Heart palpitations what to do drugs and folk

Tachycardia is the accelerated work of the heart muscle, which manifests itself as frequent contractions (more than 90 per minute). This condition may be due to various reasons. Often, even healthy people feel how their heart beats very often, and this is normal. An authority cannot always work in one mode. He adapts, reacts to the situation, speeding up or slowing down his rhythm as necessary.

For example, in a state of increased stress, the body needs to get more nutrition and oxygen, frequent reductions in the main “pump” for pumping blood allow this. When a person sleeps, he is healthy, all organs have a rest and do not feel an acute need for large portions of oxygen and nutrients. The heart at this time can also afford a little rest – it works in a calm, sometimes even slightly slowed-down mode.

Natural causes are caused by a short-term slowdown and acceleration of the heart rhythm during breathing. Many people experience a decrease in heartbeat at the time of inspiration, and as you exhale, heart tremors become frequent. A cup of strong coffee stimulates the nervous system and triggers an accelerated heartbeat mechanism. Emotions are also often a catalyst for violent cardiac activity, whether it be intense anger or excessive delight.

In addition to the natural physiological reasons, the heart rhythm is also caused by dangerous pathological conditions, among which diseases of the cardiovascular system do not last. Treatment of tachycardia at home with folk remedies, along with the drug approach, in this situation will be very appropriate.

Cardiac tachycardia can be short-term and mild. In this case, there is no need to treat it, usually the rhythm normalizes by itself.

But if the attack dragged on, and he brought with him other disturbing symptoms, he would have to urgently take first aid measures. Constant monitoring and a long, thorough treatment will be needed if cardiac arousal is repeated regularly and for no apparent reason.

It is worth considering in more detail a number of symptoms signaling the need to visit a doctor. Everyone should know what to do if dangerous signs arise.

Heart rate treatment

Rapid heart rate may be a physiological response to excess adrenaline. Then this is considered a variant of the norm. It is necessary to treat tachycardia caused by cardiological diseases, as well as deviations in the work of other organs and systems of a person. As a rule, such rhythm disturbances occur in a calm state, without the influence of external factors.

In order to get rid of arrhythmia without drugs, you need an integrated approach. Significant results can be achieved in the following ways:

  1. Make adjustments to your usual lifestyle.
  2. Track nutrition.
  3. Use herbal medicine recipes.
  4. Choose an adequate complex of physiotherapy exercises.
  5. Pay attention to special breathing exercises.

Each of these points should be considered in more detail.

With tachycardia, a person can live a long and full life. But for this you need to keep the state of the heart muscle under control. Help in getting rid of provoking factors. After analyzing your daily routine, habits, life values, you will have to make the necessary changes:

  • It is important to devote the necessary amount of time to a good rest. It is useful to pause during the working day to restore strength. If possible, you can afford to lie down a bit during the day. Adequate night sleep is also of great importance (its duration should be at least 8 hours a day).
  • It is necessary to monitor the volume and intensity of various loads. You can not expose yourself to excessive mental and physical labor. However, it is not necessary to completely exclude motor activity from life.
  • Emotional background plays a paramount role. With a disturbed heart rhythm, any stress exacerbates the patient’s condition.
  • Compliance with the daily routine is a necessary condition for the stable functioning of the heart, while the vital functions of the whole organism are properly ordered.
  • Proper nutrition will strengthen the cardiovascular system, prevent the development of atherosclerosis, metabolic disorders, hypertension, diabetes and other serious pathologies. All of them are able to influence the occurrence of arrhythmias.
  • It will not be possible to eliminate the symptoms of tachycardia if provoking factors such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are not excluded from life.

To be successfully treated for this type of arrhythmia, you must adhere to an appropriate diet. The basics of proper nutrition require compliance with several principles:

  • Food must be steamed, as well as by boiling, stewing or baking in the oven. Fried foods are not recommended.
  • Meals should be frequent (5-6 times a day), but the portion sizes should be small, the intervals between meals should be made the same in time.
  • You can’t overeat. This can cause another tachycardia attack.
  • Late dinner is also prohibited. An evening meal is recommended 4 hours before bedtime.
  • Extra pounds complicate the work of the heart. Therefore, it is better to refuse high-calorie dishes. Unloading days help to fight weight.

