Diuretics for leg edema pills name

Diuretics for leg edema are used if fluid congestion in the body is a consequence of hypertension, chronic renal failure, hepatic pathologies, or chronic or acute heart failure.

But, like any group of medications, diuretics also have their contraindications. These include:

  • hypokalemia;
  • hypomagnesemia;
  • calcium deficiency in the body;
  • failures in the electrolyte balance;
  • acute renal failure;
  • diabetes.

It should also be borne in mind that not all diuretics for getting rid of leg swelling can be used during pregnancy. But in any case, before starting treatment it is better to consult a doctor.

Loop diuretics have a direct effect on the filtration function of the kidneys. Due to their use, not only excess liquid is excreted, but also salts.

The use of loop diuretics for leg edema is good because they do not cause an increase in cholesterol, and does not “arouse” diabetes in patients with a genetic predisposition to this disease. But loopbacks, like other groups of diuretic drugs, wash out beneficial substances from the body, so they must be used with extreme caution.

Below are the names of the most effective diuretic tablets that can be used for leg swelling:

  • Britomar;
  • Furosem >

Loop diuretics are highly effective drugs that remove up to 90% of excess fluid. Such diuretics for swelling of the legs with heart failure are the most effective, but at the same time, the most dangerous. Due to the removal of beneficial substances from the body, the risk of disruption of the heart muscle increases, so loop diuretic tablets and injections should be used very carefully, as prescribed by the attending physician or under close supervision.

Potassium-sparing diuretics are the safest for leg swelling, but at the same time their effect is rather weak. As a rule, drugs of this group are prescribed as part of complex therapy for hypertension, heart failure, heart failure and other diseases accompanied by fluid retention in the body.

The most famous are the following names of potassium-sparing diuretics used in leg swelling:

Despite the fact that potassium-sparing diuretics are widely used to eliminate swelling of the legs, and are considered one of the safest groups of diuretics, if used incorrectly, they can cause a number of side effects. The most common include:

  • the emergence of a feeling of fatigue;
  • prostration;
  • bouts of nausea, sometimes with the urge to vomit;
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • menstrual cycle disorders;
  • decreased sexual function in men, etc.

Diuretics of this group are divided into 2 groups: inhibitors of tubular potassium secretion and competitive aldosterone antagonists. To reduce swelling of the legs, specific drugs are selected individually for each patient. In addition, it is important to eliminate not only the symptom itself, but also its cause, and the mere use of diuretic tablets will not solve the problem.

Thiazides are moderately effective diuretics that can be used as stand-alone drugs for leg swelling that is not caused by serious diseases (heart failure, severe hypertension, gestosis in pregnant women, etc.). This therapeutic approach is explained by the fact that the effect of taking diuretic tablets of this group occurs in a few hours, and sometimes in a few days.

Despite this slight drawback, such diuretic drugs have a minimal list of side effects and contraindications. The following are the names of diuretics in tablets used in swelling of the legs:

  • Indapamide;
  • Hypothiazide;
  • Hydrochlorothiazide;
  • Clopamide;
  • Chlorthalidone.

Thiazide diuretics for leg edema should not be taken with antihypertensive drugs from the category of beta-blockers. This combination of tablets can lead to a violation of carbohydrate metabolism in the body.

1957882 - Diuretics for leg edema pills name

Reception of diuretics contributes to:

  • elimination of puffiness in heart and vascular insufficiency;
  • lowering blood pressure with hypertension;
  • relieving symptoms of kidney disease;
  • the removal of toxins during intoxication.

Swelling is a frequent companion of diseases of the urinary and vascular systems, heart. Pathology develops as a result of sodium retention in the body. Diuretics help remove its excess. Due to this, swelling is noticeably reduced.

Hypotension (high blood pressure) against a background of increased sodium negatively affects the blood vessels. They contract and contract. Diuretics used as pressure-lowering drugs not only wash sodium, but also dilate the walls of blood vessels. This action of the drug leads to a decrease in pressure.

The elimination of toxins through the use of diuretics in clinical medicine is called “forced diuresis.” This method consists in the fact that after intravenous administration of solutions to a patient in a similar manner, a certain dose of a diuretic highly effective drug is administered. This leads to the fact that, simultaneously with the liquid, toxic substances are washed out of the body.

Remedies for edema with varicose veins

Folk diuretics for relieving swelling of the lower extremities do not always imply only the use of herbal decoctions or infusions. There are other, no less effective, methods of dealing with an unpleasant problem.

As you know, cold can lead to increased urge to urinate. This property of the human body can be successfully used to eliminate swelling on the legs.

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Pour a pack of rock salt into a bucket of cold water, wait until it dissolves, then soak a towel in the liquid and place it on the lower back. Repeat the manipulation 10-15 times.

This home method stimulates the urination process, due to which the swelling on the legs will begin to gradually disappear. But such treatment is not recommended in case of acute renal disease.

One of the most effective diuretic folk remedies are flax seeds. For the preparation of homemade diuretic, 2 tbsp. l pour half a liter of boiling water and put on a slow fire to simmer.

After 15 minutes, remove the container from the stove and cover. Insist the finished diuretic broth for an hour, then filter it thoroughly. Consume 0,5 cup 4 times a day.

This folk diuretic medicine must be taken daily. The duration of treatment depends on how extensive and massive the swelling of the legs is.

