Rash on the palms (rashes) – signs of disease, symptoms and treatment

sypi na rukah - 11A rash on the palms indicates a pathological process in the body associated with dysfunctions of the immune, digestive, endocrine, and nervous systems.

With the appearance of the first skin rashes, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist or allergist, who, on the basis of diagnostics, will establish the cause of the rash, prescribe effective treatment and tell you how to subsequently prevent such a phenomenon.

Causes of a rash on the palms

A rash on the palms (and feet) in adults and children appears for the same reasons. Consider the factors contributing to the occurrence of rashes on the palms:

  • allergic reaction. Hands are most often exposed to contact with highly allergenic substances from household chemicals, cosmetics, clothing, pets, food and other antigens, resulting in a rash on the palms,
  • inflammatory process arising from exposure to cold temperatures, ultraviolet rays, heat, radiation, electric current,
  • dyshidrosis (prickly heat, eczematous dermatitis) is a manifestation of sweating disorders, which is expressed in the form of watery blisters. Most often, the rash itches, but sometimes the rash does not cause discomfort. Pathology is provoked by pregnancy, allergies, prolonged interaction with water, cosmetics, washing and cleaning products. To avoid infection, the bubbles should not be combed,
  • an eczema rash occurs due to a reaction to an allergenic substance or infection. For example, enteroviral sore throat, a disease caused by an intestinal virus, affecting the palms and feet in adults and children, after which the rash passes into the oral cavity and a fever is likely,
  • autoimmune diseases psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis.

prichiny vysypaniya - 13Causes of rashes on the palms

Note! Often a rash on the palms indicates childhood infectious diseases: chickenpox, rubella, meningococcal infection and other diseases.


Attention! The appearance of a rash on any part of the body indicates life-threatening pathologies of allergic vasculitis, anaphylactic shock, Far East scarlet fever, therefore, at the first sign of a rash, an urgent need to consult a specialist.

Diseases with skin rashes have various symptoms:

  • chickenpox is characterized by red spots similar to insect bites,
  • with the Coxsackie virus, blisters form on the palms,
  • Far Eastern scarlet fever (pseudotuberculosis) begins asymptomatically with subsequent appearance of seals on the palms, which turn red and become maroon,
  • a hemorrhagic rash is characterized by small red spots that resemble subcutaneous hemorrhages. Over time, the reddish dots merge and form one continuous large spot,
  • with inflammatory skin lesions, the rash is manifested by nodules and vesicles on the palms,
  • acute infectious and viral diseases measles and measles rubella are manifested by a rash, which forms 2-3 days after the onset of the disease,
  • chickenpox rashes are localized on the palms, feet, the whole body. The patient develops a vesicular rash, vesicles with serous exudate, which itch strongly and then break open with the formation of crusts. If you scratch the crusts, traces of the disease usually remain.

466926.76843-15Rash on the palms, itching and itching

Depending on the pathology that prompted the skin rash, the following symptoms occur:

  • palms itch, swell, ache, hypersensitive. Itching usually worsens in the evening,
  • irritation on the skin of the palms,
  • cough
  • runny nose,
  • fever with a rise in temperature,
  • a sore throat,
  • increased sweating.

psoriaz na ladonyah - 17Allergies to the palms and hands

It is important! If psychological disorders, joint pains, suffocation, swelling of the skin and mucous membranes appear, an ambulance should be called immediately.

Treatment of rashes on the palms

Reference! Do not self-medicate, trust a specialist. In order for the doctor to correctly diagnose the pathology, it is undesirable to smear the rash with iodine, brilliant green, fucorcin, that is, means that change the appearance of the rash. It is important to understand that treatment will depend on the trigger of the rash.

Before going to the doctor, ensure your palms are calm, clean, dry, cool. Too warm air and high humidity contribute to the deterioration of the condition.

The doctor will prescribe the following types of therapeutic measures to the patient:

  • To relieve or relieve itching, the doctor will prescribe the intake of antiallergic drugs, taking into account the nature of the rash and the individual characteristics of the patient,
  • Chelation therapy is used to remove toxic particles from the body. Especially often, this method of treatment is associated with the effects of metals on the body. Thanks to the procedure, rashes are minimized,
  • To reduce itching and relieve inflammation, compresses from medicines and traditional medicine are used,
  • Light therapy is a non-invasive method of treatment associated with exposure to light on the affected skin,
  • If the above treatment fails, it is recommended to use hormonal agents, corticosteroids are used in the form of ointments, gels and creams that are applied to the palms. With the ineffectiveness of local therapy, corticosteroid preparations capsules, tablets are prescribed orally.

12img227 3 - 19Subcutaneous red spots on the palms

Preventive measures

To prevent recurrence of the rash returning after treatment, preventive measures must be followed. It is important to prevent excessive sweating, dry hands, and eliminate the negative effects of toxic substances. For this, in contact with cold, hot water, cleaning agents, it is recommended to use latex gloves.

Interesting! Latex is a highly allergenic material and allergies are often noticed due to the use of rubber gloves. To prevent the occurrence of an allergic reaction, it is necessary to wear cotton gloves under the rubber products.

To avoid irritation, wash off the soap thoroughly after washing your hands, wash only with warm water. Hand care is required: the use of moisturizing, regenerating creams has a positive effect on the restoration of the skin on the palms. If the skin is clean and healthy, pathogens will not be able to penetrate, therefore, the rash will not appear.

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