Products useful for heart muscle:

  • dried fruits – dried apricots, dates, figs, rosehips, raisins;
  • nuts – walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts;
  • fresh berries and fruits – cherry, blackcurrant, banana, peach, grapefruit, pineapple;
  • drinks made from fresh berries (juice, fruit drink, compote);
  • fresh greens, vegetables in any form (except fried);
  • products of beekeeping;
  • low fat dairy and sour milk products;
  • cereal dishes;
  • plant-based tea;
  • meat and fish (non-greasy);
  • vegetable oil;
  • eggs.

It is better to exclude from the diet:

  • spicy, fried, fatty, smoked food;
  • pickled and canned foods;
  • smoked products, sausages, fatty meats and fish;
  • hard boiled eggs;
  • drinks containing caffeine – strong tea or coffee, Cola;
  • soda, hot spices, salt;
  • alcohol
  • sweets, baking.

Methods of rehabilitation therapy depends on the cause. There are two main methods – this is the treatment of alternative drugs or medicines.

In this case, drugs to calm the nervous system, especially if the grass is at the base, are of great help. For example, Diazepam, Novo-Passit, tincture of valerian or motherwort. Additionally, it is necessary to use antiarrhythmic drugs. They are intended for leveling a malfunction in nerve impulses such as Adenosine, and Verapamil. But these drugs are only available on prescription, and treatment takes place in a hospital only under the supervision of a doctor.

One important rule to remember is that the course of treatment must take place over a period of time. All drugs can only act cumulatively in the body. It is advisable to try as little as possible to get nervous, tired and limit the use of harmful products.

You can calm the nervous system with an herbal decoction or tea. It could be:

You can add honey or lemon to the broth.

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Sometimes the cause, heart rhythm failure can be hidden in pregnancy, especially in the last trimester. The main causes of tachycardia during pregnancy are as follows:

  • Not enough trace elements. Moreover, the expectant mother needs them for two.
  • Dramatic weight gain.
  • Acceleration of metabolic processes within the body.

Additionally, shortness of breath, frequent headaches and dizziness, pain in the chest may occur. In most cases, the disease goes away absolutely easily and simply, and there is no need to take pills.

Are you scared or upset, is your heart ready to jump out? You have a rhythm disturbance – tachycardia. The frequency of blows is more than a hundred per minute. The attack is accompanied by weakness, anxiety, nausea.

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With chaotic contractions, uneven blood flow into the ventricles of the heart occurs. This leads to disruption of work and, as a complication, to heart failure. There are various methods to deal with the symptoms of the disease.

Among them, the treatment of tachycardia with folk remedies at home. Simple recipes help relieve an attack, improve the condition.

There are many reasons for the appearance of tachycardia. When it is a consequence of diseases, the help of a doctor is required, treatment with drugs. Tachycardia appears with dehydration, large blood loss. Sometimes the disease is associated with psychosis, neurosis. Tachycardia may occur as a result of:

  • inflammatory heart disease;
  • hypertension;
  • obesity;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • anemia;
  • adrenal tumors;
  • fever for infectious diseases;
  • thyroid disease.

Heart palpitations occur at the time of stress, fright. Strong physical activity, the use of coffee, alcohol contribute to the appearance. Accompanied by tachycardia of women during pregnancy, menopause. In these cases, you can fight the disease in the following ways:

  • exclude alcohol and coffee;
  • follow a diet;
  • engage in physiotherapy exercises;
  • do massage of the carotid artery;
  • take infusions of herbs;
  • to do relaxation;
  • use traditional medicine methods.