Rose hips – a very good home remedy with diuretic properties. With the help of a decoction or infusion based on them, you can quickly remove swelling on the legs, as well as in other areas of the body.

Prepare a diuretic medicine as follows. Pour 1 tablespoon of rose hips with a glass of water and boil for 15 minutes. After the allotted time, remove the container from the heat and leave the broth to insist for another half hour. After this, the diuretic broth should be filtered. Take a quarter cup of broth 2-3 times a day.

The infusion of rose hips also has diuretic properties. For its preparation you need 2 tbsp. l pour the fruits of the plant with a glass of boiling water and insist under the lid (or better – in a thermos) for 4-6 hours. The principle of diuretic infusion of rose hips for swelling of the legs is the same as that of the decoction.

Dill seeds also have diuretic properties. The infusion based on them is useful for edema of the legs that arose against the background of hypertension.

A diuretic is prepared in this way. 1-2 tablespoons of dill seeds must be filled with a glass of boiling water. Be sure to cover the mixture with a lid and leave to infuse for 2-3 hours. After this, the liquid must be carefully decanted, and the remaining seeds discarded. If there are small particles of dill seeds in the infusion, it must be additionally filtered through gauze or a dense clean cloth.

Dill water for edema in the leg area is taken 2-3 tablespoons 3-5 times a day. If necessary, the dosage can be increased to 0,5 cups in 1 dose.

It is worth considering that such a home treatment of lightning fast results will not. To completely remove puffiness, you will have to take the medicine for 7-14 days.

One of the most powerful folk decongestants is ginger tea. In parallel with the removal of excess fluid from the body, ginger also has a hypotensive effect on the body.

You can take any tea – black or green. Of course, it would be better to add the main component to the rosehip broth or viburnum infusion. This combination will only enhance the effect of the use of the product.

Fresh ginger root should be grated on the smallest grater, and then squeeze as much juice out of the resulting gruel. It must be added to a cup with tea in an amount of 0,5 – 1 tablespoon. Mix the finished diuretic medicine, drink it during the day with sips.

It has diuretic properties and onion juice in combination with sugar. It is imperative to use onions.

2 medium-sized onions must be finely chopped and covered with sugar. Leave overnight so that the vegetable has time to empty the juice. In the morning, squeeze the juice and take before meals in the amount of 2 tablespoons. You should drink the medicine only in the morning.

Folk diuretics for swelling of the legs can be used in the “pristine” form. There are a lot of food products that are able to remove excess fluid from the body, preventing its stagnation in the tissues.

If you suffer from swelling on your legs, then you need to give special preference to the following diuretic products:

  • garlic
  • celery;
  • parsley;
  • asparagus;
  • blackcurrant;
  • viburnum;
  • watermelon;
  • pumpkin;
  • wild strawberries;
  • grapes.

Most of the products from this list are not only tasty, but also useful, in addition, with swelling of the legs they can be consumed in unlimited quantities. Thus, it is possible to get rid of swelling of the lower extremities, while simultaneously receiving the vitamins and minerals necessary for the body.

In the treatment of edema at home, some folk recipes are used, which include medicinal herbs. Infusions and decoctions of berries are also effective. Cranberries and lingonberries from edema are used in the form of juice and stewed fruit. Pouring out excess liquid helps pouring cold and warm water, baths, taking various decoctions inside. Folk remedies for leg edema include:

  • parsley and dill;
  • rose hips;
  • pumpkin;
  • cabbage leaf;
  • flax seeds;
  • peppermint;
  • Lungwort;
  • wheat grass creeping;
  • burdock root;
  • birch buds;
  • bearberry;
  • horsetail;
  • plantain;
  • Highlander

Detonic – a unique medicine that helps fight hypertension at all stages of its development.

Detonic for pressure normalization

The complex effect of plant components of the drug Detonic on the walls of blood vessels and the autonomic nervous system contribute to a rapid decrease in blood pressure. In addition, this drug prevents the development of atherosclerosis, thanks to the unique components that are involved in the synthesis of lecithin, an amino acid that regulates cholesterol metabolism and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Detonic not addictive and withdrawal syndrome, since all components of the product are natural.

Detailed information about Detonic is located on the manufacturer’s page www.detonicnd.com.

Infusions and decoctions

Parsley from edema is used in the form of a decoction. You can use the one that grows in your garden. The recipe for the preparation of parsley:

  1. Take about 80 g of leaves.
  2. Rinse, rinse with boiling water.
  3. When the water drains, chop finely.
  4. Pour milk so that it completely covers the leaves.
  5. To simmer in a not very hot oven so that the milk is melted, but not boiled.
  6. Finished product strain.

It is necessary to take 1-2 tablespoons every hour. This popular method enjoys good reviews, even when drugs have not helped. According to another recipe, dogrose from edema is used. It helps thanks to the large amount of ascorbic acid in the composition. An extract of rosehip is prepared according to the following recipe:

  1. Take 1 tablespoon of fruit.
  2. Pour 250 ml of boiling water, it is better to use a thermos.
  3. Insist for 6-8 hours.
  4. Take 0,5 cup 3 times daily before meals.

