Features of myocardial infarction of the posterior wall of the left ventricle, prognosis for treatment

A cardiovascular disease of the posterior wall of the heart is identified if, versus the background of intense circulatory conditions in the muscle, its oxygen hunger happens, due to which the muscle tissue of the posterior wall of the left ventricle starts to pass away off.

This condition is accompanied by sharp pain and presents a genuine danger to the client’s life. The condition frequently happens personallies over the age of 40. In males, the sore of the posterior wall happens 5 times regularly than in ladies. The number of deaths in the more powerful sex is likewise greater.


A cardiovascular disease in a lot of clients appears versus the background of ischemic heart illness.

The primary factors for the advancement of an illness preceding a cardiac arrest and necrosis itself are:

  • raised cholesterol levels, when a substantial size of atherosclerotic plaque kinds on the walls of the coronary arteries, hindering patency,
  • high blood pressure, in which the body is exposed to hypertension for a very long time, which triggers serious deficiency of myocardial tissue,
  • age-related modifications in the tissues of the heart.

You need to likewise highlight the factors that increase the danger of a cardiac arrest.

These are:

  • smoking cigarettes,
  • alcoholic abuse, consisting of beer,
  • weight problems,
  • absence of exercise
  • absence of oxygen due to unusual direct exposure to fresh air,
  • operate in harmful production,
  • serious physical overload,
  • serious tension,
  • persistent overwork,
  • persistent absence of sleep.

By getting rid of the impact on the body of elements that incline to sores of the posterior wall of the ventricle of the heart, it is possible to considerably decrease the danger of establishing a cardiac arrest.

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Disease category

Myocardial infarction describes a severe type of heart anemia. This pathological condition is divided into little focal and comprehensive. With the very first type of sore, the likelihood of healing of the client is much greater.

With a substantial infarction, if more than 50% of the tissues of the posterior wall of the myocardium are harmed, the organ cannot work, and cardiogenic shock and death of the client happen.

The illness is likewise divided by localization.

  • Posterior diaphragmatic infarction. With this type, the posterior wall of the ventricle of the heart is harmed at the point of contact with the diaphragm. If the pathology is triggered by clog of the lower coronary vessel, then the lethal sore is comprehensive, and the danger of death of the client is high.
  • Posterior-basal infarction – damage impacts the location surrounding to the base of the heart. More typically there is a small-focal type of necrosis.
  • Posterior-lateral infarction. The offense extends right away to the lateral and posterior wall of the left ventricle.

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The localization of the necrosis focus depends upon which artery and which vessel have actually stopped to operate usually, and which location of ​​the heart started to experience intense oxygen hunger.


The signs of the illness resemble those that appear with sores of other parts of the heart and the advancement of a lethal procedure.

The truth that there is a sore of the primary organ in the body is shown by particular indications of an infraction of the condition:

  • Pain. Most have extremely extreme chest discomfort that radiates to the shoulder and upper abdominal area. In cigarette smokers, discomfort happens in the lungs. There is no specific localization of discomfort. If the client does not get aid, the condition gets worse and the syndrome worsens, resulting in breathing issues. Nitroglycerin cannot eliminate it.
  • Arrhythmia. It appears due to an infraction of the rhythm of heart contractions versus the background of switching off part of the muscle from work due to necrosis.
  • Profuse, sticky cold sweat, appearing right away with the look of the initially agonizing experiences.
  • Trembling in the limbs, which is provoked by discomfort and impaired blood flow.
  • Sharp basic weak point, in which the client’s eyes darken, and fainting is possible.
  • A sharp drop in pressure.
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The more extreme the signs of the illness, the more comprehensive the location of ​​necrosis is formed. Saving the client’s life is mainly figured out by how rapidly medical support will be supplied.

How long they live after a cardiac arrest depends upon the degree of heart damage, the existence of extra pathologies in the client and the basic condition of the body. In most cases, if the treatment was performed properly, with the observance of a mild rhythm, an individual can live a complete life.

Diagnostic procedures

To make a medical diagnosis, anamnesis is taken, which provides physicians sufficient info to recommend what triggered the serious signs. Also, ECG and blood biochemistry are recommended. If the client’s condition is satisfying, then an extra chest X-ray and an echocardiogram are carried out.

After the medical diagnosis is made, the required treatment starts. The client goes through compulsory hospitalization in the extensive care system.

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At the start, if possible, conservative treatment is performed, in which drugs are utilized to liquify the thrombus and lower the heart’s oxygen need, as an outcome of which it is possible to stop the lethal procedure.

It is likewise required to utilize methods to ease discomfort, which even more exacerbates the condition of the victim of a cardiac arrest.

If treatment with conservative techniques is worthless, then surgical treatment is carried out for myocardial infarction. Such treatment provides a fast outcome and permits you to stabilize blood flow in the heart in the quickest possible time.

One of 4 types of surgical treatment is utilized:

  • Coronary artery bypass grafting. During this intervention, a brand-new vessel with regular patency is produced. For it, a vessel drawn from another part of the client’s body is frequently utilized.
  • Installation of an unique ring that avoids compression of the artery and restores its regular patency.
  • Strengthening the heart walls with the danger of establishing their protrusion with the aid of unique polymer frames.
  • Suturing in such a scenario the heart wall, if it is catastrophically thinned, and there is a high danger of rupture. The wall is enhanced by sewing with an unique joint.

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What technique of surgical treatment of pathology will be utilized is figured out by the participating in doctor. If the danger that the client will not go through the operation is high, then it, regardless of the intensity of the condition, is generally not carried out.

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Complications of pathology

The defeat of the back wall can provoke a number of effects, which likewise position an excellent risk to the client. Thus, a risk to life emerges not just due to main pathology, however likewise due to the event of problems.

The primary unfavorable effects position a threat to the client’s life:

  • Major infarction (intense transmural infarction). With such a sore, the whole density of the myocardium is impacted, and there is a high likelihood of death, even if the client gets all the required treatment.
  • Atrial fibrillation – appears specifically when there is an infraction in the left ventricle and typically causes the death of the client.
  • Transition of the sore of the posterior wall into posterolateral infarction with the spread of the lethal focus. To recuperate from such an infraction, the client requires long-lasting rehab, and in the future, lots of limitations will be needed.
  • Thromboembolism of the arteries of the heart or lungs – most of the times, due to problems, the client passes away.
  • Pulmonary edema.
  • Ascites.
  • Renal failure.

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The look of problems mainly depends upon the basic condition of the client, and for that reason it is not constantly possible to avoid their advancement even with instant medical intervention. In the existence of problems, the prognosis is bad.


There are techniques to decrease the danger of a cardiac arrest. Their observance is suggested for everybody, and not just for those who have elements that increase the propensity to pathology.

To preserve health, the following is suggested:

  • correct nutrition,
  • day-to-day gymnastics and athletics to make sure the proper performance of all systems and organs,
  • to quit smoking cigarettes,
  • rejection from alcohols,
  • great rest (not to be puzzled with sleep),
  • sleep a minimum of 8 hours a day,
  • avoidance of difficult scenarios,
  • avoiding the advancement of weight problems.

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If an individual has currently had an infraction in the work of the heart, and much more so – a cardiac arrest, stringent adherence to medical suggestions is required.

After a cardiac arrest of the posterior wall of the heart, it is very important to go through complete rehab. Violations in the procedure of recuperating from a health problem considerably boost the danger of a reoccurrence of an unsafe condition, which can currently end up being deadly, given that the heart muscle does not endure repetitive damage.

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