Traditional medicine involves the use of tachycardia:

  • decoctions of herbs;
  • alcohol nastex using plants, berries, fruits;
  • honey;
  • dried fruits;
  • nuts;
  • pharmacy tinctures;
  • essential oils.
  1. Try to mix equal parts of pharmacy alcohol tinctures of hawthorn, valerian, motherwort.
  2. Add the same amount of corvalol to them.
  3. Shake everything, put in a locker.
  4. Reception twenty minutes before meals, three times a day, 20 drops.

To relieve an attack of tachycardia, you need to make a mixture of essential oils and carry them with you. If necessary, drop a couple of drops on a handkerchief or napkin and breathe. In doing so, take a long breath and short exhale. It is allowed to rub the composition into the region of the heart. To prepare the product, equal parts of the oils are mixed:

If honey is not contraindicated to you, you can use it to treat tachycardia. Prepare a remedy that lasts for two months. Take daily, once. Do it slowly, one serving – 4 tablespoons. To prepare the composition:

  1. Take a kilogram of honey.
  2. Pound 10 heads of garlic.
  3. Add the juice of ten lemons.
  4. Mix in a jar.
  5. Leave for a week under the lid.

To eliminate the rapid heartbeat, take a daily composition, where 100 ml of honey and 2 tablespoons of beef: 3 times a teaspoon.

Another effective remedy is mixed 2 tablespoons of honey and half a glass of beet juice. This portion is 2 times, should be drunk during the day. Herbal collection with honey helps with tachycardia.

Drink 2 tablespoons of the broth with a spoon of honey, 3 times a day. What to prepare the tool, is required:

  1. Put 2 parts of horsetail.
  2. Add 5 parts of hawthorn.
  3. Supplement with three parts of knotweed.
  4. Pour boiling water over a liter.
  5. Insist half an hour.

Herbal decoctions and infusions are especially popular in the treatment of tachycardia. You can prepare a decoction in a thermos by putting a spoonful of valerian roots and calendula flowers in it.

Pour boiling water – with two glasses – the product is ready in 2 hours. Take it 3 weeks, 4 times a day for 100 grams. There is a recipe with four herbs. They are first mixed, then one spoonful of the collection is poured with a cup of water.

Next, boil and insist a couple of hours. Drink a portion before dinner, taking small sips.

If you plan to start treatment of tachycardia with folk remedies, you should consider:

  • intolerance to components, so as not to cause allergies;
  • patients with high blood pressure are not recommended to take alcohol tinctures;
  • during pregnancy, the treatment method should be agreed with the doctor;
  • drugs with alcohol are taken under reduced pressure.


With increased pressure, the use of alcohol infusions is contraindicated. You can make this potion: put a spoonful of chicory herb in a glass of boiling water, stand for an hour. Drink 50 grams after a meal. Homemade tea brewing will help cope with tachycardia. For one serving should take:

  • a bag of green tea;
  • a teaspoon of motherwort herb;
  • 4 rosehips;
  • 6 berries of hawthorn.

Symptoms and Dangerous Signs

Anxiety symptoms associated with tachycardia:

  • severe weakness bordering on fainting;
  • dizziness, dark veil before the eyes;
  • feeling short of breath;
  • an attack of nausea or vomiting;
  • chest pain;
  • increased anxiety, fear of dying.

Before treating tachycardia at home, you must understand that this condition can be very dangerous. Therefore, a call to a doctor should precede any unconventional methods of exposure.

If the heart beats at a high speed for a long time, its chambers do not have time to fully pump blood, therefore, the body does not receive the oxygen necessary for normal life.

To make up for the missing volume of blood, the heart begins to work even faster, imposing an exorbitant load, but the situation only worsens. Hypoxia begins. Another danger in this condition is an increased risk of blood clots.

The heart and brain tissues are the first to suffer. In such cases, coronary disease of these organs or other dangerous conditions develops. For example, the development of heart failure, stroke, heart attack is possible, a sharp cessation of cardiac activity and death also occur.