Herbs from swelling of the legs are also used in the form of compresses or baths. For them, they take an ordinary cabbage leaf. Such folk remedies are prepared from cabbage:

  1. Compress. It is necessary to lower the cabbage leaf in boiling water so that it becomes soft. Before applying, squeeze a couple drops of lemon juice on it and sprinkle with baking soda. Next, the sheet is applied to the swollen place, fixed with a bandage or gauze. The compress is left until the morning.
  2. Bath. Take 2 tablespoons of cabbage, pour a glass of hot water. Let stand for 2 hours. Further, the legs are kept in this infusion for about 15-20 minutes.

Among the diseases that cause peripheral edema of the legs, cardiovascular insufficiency, kidney pathologies, varicose veins, lymphedema, hypothyroidism are distinguished. To resolve the problem, the following categories of drugs are used:

  • diuretics – Indapamide, Hypothiazide, Veroshpiron;
  • potassium preparations – Panangin, Asparkam;
  • cardioprotectors;
  • osmotic diuretics – Mannitol.

You can cope with puffiness with the help of folk remedies. These are lotions, decoctions, infusions, baths and compresses. The series, burdock root, chamomile, motherwort have a diuretic effect. Among effective folk recipes distinguish:

  • peppermint infusion;
  • a mixture of cucumber, lemon and carrot juice;
  • corn stigma infusion;
  • decoction of parsley;
  • tincture of hawthorn.

The latter remedy, in addition to supplying the body with vitamins and many minerals, helps to support the health of the kidneys and urinary tract, normalizes the water balance. These properties help eliminate leg swelling. Hawthorn infusion is prepared and taken as follows:

  1. Take 10 tbsp. hawthorn fruit.
  2. Place them in a glass container, pour half a liter of vodka.
  3. Cover the container with a lid, send to a warm place for 2 weeks.
  4. Take 25 drops diluted in a small amount of water.

Drugs that have a diuretic effect are called diuretics. They have several indications for use, including edema syndrome with heart failure, kidney pathology, cirrhosis.

Diuretics stimulate the elimination of excess fluid and sodium, which helps to reduce swelling in the legs.

There are several groups of diuretics – loop, osmotic, thiazides and thiazide-like, potassium-sparing, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. For the treatment of leg edema, 3 groups are effective – loopback, thiazides and thiazide-like, potassium-sparing.

The choice of diuretic for the treatment of edema depends on several factors:

  • causes of the development of edematous syndrome;
  • forms of the disease (acute or chronic);
  • severity of manifestations;
  • the presence of concomitant diseases – diabetes, high blood pressure, gout.

These diseases can manifest stagnation in a large circle of blood circulation, including the development of peripheral edema.

With severe edema, drugs, for example, thiazide and potassium-sparing diuretics, can be combined.

Loop diuretics

Loop diuretics are the most powerful diuretics. They are called loop, because they act throughout the loop of Henle. They are able to increase diuresis by 50-300%.

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Loop diuretics increase the excretion of water, sodium, potassium and chlorine, but reduce the excretion of uric acid.

Drugs from this group are used to relieve acute conditions, for example, edema in hypertensive crisis. For long-term treatment, they are prescribed extremely rarely, only with chronic heart failure.

Combined diuretics: features, names

Combined diuretics in tablets for swelling of the legs contain 2 active components. As a rule, this is a potassium-sparing and thiazide substance.

The most effective diuretic drugs of this group are:

  • Diazide;
  • Isobar;
  • Triam Co;
  • Furesis compositum;
  • Ecodurex;
  • Triamtel, etc.

Combined diuretics can be used for swelling of the legs caused by hypertension of 2-3 degrees, as well as heart failure. But you can’t use them without consulting a doctor, and like any other group of diuretics. Uncontrolled intake of diuretic tablets can cause severe dehydration, which, in turn, can lead to serious consequences, even death.

Without a health risk at home, only diuretics of plant origin can be used. Such drugs help well with minor swelling of the legs, but with swelling of the extremities caused by severe heart failure, they will not work, because they will simply be ineffective.

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Good herbal diuretics are Brusniver and Kanefron. But in pharmacies you can buy special phyto-collections for steaming and oral administration. Such drugs are suitable for patients in whom swelling of the lower extremities was caused by a violation of the kidneys.

Diuretics against leg edema without pathologies

Drug therapy is based on the use of decongestant medications intended for oral administration, and external ointments and creams.

The medicine for leg edema is quite difficult to choose, since there are a huge number of different drugs. In addition, it is worth remembering that each type of diuretic drug has certain contraindications, ignoring which can adversely affect health. Among the main types of diuretics, it is necessary to distinguish such as:

Thiazide preparations help eliminate leg swelling, but not for long, and this does not happen right away. However, when they are taken, there are practically no restrictions on the intake of liquid and salt. Loop drugs are highly effective, so you need to take them in the morning. They are characterized by the elimination of trace elements from the body, so they must be used very carefully.

The effectiveness of potassium-sparing drugs is quite low, but they do not remove trace elements. Mostly used with other drugs. The action of osmotic drugs is aimed at removing excess fluid from tissues. The peculiarity is that it is excreted by the kidneys. In this regard, such medications are contraindicated in people suffering from kidney diseases. Combined drugs combine the action of several drugs at once.

In some cases, leg swelling may occur after medication, which occurs as a result of an allergy. In this case, you need to take not only diuretics, but also antihistamines, which help to quickly eliminate the main signs of allergies.

