finally, I coped with the pressure, and all thanks to this article. Everyone who has problems with pressure should read!

The drug will help to cope with nervous strain.

Valeryanka povyshaet davlenie ili ponizhaet e1508693704928 - Valerian increases or decreases pressure

Valerian preparations are prescribed:

  • with increased emotional excitability;
  • to eliminate sleep disorders;
  • in the complex treatment of neurocirculatory dystonia;
  • to eliminate increased irritability;
  • to relieve spasms of internal organs;
  • with mild disorders of the cardiovascular system, including in the initial stages of hypertension;
  • with migraines.

Before using drugs based on valerian, it is necessary to read the instructions, as well as consult a doctor.

During treatment with valerian drugs, it is necessary to refuse to drive a car and refrain from work requiring increased attention.

Valerian preparations potentiate the effect of cardiac, hypnotics, sedatives, antispasmodics and analgesics, which must be taken into account with complex treatment.

Side effects

Medications based on valerian are well tolerated. With prolonged use, the following may be noted:

  • depression
  • drowsiness;
  • constipation;
  • decreased performance;
  • allergic reactions.


In rare cases, an overdose is possible. This occurs when taking medication in doses exceeding the permissible 20 times. In this case, dizziness, severe headaches, general weakness, nausea, pain and discomfort in the abdomen, impaired vision and hearing, etc. are observed. In such cases, it is necessary to rinse the stomach and seek medical help.


Since valerian lowers concentration (albeit insignificantly), you should not take it before driving, working with heavy machinery, or performing actions that require increased attention. Avoid using the remedy for diseases of the liver and kidneys.

Many studies do not show adverse effects on fertility or fetal development (does valerian decrease the ability to conceive, does it affect the proper formation of the fetal organs), but further studies are needed for an accurate result. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, talk with your doctor before using valerian. Medical consultation is necessary to determine the feasibility of taking valerian when planning conception.

Contraindications are limited to individual intolerance to the substance and allergic reactions to valerian root extract. Depression and other conditions accompanied by depression of the central nervous system.

Valerian refers to harmless drugs, but sometimes undesirable symptoms appear. The following conditions are possible:

  • feeling of depression;
  • malfunctions of the digestive system;
  • drowsiness;
  • nausea, dizziness, and headaches.

Valeryanka povyshaet davlenie ili ponizhaet 1 e1508693828334 - Valerian increases or decreases pressure

Thus, valerian is used for hypertension as an adjuvant or in the case of a slight increase in this indicator. Is it worth it to take with hypotension, everyone decides for himself.

The herbal preparation, valerian, has a number of indications, that is, pathological conditions when the drug is allowed.

For example, tincture or tablets are prescribed for:

  • neurasthenia caused by constant stress;
  • violation of the regime of the day and sleep;
  • high blood pressure to low rates (140 to 90 mm Hg) or hypertension as part of complex therapy;
  • disruption of the digestive tract and cardiovascular system without organic pathology.

The drug has a number of contraindications, with them, taking valerian should be replaced by other means:

  • tendency to atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia;
  • history of strokes, heart attacks;
  • enterocolitis and other inflammatory processes of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • depressive state;
  • individual intolerance of the drug.

Like any drug substance, the drug has side effects. Most often, they are associated with individual intolerance to the drug or improper dosage. The most common consequences of improper use of valerian are nausea, vomiting, excessive drowsiness.

Means based on the rhizome of the plant are not recommended for patients suffering from sudden changes in pressure. In some cases, indicators are rapidly declining. This condition can lead to serious circulatory disorders. A common consequence of such problems is fainting. Valerianka lowers blood pressure by relieving nervous tension, which in some people is accompanied by excessive relaxation of the walls of blood vessels.

The use of this medication is also contraindicated in patients prone to blood clots. This is due to its ability to increase blood coagulation, which can lead to fatal consequences. During pregnancy, herbal sedatives are widely used, but before taking valerian, you should consult a gynecologist.

Any medicine requires competent reception, condition monitoring, a break after a certain time. The same goes for valerian. If you exceed the dosage or take tablets or drops for a very long time, the effects of this will not be most pleasant:

  • depressed mood;
  • persistent drowsiness;
  • low performance;
  • failure in the digestive tract.

In order not to encounter the above conditions, you need to know the measure, do not self-medicate, but follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Valerian is contraindicated in people with enterocolitis when the disease is acute. In hypertensive patients, an overdose of valerian can provoke a crisis and increase blood pressure. Given that valerian can increase blood coagulation, it is not recommended for people who are prone to atherosclerosis, who have a risk of heart attack, stroke.

Summing up, we can say that valerian is a useful plant that has long been used by man to normalize mental balance. It is proved that many diseases begin from nerves, and if you learn to stop irritability in time, then the consequences can be prevented.

Valerian will well help older people, hypertensive patients, overly emotional people to improve their mood, not pay attention to annoying factors. Given that valerian lowers blood pressure, it is prescribed with caution to hypotensive patients – they need to control the pressure and observe the recommended dosage.

Many people ask themselves: does valerian increase or decrease pressure? This popular herbal preparation has not only a calming effect, but is also effective in the complex treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The systematic administration of valerian extract reduces pressure and significantly improves the well-being of hypertensive patients.

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This medicinal plant is safe enough for humans and has virtually no contraindications. You can not take funds based on it in the presence of hypersensitivity to the components. In addition, their use is not recommended for people suffering from depression or other disorders of the central nervous system with its depression. Alcohol tincture is not prescribed in childhood. Also prescribed with caution to pregnant and lactating women.

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