How to remove tachycardia at home if there is an acute attack? Emergency measures come down to a few simple rules:

  • To give a person the opportunity to breathe fresh air by opening all the windows w />
  • Free him from tight clothing.
  • To help you to take a comfortable and safe position for him (so that in case of loss of consciousness a person does not fall).
  • Give a drink of sedatives.
  • Moisten your face with a cold towel or drink gradually, in small portions, up to 4 glasses of cold water.
  • To cause a coughing fit or gag reflex in a patient.
  • Massage the neck in the area of ​​the carotid artery.
  • Massage the eyeballs by lightly pressing them for a few seconds. Eyes should be closed.
  • A massage of the point located on the palm between the thumb and forefinger will help.

Heart rate reduction methods

There are several ways to reduce the number of heart contractions (pulse). The choice of specific methods should be carried out taking into account the patient’s age, his general condition and the level of blood pressure at the time of pulse increase. It is necessary to reduce heart rate regardless of whether such a situation is regular or caused by short-term external factors. This can be done with the help of medicines, folk remedies or special psychological techniques.

Pills for tachycardia are conventionally divided into three categories – natural, synthetic drugs, antiarrhythmic drugs. It is recommended to take any drugs after a competent consultation. The first group of drugs eliminates the symptoms, and the second helps to fight diseases in which the pulse starts to jump upwards.

Drugs that help in deciding how to reduce high heart rate:

  • “Valerian” (sedative, natural remedy).
  • “Persen” (a remedy with a sedative effect, has a beneficial effect on the body, pulse).
  • Motherwort (a powerful sedative medicine based on natural ingredients, normalizes the pulse).
  • “Phenobarbital” (sleeping pill, prescribed by experts, normalizes sleep, the work of the nervous system).
  • “Relanium” (a tranquilizer, prescribed by a doctor, is taken in the presence of dangerous symptoms, normalizes the pulse to the lowest (permissible) rate).
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Examples of alternative medicine prescriptions to help resolve the issue of how to lose heart rate:

  • herbal collection (1 teaspoon of lemon balm leaves, valerian root, hops and dill seeds, pour boiling water, insist 30 minutes, take 100 ml 15 minutes before meals three times a day for two weeks, the drug has a calming effect, normalizes heart work);
  • collection from motherwort and calendula (mix in equal amounts, pour boiling water, insist, use two weeks before dinner, the pulse becomes normal, the nervous system calms down);
  • a decoction of wild rose (2 tbsp. of crushed berries, pour 400 ml of boiling water, boil for 10 minutes on low heat, strain, drink once a day in a glass of broth);
  • blackcurrant treatment (it is easy to make jam from berries, eat them fresh or make decoctions from dried leaves, the ingredient should be regularly present in the diet, currants can calm the nervous system, slow down a high pulse, and have a restorative effect on the body);
  • a decoction based on valerian root (1 tbsp. valerian roots pour a glass of boiling water, simmer for 30 minutes, take a tablespoon three times a day, the tool helps to reduce the rapid pulse, normalize the nervous system, and have a beneficial effect on the heart).

It will be possible to slow down the rapid pulse not only with drugs or herbs and other traditional medicine, but also with methods developed by psychologists. Any soothing program will have a beneficial effect on the psyche, the work of the heart or blood vessels. It is recommended to attend sessions of psychologists, consult with psychotherapists, take part in trainings.

In cases where there are no medicines at hand, the patient must provide first aid. The human body must be placed horizontally, open the windows to ensure the maximum amount of fresh air. If the clothes are tight, then you need to unfasten the upper buttons or remove items of clothing that can make breathing difficult. The call of ambulance specialists is carried out as quickly as possible.

The emergency action algorithm occurs in several stages:

  • preparatory actions regarding the room and clothes of the patient;
  • gauze, a bandage or a piece of tissue should be moistened with cold water and applied to the patient’s forehead;
  • during the attack, the person should be in a horizontal position;
  • the patient should be advised to hold his breath for several seconds (repeat the procedure several times);
  • to avoid dehydration it is recommended to use water (room temperature, without gas) if necessary;
  • the patient needs peace, calm atmosphere.
  • massage the neck in the area of ​​arteries (lateral parts of the neck);
  • middle-aged people are advised to induce vomiting;
  • call an ambulance.