Edema can occur as a result of impaired activity of the heart muscle or kidneys. To eliminate puffiness, you need to conduct a comprehensive treatment that will help get rid of the underlying disease. The most popular drugs for heart swelling of the legs are considered such as:

  • diuretics – “Pyrethanide”, “Bumetanide”, ethacrylic acid;
  • cardiac thiazides – Urandil, Moduretic, Dichlothiazide;
  • loop diuretics – “Isobar”, “Bufenoks”, “Trigrim”.

As a result of exposure to such drugs, vascular relaxation occurs. As a result, blood circulation is normalized. All medications are characterized by the duration of exposure and the rapid onset of therapeutic effect.

Prescribe drugs should only be a qualified doctor. The required dosage is selected strictly individually, taking into account the well-being of the patient and the results of the studies.

Basically, ointments and creams against puffiness contain in their composition such components as:

  • tiger herb extract, which eliminates puffiness;
  • menthol and eucalyptus oil, eliminating fatigue;
  • tea tree oil, which softens the skin;
  • vitamins, oils and tinctures;
  • panthenol.
  • elimination of puffiness;
  • relief of discomfort and stress;
  • cooling;
  • stimulation of blood circulation;
  • prevention of varicose veins.

Such a tool will help get rid of discomfort after a hard day’s work, as well as eliminate stress.

Among the most popular ointments and creams that help eliminate leg swelling, you need to highlight such as:

  • Troxevasin;
  • “Venitan”;
  • Heparin ointment;
  • “Lyoton 1000”;
  • Essaven Gel.

“Troxevasin” helps to eliminate swelling, inflammation, pain. In addition, it strengthens blood vessels and veins. Heparin ointment helps to normalize blood circulation, has an anti-inflammatory effect.

“Venitan” refers to herbal preparations. It is made on the basis of a chestnut hood. This remedy has anti-inflammatory and decongestant effects.

The medicine for leg edema for the elderly needs to be selected with special care, since at an advanced age metabolic processes are disturbed, so the drugs must have a complex effect. Swelling may be permanent or occur periodically.

For the elderly, “Lasix” and ethacrylic acid are ideal, as they help to get rid of even the most severe puffiness very quickly. In addition, the doctor may prescribe such drugs as “Klopamide”, “Diuretin”, “Oxodolin”. Additionally, older patients should take vitamins.

Many patients believe that the best diuretic is Furasemide. This drug has the most positive reviews. This tool is characterized by affordable cost and high performance.

Some note the high effectiveness of the drug “Hypothiazide”, which helps to eliminate even the most severe swelling. “Diakarb” is considered to be a good remedy, but the organism becomes very addictive.

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Violations of the water balance in the lower extremities are quite common. You can’t try to solve the problem yourself, since pastiness can be a sign of a serious ailment.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system can lead to excessive accumulation of fluid in the limbs due to stagnation in the veins.

The skin of the legs has a bluish or pale lacquer hue. The disease is painless, manifests itself in the morning. On palpation, a fossa forms, which is restored slowly back.

Pregnant women

During the period of gestation, the body undergoes a sharp change in the hormonal background. The growing fetus presses on the surrounding vessels, which provokes the accumulation and stagnation of fluid in the lower body. Swelling of the legs during pregnancy can be signs of a pathological process in the kidneys or heart, so it is important to prevent the condition in time and be examined. The cause should be treated with natural means (using medicinal plants).

In older people

Leg pastility is a common occurrence in elderly patients due to weakness of the vascular wall. Edema is dense, often manifests itself after being in the same position. When pressed, a pit forms, which has a shade darker than the surrounding tissue. The skin is pale or stained.


The accumulation of excess fluid in this disease is a consequence of injuries of blood vessels and nephropathic syndrome. Stagnation leads to deterioration of skin trophism and poor healing of small cuts. Leg wounds begin to fester and lead to necrosis or gangrene.

Before the development of the pathological process, the patient notes a burning sensation and coldness in the legs, a change in sensitivity.


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The disease often begins asymptomatic. Without therapy, the limbs begin to swell after prolonged walking or standing. In the legs there is a feeling of heaviness, cramps at night, itching and aching pain. Visually visible dilated veins under the skin in the form of tourniquets.


The accumulation of body fluid begins with the ankle and foot. After rest, the state passes. Without treatment, edema spreads higher and is accompanied by a feeling of heaviness, pain. The tumor is dense, bluish in color. With constant contact with clothing or after damage, ulcers can form that do not heal for a long time. With the advanced stage of the pathology, the affected leg greatly increases in size and visually differs from the healthy one.

Renal edema

At the beginning of the disease, fluid accumulation is noted on the face in the morning – in the eye area, on the eyelids. Later, the pathological course affects the lower and upper limbs. The edematous region does not differ in temperature and color from the surrounding tissues. The formation is mobile and shifts when pressed. After improving the condition and taking remedies for swelling of the legs, the problem is quickly resolved.

  1. Compliance with proper, balanced nutrition, exclusion of smoked, salty foods, snacks.
  2. Rejection of bad habits.
  3. Salt restriction.
  4. Weight control.
  5. Perform daily exercise in the morning to improve blood circulation.
  6. Frequent walks in the fresh air, walking barefoot on pebbles, sand.
  7. Wearing comfortable low-heeled shoes.
  8. Before going to bed – a foot bath, a contrast shower or self-massage using creams to relieve pastiness.
  9. Timely treatment of diseases and examination by specialists.

