Method for determining the level of hemoglobin in the blood

is arterial pulse? How is
pulse test?

talk about the pulse, then imply
first of all, arterial pulse
(study of venous pulse completely
relates to instrumental methods
special examination of the cardiovascular

pulse rhythmic wall vibrations
arteries caused by
the work of the heart. Origin of arterial
heart rate is explained as follows: in
ventricular systole area arises
high blood pressure which
is transmitted
on a column of liquid in
all sections of the vascular bed and stretches
arterial wall.

the pulse is examined by palpation (physical
method), as well as using a sphygmograph
or sphygmographic prefixes to
various recorders
(instrumental method).

the pulse is carried out at large enough
arteries in the place where they can be pressed
to nearby bones and
most better to feel the wobble
arterial wall (e.g. radiation
arteries in the distal forearm
next to the wrist joint). In place
the most pronounced ripple is applied
two fingers (index and middle)
or special sphygmographic
sensor with which to record
characteristic details of which are reflected
in figure 3.

what is the meaning of the assessment method
functional state of the central nervous system
severity of reflexes?

that classical reflexes are closed
in various departments (segments) of the central nervous system.
Therefore, by the presence or absence
reflex can reveal the central nervous system, in
which some violations occurred.
According to the severity of reflexes
it is possible to judge the functional state
these departments. If observed
hyperreflection then we can do
conclusion about increased excitability and,
on the contrary, if we see a weakening
severity of reflexes, then we conclude
about a decrease in the excitability of some
specific department of the central nervous system.

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