There are many ways to normalize heart rate without taking medication. For instance:

  • The use of acupuncture.
  • Acupressure technique.
  • Clay or copper healing. Moreover, clay is used both in the form of compresses and is used internally.
  • Treatment with bee stings. The venom of these insects successfully fights cholesterol plaques in the vessels.
  • Eating the heart of a bull in raw crushed form. According to the recommendations of the specialist in dietary nutrition M.I. Pevzner, 100 g of minced meat is divided into several parts and eaten per day, mixed with applesauce.
  • Hirudotherapy. Leeches are applied to the area of ​​the heart, as well as between the shoulder blades.
  • Homeopathic remedies.
  • Lifestyle correction

    It has been proven that nutrition has an effect on heart rate. By adding to the menu or eliminating some products from it, you can normalize your heart rate.

    What should be excluded from the diet for people suffering from attacks of tachycardia:

    • coffee and tea, especially hard boiled;
    • alcoholic beverages;
    • hot spices;
    • smoked and canned foods;
    • mushrooms;
    • foods high in fat, especially animals;
    • dishes prepared by the method of roasting;
    • salty foods;
    • confectionery;
    • chocolate, cocoa.

    Which products to give preference:

    • vegetables, fruits, dried fruits;
    • seafood;
    • honey;
    • dairy products;
    • cereal dishes;
    • nuts;
    • lean meat (not fried!).

    An important dietary rule for tachycardia is frequent meals in small portions. It is forbidden to eat at night, fatty foods in large quantities are especially contraindicated. It is necessary to cook food steamed, by cooking, stewing or baking.

    The best way to defeat tachycardia is to prevent its development. How to do it?

    1. It is necessary to protect your nerves. Peace of mind is the key to health.
    2. Overfatigue, both physical and mental, negatively affects the work of the heart, so it is important to provide yourself with sufficient rest.
    3. A full night’s sleep is the best way to relieve nervous tension and restore strength. Good sleep is facilitated by daily long walks in the fresh air.
    4. Everyone needs to play sports, but the load must be selected taking into account their capabilities. A tachycardia is not afraid of a trained heart.
    5. Do not provoke seizures by drinking coffee or other products that excite the nervous system.
    6. Good mood, positive emotions, the ability to abstract from problem situations – all this will help keep your heart healthy.

    It is important to know how to deal with tachycardia and apply preventive measures in a timely manner. Folk remedies, recipes proven over the years will always come to the rescue. Herbal medicine is a whole science about medicinal plants and how to use them for the benefit of health. But traditional medicine should remain the main method of combating the disease, and any other approaches should be applied only after discussing them with the attending physician – any self-treatment is fraught with negative consequences.

    When do I need to see a doctor immediately?

    You can try to eliminate tachycardia yourself. This applies to cases of the development of physiological arrhythmia. To do this, it is enough to calm down, relax, take sedatives. To prevent repeated attacks, it is necessary to level out the provoking factors: alcohol, strong coffee, chronic fatigue, nervous tension, insomnia.

    If an accelerated heartbeat occurs at rest for no apparent reason, or the heart rate increases significantly (more than 140 per minute), and the measures taken do not help, then you need to urgently seek medical help.

    Types of tachycardia requiring emergency measures:

    • primary paroxysmal;
    • atrial
    • ventricular;
    • atrial fibrillation.

    Anxiety symptoms of tachycardia:

    • lack of air;
    • feeling of fear;
    • a person clearly hears the beat of the heart, as if it “jumps out” of the chest;
    • tremor of the extremities, severe weakness, dizziness;
    • fainting develops;
    • strong sweat comes out;
    • frequent urination occurs;
    • chills begin, body temperature rises;
    • cervical vessels pulsate.

    Herbal Fees

    Treatment of cardiac tachycardia with folk remedies cannot be complete without the use of herbal preparations. Here is a list of effective plant combinations that serve as a good way to get rid of the symptoms that accompany heart rhythm malfunctions.