Swelling on the legs is a phenomenon that should not be ignored. Particularly serious should be taken to the pathological condition of the elderly, since in this case the anomaly under consideration leads to serious problems in the body.

Swelling of the legs affects many men and women. Swelling of the extremities is not only an unpleasant sensation, but also a sign of the manifestation of certain diseases. For this reason, you must always consult a doctor to start taking the right remedy for excessive swelling of the legs.

To prescribe a treatment regimen, a doctor is diagnosed. For this, the following methods are used:

  • ECG and Echocardiography – for the diagnosis of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Ultrasound – to determine the presence of blood clots in deep veins or nodes of the thyroid gland.
  • Lymphoscintigraphy – to diagnose problems with lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes.
  • MRI – to get a more accurate picture in deep veins.
  • Urinalysis, a blood test for the presence of electrolytes, sugar and albumin.

The necessary examination is prescribed by the attending physician. Determining the cause of edema in the early stages will save the patient from many problems in the future.

In the treatment of puffiness, local medicines are also used to relieve edema in the lower extremities. The use of ointments and creams stimulates the outflow of fluids from the legs and relieves stress. These drugs do not eliminate the disease itself, but only relieve discomfort, swelling and heaviness in the lower extremities.

The most popular topical agents for leg swelling.


Preparations for edema of the legs, which tone the veins and improve the recovery processes in the tissues. They have an antithrombotic and antiprotective effect.

Troxevasin gel is applied to the affected area of ​​the legs twice a day. You need to rub it with light, massage movements.

The average price of a drug is from 300 to 700 rubles.


Means, tonic veins. When using it, congestion in venous vessels and accumulated fluid in the integument are reduced, and the appearance of puffiness is also blocked.

Loop diuretics


Treatment of edema of the lower extremities can be carried out with the help of medication diuretics. Such therapy gives quick results, but it is not safe. Medications with diuretic properties have a large number of contraindications for use, and can also cause various side effects.

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Less dangerous are folk diuretic recipes for dropsy. They also exist a lot, and all of them are very effective. But each medicine requires rational use – only then it will not cause harm, but will bring only benefit!

How to cure seborrhea by home, folk remedies?

Armpit inflamed: what to do?

sorvala nogot na palce - Diuretics for leg edema pills name

What to do if tore off a fingernail?

When you need diuretics for swelling of the face

Loop diuretics (another name – “ceiling”) belong to potent drugs. They are used to stop the hypertensive crisis, eliminate edema of various origins, remove toxins from the body in case of poisoning with drugs or toxic compounds. The main indications for use:

  • chronic heart failure;
  • any degree of chronic renal failure;
  • nephrotic syndrome;
  • cirrhosis of the liver, accompanied by swelling, ascites (accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity).

Loop diuretics for swelling of the face, legs, arms and other parts of the body are prescribed 5–20 mg per day until the swelling is eliminated (but not longer than 3 days). Repeated use in chronic edema is allowed after a break, which should last at least 2-4 weeks.


Loop diuretics are available in tablets and solutions for injection, which allows you to choose the optimal method for use for a particular case (intravenous administration is carried out only in a serious condition of the patient). They differ in the rapid onset of the therapeutic effect – the action develops 30–90 minutes after administration, lasts from 2 to 6 hours. The drugs reduce swelling, reduce the volume of extracellular fluid, have a positive effect on respiratory function, reducing shortness of breath.


Strong diuretics are taken once or in short courses, intermittently, not suitable for prolonged treatment. With the daily use of loop diuretics, addiction and weakening of their therapeutic effect develops. Loop diuretics are characterized by a powerful, but short-duration action, therefore they are suitable only for stopping a hypertensive crisis, but not for the treatment of hypertension.

Another significant drawback is the elimination of sodium and potassium ions together with the liquid, leading to disruption of the water-electrolyte balance, the development of severe adverse reactions (severe decrease in pressure, convulsions, encephalopathy, arrhythmia, hearing impairment, up to deafness when administered intravenously, etc.).

NameUregitTorasemidefurosemid - Diuretics for leg edema pills nameFurosemide
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Easy to useEffective fluid removal from the bodySoft effect on the bodyQuickly eliminate puffiness


mochegonnye sredstva pri otekah litsa 8 - Diuretics for leg edema pills name

Tablets based on ethacrylic acid are characterized by a strong, but short-lived effect – the therapeutic effect lasts from 2 to 4-6 hours (depending on the route of administration). This strong diuretic quickly and effectively reduces high blood pressure, relieves hypertensive crisis, eliminates edema of various origins.

  • Promotes a rapid decrease in blood pressure.
  • It can be used for edema of any origin.
  • Not suitable for long-term treatment.
  • It should be taken with potassium preparations (Asparkam, Panangin).
  • Often causes intense headaches, fatigue.
  • After administration, the pressure may drop (below normal) significantly.


It acts longer than Furosemide, removes less potassium from the body. It is used in the complex therapy of arterial hypertension, to reduce edema in cardiac and renal failure. According to doctors, Torasemide is more effective than Furosemide in chronic renal failure.