    Collection No. 1. Composition: lemon balm, valerian root, yarrow (in a ratio of 3: 3: 2).

    Preparation: pour the mixture with water, insist for up to 3 hours (take 20 g of the mixture per glass). After that, water with herbs must be boiled. Allow to boil over low heat for several minutes. The cooled broth is filtered and proceed to treatment.

    A glass of funds should be drunk in small portions during the day. The course, if necessary, can be continued up to 7 days.

    Collection No. 2. Composition: motherwort, calendula (flowers), viburnum (bark), valerian (root).

    Preparation: grind and mix all components, taking each ingredient equally. For infusion with a volume of 250 ml, you need to take 10 g of the mixture. Boil all this for 20 minutes over low heat. When cool, strain the broth.

    Eat fresh, drinking a glass per day, making multiple times in one or two sips. The acute condition is removed within two days. As a preventative measure, you should drink a course of up to 10 days.

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    Collection No. 3. Composition: lovage, motherwort, hawthorn, chicory, calendula. Take each plant in an amount of 5 g.

    How to cook? Pour boiling water over the mixture in the volume of one liter. After that, put it all in a water bath for 15 minutes. Drink broth repeatedly throughout the day, in small sips.

    Collection No. 4. Composition: birch leaves (100 g), nettle leaves (100 g), mistletoe grass (15 g), lemongrass (50 g).

    Preparation: mix all the ingredients and brew them like regular tea (a pinch of the mixture on a medium teapot). You can drink three glasses a day instead of tea, the benefit will be maximum if you drink the drink fresh. Such an elixir will help get rid of insomnia, soothe nerves.

    Collection No. 5. Ingredients: dogrose, hawthorn, motherwort, green tea. All this is taken in equal parts.

    How to cook? Pour six teaspoons of the mixture with 2 liters of water. Boil the mixture for 5 minutes. Judge and drink. Take the drug daily instead of tea. It well relieves an acute attack of tachycardia.

    Collection No. 6. Composition: sweet clover, chamomile, bearberry.

    Preparation: all plants are taken in equal proportions, brew for 5-10 minutes. Drink the drink freshly prepared. A single dose – 100 g, a daily dose – 300 g. A full course – 6 months.

    All of these fees are excellent folk remedies for tachycardia and arrhythmia.

    There is another effective cure for tachycardia. Ingredients: 10 lemons, as many garlic heads, a liter of honey. Method of preparation: chop the garlic, let the juice out of the lemons, mix everything with honey. The mixture is placed in a dark place in a tightly sealed container. Store there for 10 days.

    Use: for some time before eating, this mixture must be absorbed (in the amount of a teaspoon) for several minutes. Helps to strengthen the heart muscle.


    To prevent arrhythmias, you must:

    1. Use medications prescribed by your doctor.
    2. At home, it is recommended to use natural sedatives: valerian, motherwort, hawthorn.
    3. In urgent cases, it is possible to cure attacks of severe arrhythmia only by implanting electronic devices that normalize the heart rhythm in the chest.
    4. Conduct timely and adequate treatment of cardiac pathologies and other diseases that provoke rhythm disturbance.
    5. Eliminate from life factors that negatively affect the work of the heart.
    6. Take care of healthy lifestyle (healthy lifestyle).
    7. Keep track of weight.
    8. Provide regular moderate exercise.
    9. Adjust your diet by introducing additional vitamin complexes and heart-friendly foods into it.
    10. Learning to control your own emotions.

    Tasty treat

    Treat tachycardia at home can be delicious. How to do it?