  • It can be used as an alternative drug for edema caused by the withdrawal of Furosemide.
  • It acts softer than furosemide, theoretically, the side effects are the same, but in practice, negative reactions in patients are noted much less often.
  • High cost (depending on the form of release, dosage, manufacturer varies between 450-4000 rubles).


The drug is taken on an empty stomach, begins to act in 20-30 minutes. The maximum effect develops 1-2 hours after administration, lasts up to 4-6 hours.

  • Effectively removes water from the body.
  • When injected, it acts literally after 5 minutes, can help in a critical situation (with hypertensive crisis, poisoning with chemicals).
  • Quickly lowers blood pressure, heart load, reduces edema in kidney disease.
  • It has an affordable cost (25 rubles per pack of 50 tablets).
  • After ingestion, a strong thirst arises, as the body seeks to replenish the lost fluid.
  • It does not cure the conditions causing edema, it is used only as a means of “first aid”.
  • After discontinuation of the drug, swelling may return and even worsen, since the rate of sodium excretion decreases below normal.
  • When taking tablets more than twice a week, the likelihood of adverse reactions is high.
  • Washes potassium and magnesium, causes seizures.
  • A large list of contraindications, including diabetes, pancreatitis.
  • Inability to use in athletes (since the drug removes fluid from the body, contributing to weight loss, it is equivalent to doping in sports where the weight of the athlete is important).

Medium-strength drugs are used for long courses in the complex treatment of arterial hypertension, heart failure, diabetes insipidus, glaucoma. They help get rid of puffiness with renal failure, cirrhosis of the liver. Also indications for the appointment of thiazide diuretics is edematous syndrome of the newborn.


Drugs begin to act within 30-60 minutes after application, the maximum effect is observed after 3-6 hours. The effect of drugs lasts for 16-24 hours, and in some drugs it lasts several days. Diuretics of the thiazide group are especially effective in the complex treatment of hypertension – after 2–4 weeks of regular intake, a steady decrease in blood pressure is noted. In this case, pharmacological agents are prescribed in small doses (25 mg per day).


Thiazide diuretic tablets (the list is presented below), like loop diuretics, wash sodium, potassium, magnesium and chlorine out of the body, causing a deficiency. At the same time, the content of calcium and uric acid in the body increases, the level of glucose rises (which is undesirable in diabetes mellitus).

Violation of the water-electrolyte balance leads to the development of various adverse reactions (disorders of the digestive system, a strong decrease in blood pressure, headache and dizziness, skin rash, and increased sensitivity to light).

Nameoksodolin - Diuretics for leg edema pills nameOxodolineindapamid - Diuretics for leg edema pills nameIndapamidegipotiazid - Diuretics for leg edema pills nameHypothiazide
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Easy to useEffective fluid removal from the bodySoft effect on the bodyQuickly eliminate puffiness


The best diuretic to normalize blood pressure, prevent its increase. The drug is taken 1 tablet per day for a long time (the doctor determines the specific timing of therapy). The medicine begins to act an hour after administration, the therapeutic effect lasts 24 hours.

  • It is the drug of choice for arterial hypertension, since the effect of lowering pressure is higher than that of other drugs of the thiazide group.
  • It lowers pressure evenly, helps maintain it at a constant level, and prevents the increase in pressure in the morning.
  • It acts gently, so tablets can be taken at work, before a long trip.
  • Does not impair renal function.
  • With hypertension, it does not work right away – pressure normalization is noted only a month after the start of use.
  • In some patients, it causes weakness, increased fatigue, and a decrease in muscle tone (due to leaching of potassium).
  • Reduces the effectiveness of drugs that lower blood sugar (Metformin and others).


The hydrochlorothiazide-based agent increases the excretion of potassium and sodium, but does not lead to a pronounced violation of the water-electrolyte balance. The duration of the drug is 6-15 hours. In case of kidney diseases, Hypothiazide is not recommended to be combined with potassium-sparing diuretics, potassium preparations, antiarrhythmic drugs.

  • Suitable for both single use and long-term treatment.
  • The antihypertensive effect (pressure reduction) lasts from 12 to 18 hours.
  • It eliminates swelling well.
  • The therapeutic effect is observed at least 7-10 days after the start of administration.
  • During use, you need to eat more foods containing potassium, reduce salt intake.
  • Do not take with diabetes.


Chlortalidone-based agent has a diuretic and hypotensive effect. The diuretic action develops 2 hours after administration, persists for 1-3 days. The antihypertensive effect develops gradually, reaches a maximum 3-4 weeks after the start of therapy.

  • It acts mildly, normalizes pressure with constant use.
  • It can be used for obesity, fluid retention caused by premenstrual syndrome.
  • Causes appetite and headaches.
  • In some patients, it provokes skin rashes.
NameTriamterenVeroshpironamilorid - Diuretics for leg edema pills nameAmiloride
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Easy to useEffective fluid removal from the bodySoft effect on the bodyQuickly eliminate puffiness


The drug acts gently, but has a more pronounced diuretic effect compared to other potassium-sparing diuretics.