    1. Ingredients: three lemons, half a glass of dried apricots, the same amount of almonds and honey. Alcohol tincture of hawthorn and valerian. Method of preparation: chop nuts, dried apricots and lemons, pour honey. Add 15 drops of both tinctures. Usage: eat a tablespoon shortly before meals.
    2. Ingredients: walnuts, honey, raisins, taken in equal proportions. Method of preparation: grind and mix all components with honey. Usage: eat a tablespoon after waking up and before bedtime.
    3. Ingredients: cherries, carrots, oranges. Preparation: chop everything and make a fruit and vegetable salad. Eating: such a salad needs to be eaten every day, the heart will work better, the frequency of its contractions is normalized.
    4. Ingredients: 4 lemons, 6 grains of camphor, 16 leaves of geranium, a glass of honey, 18 almonds, tincture of valerian 10 ml, the same amount to take tinctures of hawthorn. Method of preparation: squeeze juice out of lemons, add two tinctures, honey, and the rest of the crushed ingredients. Mix everything well. Use: eat a healthy composition once a day on an empty stomach in the morning. Dose – one tablespoon.

    It is very useful for heart rhythm disturbances to eat a mixture of fresh elderberry and honeysuckle. You can make jam from them.


    Pathological tachycardia is one of the symptoms of a disease associated with the work of the heart or other organs. The prognosis of the further development of rhythm disturbances directly depends on what reason caused them. In addition, the location of the source of arrhythmia in the organ matters: in the sinus node, atria or ventricles.

    The greatest danger is atrial fibrillation (ventricular or atrial fibrillation). It often leads to death. The cause of fluttering or flickering of the heart can be a paired or group extrasystole (premature contractions syndrome of one of the departments of the organ).

    Arrhythmias that are physiological in nature are considered safe. A favorable course is possible in paroxysmal atrial tachycardia. In this case, timely treatment will allow a person to fully recover.

    Treatment of any type of tachycardia should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor. A good effect will be achieved with an integrated approach to therapy, an integral part of which is the correction of lifestyle. However, do not forget that the main methods of dealing with severe forms of heart rhythm disturbance can only be medication or surgical.

    Alcohol Tinctures

    You can treat tachycardia with folk remedies using alcohol tinctures.

    A proven effect gives a good effect – a mixture of 4 tinctures. To do this, you need to take ready-made alcohol tinctures in a pharmacy based on valerian, motherwort, hawthorn and add Corvalol to them. The proportions should be the same.

    It is necessary to drink the drug before meals for 15-20 drops. The course is a week. Heart rhythm should normalize.

    Another version of the mixture of alcohol tinctures: eucalyptus, mint, peony, valerian, motherwort, hawthorn. All these tinctures are mixed in the following proportions: eucalyptus – 50 ml, peppermint – 25 ml, peony, motherwort, hawthorn and valerian – 100 ml each. The whole mixture is supplemented with 10 buds of cloves and infused a week and a half.

    Drink the medicine as follows: a teaspoon is added to 100 ml of water, this dose is consumed three times a day.

    They note the effectiveness of tinctures on juices. Mix lemon juice, half a glass of juice from chokeberry, cranberry and carrot juice in the same volume with 200 g of vodka. Use tincture three times a day. You can eat after that only after an hour. Single dose – 1 tablespoon.

    Clover for alcohol: meadow clover is taken in the amount of several omens, poured with a liter of vodka or alcohol. Tincture is kept for a month. You need to drink the drug three times a day for 15-20 ml.

    Tincture of elecampane is prepared as follows: half a glass of dry elecampane is mixed with alcohol (200 ml) and insisted for 14 days. When the tincture is ready, you need to drink it three times a day before meals. Single dose – 1 teaspoon.

    For treatment with thorny gorse, its seeds are poured with vodka and insisted for about ten days. For half a glass of vodka take 30 g of seeds. If you drink 30 drops three times a day, the heart will begin to work in a calm manner.

    Alcohol infusion is also made from gorse grass. It is prepared as follows: dry grass (800 g) is poured with vodka (250 g). Excerpt such tinctures should be about two weeks. When using, a tablespoon of the drug should be diluted in a small amount of water. Drink in the same way as seed based.

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    Detonic for pressure normalization

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    Detonic not addictive and withdrawal syndrome, since all components of the product are natural.

    Detailed information about Detonic is located on the manufacturer’s page www.detonicnd.com.

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