  • The drug can be used with high blood pressure and swelling in cases where it is necessary to avoid the elimination of potassium from the body.
  • Often causes adverse reactions in elderly patients – potassium is not excreted, begins to be deposited in the renal tubules, as a result, the urine acquires a blue or blue tint, which is very frightening for patients.
  • In patients wearing contact lenses, the drug causes increased dry eyes and irritation, moisturizing drops may be required.
  • May cause lethargy, respectively tablets should not be drunk before driving a vehicle or working with other mechanisms.
  • You can not drink with edema on the background of acute or severely occurring chronic renal failure.


A weak diuretic that saves potassium but removes sodium and chlorine. As an independent agent, Amiloride is not very effective, but it significantly enhances the therapeutic effect of Furosemide, Uregit, and diuretics of the thiazide group.

  • Gently lowers blood pressure; as part of complex therapy, it helps to prevent an attack (hypertensive crisis).
  • General condition worsens, causes weakness.
  • For some patients, it was not effective.
  • It can provoke nausea and other digestive disorders.
  • In the background, tinnitus occurs.


Namechayizlistevtoloknyanki - Diuretics for leg edema pills nameBearberry leaf teanastoylistevberezy - Diuretics for leg edema pills nameInfusion of birch leaveschayizshipovnika - Diuretics for leg edema pills nameRosehip tea
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Easy to useEffective fluid removal from the bodySoft effect on the bodyQuickly eliminate puffiness


Remedies for facial edema

Swelling due to internal organs is conditionally divided into two groups:

  • renal – occur due to problems with the kidneys, the face in this case swells first of all, it acquires a characteristic puffiness, these problems are especially noticeable in the mornings, by the evening the swelling gradually disappears;
  • cardiac – occur due to heart failure, first, swelling occurs on the lower extremities, intensifies in the evening, and can gradually spread to other parts of the body.

Experts identify the following causes of edema:

  • disturbances in lymphatic flow, slowdown and stagnation;
  • increased permeability of the vascular walls;
  • high blood pressure;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • heart failure;
  • kidney and urinary tract diseases;
  • liver pathology – rare cases.
  • problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • chronic lung disease;
  • kidney disease.

Therefore, self-medication is not worth it. This can aggravate the course of the pathology.

When diuretics are prescribed for an elderly patient, it is necessary to control the water-salt balance. If the patient loses a lot of potassium, interruptions in the functioning of the heart and blood vessels are possible. Therefore, older people should not drink diuretics for a long time. At the end of the course, a break is needed so that the body copes with the load.

Older people are most often prescribed the following drugs: Oxodolin, Indapamide and Diuretin. Additionally, vitamins and glucose are prescribed to normalize potassium in the body. As a supplement, Asparkam, Potassium Oratate and other analogues are prescribed.

An important component in the treatment of edema in the elderly: daily physical activity (do not constantly lie on the couch), as well as a decrease in the consumption of pickles, preserves and salt.

Infusions and decoctions

A common cause of facial swelling is lack of sleep. This problem is also caused by a large amount of food before bedtime, the use of salty foods, alcohol, and canned food. Even ordinary overwork leads to edema. If you have shortness of breath, the condition may indicate heart problems. Swelling under the eyes indicates pathology of the kidneys. Among the drugs to eliminate edema, use:

Relying solely on folk recipes is not worth it. Some of them can only aggravate the situation. In general, the following herbs are used against puffiness on the face:

  • rose hips;
  • lingonberry leaves;
  • parsley;
  • lemon balm;
  • peppermint;
  • daisy;
  • sage;
  • birch leaves;
  • horsetail.

The latter plant helps to quickly eliminate facial swelling. The advantage of horsetail in the additional removal of mild inflammation without getting used to the decoction of it. Instructions for the preparation and use of this folk remedy include the following steps:

  1. Take as much field horsetail so that after chopping it turns out 4 tsp. raw materials.
  2. Pour the grass with half a liter of boiling water.
  3. Leave on for 20 minutes, then strain.
  4. Ready broth take 3 tbsp. up to 4 times a day. Exceeding the dose can cause dehydration.

Forms of release of diuretics

mochegonnye sredstva pri otekah litsa 9 - Diuretics for leg edema pills name

Diuretics are produced in different forms.


Tablets from swelling of the legs have two types of focus:

  • Means with a quick effect.
  • For daily use.

Effectively improve the patient’s condition can be drugs based on furosemide. Between the courses of admission, a mandatory break is necessary, since the body is prone to addiction. This group includes drugs called “Lasix”, “Bumetanide”, “Furosemide.”

Diuretic tablets for edema of moderate strength legs are stopped by thiazide drugs (Indapamide, Clopamide, Hypothiazide). They have a longer effect, are prescribed in a daily dosage on the recommendation of a doctor and are able to maintain blood pressure (with heart failure) at the required level, as well as reduce the pastility of the lower extremities. To maintain potassium and magnesium metabolism with a long course of diuretics, Asparkam is recommended to be taken.

To normalize the work of blood vessels and strengthen the venous wall, modern venotonics and angioprotectors are used to relieve swelling (Detralex, Indovazin, Venolan).

A local medicine for leg edema is used for varicose veins, diabetes mellitus or the initial stage of lymphostasis. The gel is able to improve microcirculation in tissues, relieve pastiness and act directly on the area of ​​fluid accumulation, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. The most common ointments from edema are Troxevasin, Lyoton, heparin, etc.

When pastiness develops rapidly and there is no impossibility to take a pill, they resort to injections of a diuretic medicine: they not only help with swelling of the legs, but can also save lives. Also, injections are suitable for people with gastrointestinal pathologies. The disadvantage of the procedure is the pain in the introduction and the inability to take the medicine on your own.

The price range of diuretics is wide and depends on the company that produces the drug. Domestic products are in the pharmacy from 20 to 100 rubles, imported drugs – from 200 to 1000 rubles, depending on the amount and dosage of nutrients.

Diuretics are available in several types of packages for oral use:

  • pills;
  • capsules;
  • drops;
  • solution in ampoules for intravenous administration.

How to choose a strong diuretic for edema

For various diseases and conditions, a certain class of diuretics is selected:

  • Saluretics – diuretics, remove potassium and magnesium ions, causing a diuretic effect:
    • loopback – furosemide, bumetanide, torasemide, lasix, ethacrylic acid
    • sulfonamides – chlortalidone, clopamide (usually chlortalidone, clopamide is used in combination with beta-adenoblockers, antihypertensive drugs), indapamide – a hypotensive drug
    • thiazide – cyclomethiazide, hypothiazide
    • carbonic anhydrase inhibitors – acetazolamide, diacarb
  • Potassium-sparing diuretics – work in the outlet tubule, preventing loss of potassium – amiloride, spironolactone, triamteren, veroshpiron, eplerenone
  • Osmotic diuretics prevent the reverse absorption of fluid due to the difference in the osmotic pressure in the tubules – mannitol, urea (intravenous administration).

What when doctors prescribe:

    Arterial hypertension (high blood pressure) – thiaz >

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By efficiency

StrongFurosemide, Trifas, Uregit, LasixaverageHypothiazide, Cyclomethiazide, Oxodoline, HygrotonThe weakVeroshpiron, Triamteren, Diacarb

By duration

Long work (up to 4 days)Eplerenone, Veroshpiron, ChlortalidoneMedium-term (up to 14 hours)Diacarb, Clopamide, Triamteren, Hypothiazide, IndapamideShort acting (up to 8 hours)Beckoning, Furosemide, Lasix, Torasemide, Ethacrine acid

By the speed of the onset of effect

Fast (after 30 minutes)Furosemide, Torasemide, Ethacrylic acid, TriamterenMedium (after 2 hours)Diacarb, AmilorideSlow (2 days)Veroshpiron, Eplerenone

Diuretics for swelling of the face (tablets or drops) must be bought according to the cause of the problem.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right tool:

  • if a strong and fast effect is important, then you should choose Furosemide;
  • if Furosemide did not give the desired effect, it is worth trying Bumetanid, it is 2 times stronger than the first drug, but the undesirable effects from it are more significant;
  • if a person thinks about the balance of potassium in the body, and there is no need for a significant increase in diuresis, then it is worth stopping at the drug Triamteren;
  • with extensive edema and the need for an early effect, experts use the representative of the osmotic group – Mannitol;
  • to prevent hypertensive seizures, when the diuretic effect is fundamentally not necessary, means of mild to moderate effect are used – Indapamide and Torasemide;
  • with a great need to maintain the potassium level at the required level, Amiloride is prescribed.

Only a doctor can prescribe a specific drug. The choice is made taking into account the causes of puffiness. It is impossible to prescribe a medicine for yourself. All of them have contraindications and side effects. In addition, for various diseases, a diuretic of one or another group may be required. A person without qualification can not determine what means he needs.

Classification of diuretics

Depending on the method of creating the diuretic effect, the drugs have different speed of exposure, power and methods of creating the diuretic effect.

By the strength of the effect

Power of effectGroupPreparations
  • Furosemide;
  • Ethacrylic acid;
  • Bumetanide;
  • Torsemide;
  • Peritanide.
AverageSulfonamide: thiazide and nontiazide
  • Hydrochlorothiazide;
  • Chlortalidone;
  • Clopamide;
  • Indapamide.

Different drug groups of diuretics have their own targets for exposure.

Group of drugsWork mechanismPurpose of exposure
SulfonamideSuppression of transport of sodium, potassium, chlorineThe ascending part of the nephron loop
Sulfonamide, thiazide and nontiazide derivativesDistal tubule of the nephron loop
SulfonamideCarbonic anhydrase suppressionProximal tubule
Non-sulfonamide compoundsSodium channel blockers in the renal epitheliumExtreme part of the proximal tubule and collecting tubes
SteroidAldosterone Receptor Blocker

There are several varieties of diuretics that differ among themselves by the mechanism of action used in the treatment of various pathologies.

Diuretics are of three types:

  1. Affecting the work of the epithelial tissue of the renal tubules. The following drugs belong to the group of these drugs: Triamteren, Hydrochlorothiazide, Bumetanide, Cyclomethiazide, Chlortalidone, Bendroflumethiazide, Ethacrylic acid, Clopamide, Methclothiazide, Amiloride, Metolazone, Furosemide, Indapamide, Torasemide.
  2. Calcium-preserving antagonists of aldosterone (mineralocorticoid) receptors. Diuretics of this type include Spironolactone, which is known under such a trade name as Veroshpiron.
  3. Osmotic, for example, Mannitol (Monitol).

Diuretics are classified not only by the mechanism of action, but also by the degree of leaching of sodium:

  • highly effective (leaching over 15%);
  • average efficiency (10%);
  • ineffective (5%).

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