Allergy symptoms, causes, treatment methods

allergy - 3Allergic responses threaten conditions that establish as an outcome of direct exposure to numerous biological compounds. The body is hypersensitive to these compounds, which results in the symptom of a response.

Causes of Allergies

The advancement of allergies is based upon autoimmune procedures. Their essence depends on the reality that when an irritant gets in the body, distributing immune complexes (CIC) are formed. These complexes can be brought with the blood stream to numerous parts of the body and transferred in tissues.

This results in the reality that the body immune system starts to acknowledge the tissue including the CEC as a foreign body, and to reveal aggressiveness towards it. As an outcome, an inflammatory procedure establishes, which results in dysfunction of the target organ.

Such offenses in the work of protective systems can be observed when exposed to such elements:

  • Frequent and lengthy contagious illness, along with persistent foci of infection. Long remain in the body of numerous pathogenic bacteria can cause the reality that they, with their enzymes and contaminants, impact the body immune system, triggering practical modifications in it.
  • Heredity. The genetic aspect is among the leading in the advancement of allergic reactions. The biggest risk is the symptom of allergic reactions in the mom throughout pregnancy. In this case, immune complexes can permeate the placental barrier to the fetus, which increases the threat of the kid establishing specific level of sensitivity to this irritant in the future.
  • Immunosuppressive conditions. Some pathologies are accompanied by a substantial suppression of the body immune system, which can cause the advancement of specific level of sensitivity.
  • Long-term remain in an environment which contains a big quantity of allergenic compounds. Regular direct exposure of the body to compounds that are most likely to trigger allergic reactions is not advised. In specific, this uses to kids, because the defense reaction are not yet best.

The reason for allergic reactions are not completely comprehended, however pathogenetic information suffice to recommend appropriate drug treatment.

Types of irritants

Allergies can manifest themselves in definitely whatever.

The primary groups of irritants are:

  • Food items. The most harmful, in allergic terms, are citrus fruits, chocolate, eggs, and veggies. The intensity of an allergy to food irritants depends upon the quantity of food consumed, along with the specific attributes of the body.
  • Aerosol irritants. These consist of family and book dust, aerosol family chemicals, fragrances, and numerous gases. It deserves keeping in mind that aerosol compounds trigger a few of the most tough symptoms, because they are accompanied by deep breathing conditions.
  • Medicines. Absolutely any medication can trigger an allergy. It does not depend upon the path of administration of the drug. The most harmful responses accompany intravenous drug administration.
  • Physical elements. In the body, pathological conditions can establish under the impact of low temperature levels, ultraviolet radiation, and other kinds of radiation.

Regardless of what triggered the allergy, it is essential to perform top quality diagnostics with allergological tests and examine the state of the body immune system.

The reason for allergic reactions in grownups are frequently understood, because the response has actually currently appeared not for the very first time. But the reasons for allergic reactions in kids require to be clarified and detected.


Symptoms and treatment of allergic reactions depend upon the type of its symptom.

Thus, the list below kinds of allergy are differentiated:

  • Hives.
  • Asthmatic cough.
  • Quincke swelling.
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Anaphylactic shock.

The type of allergy depends upon the path of intake of the irritant, along with on the titer of immune complexes in the blood, the greater the titer, the more serious the allergy attack.

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In reality, urticaria is an allergic rash that can happen both localized and impact big locations of the skin. This rash has little structural aspects that do not tend to fuse, however can top time to healthy locations of the skin.

Urticaria is accompanied by extreme itching, which can be so serious that clients establish deep scratching. This condition is stuffed with the reality that scratching is the entryway gate for germs.

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The accession of infection is stuffed with the advancement of septic problems, which needs using extra groups of drugs for treatment. In serious medical cases, it might be essential to immediately remove purulent foci, with the threat of establishing generalized septic procedures.

The system of urticaria advancement is that the CEC is repaired in the endoderm, which results in its swelling. Itching with urticaria is the outcome of the development of histamine in the foci of swelling. It is this inflammatory arbitrator that results in itching.

Urticaria establishes slowly. First, different rashes appear, which topped time. Severe kinds of such a response can cover the whole surface area of the body, which is the reason for the incredibly severe condition of clients.

It need to be kept in mind that the look of rashes on the back, butts and the posterior surface area of the lower extremities in bedridden clients substantially increases the threat of bedsores.

Allergy symptoms in grownups need distinction from skin and sexually transmitted illness.

Asthmatic cough and asthma

Contact of an allergy victim with numerous aerosol compounds and dust is accompanied by impaired breathing function. In milder kinds, this manifests itself in the type of asthmatic cough, which has the character of attacks. These attacks appear regularly during the night and last approximately 1 hour.

At completion of the coughing attack, clients launch a relatively big quantity of thick and transparent sputum. It is the look of sputum that is a differential requirement for omitting contagious illness of the bronchi or lungs.

In cases where asthmatic cough treatment was not performed, or the quantity of the irritant was big, bronchial asthma attacks happen. This condition varies from asthmatic cough in intensity, along with in the existence of bronchospasm.

With asthma, there is an increased production of sputum, which, as in a moderate type, is extremely thick, edema of the bronchial mucosa, along with bronchial convulsion. In mix, these 3 procedures cause impaired ventilation. Expiratory dyspnea happens, in which there is trouble in breathing out.

As an outcome, an individual’s chest boosts in size, and the intercostal areas end up being visible from a range. Lack of prompt healthcare can be deadly.

The reason for allergic reactions in grownups can consist of elements such as tobacco cigarette smoking, which can puzzle the response with the bronchitis of a cigarette smoker.

Quincke’s edema

This condition is defined by edema of the subcutaneous tissue. Quincke’s edema is associated with angioedema. Edema of fat can be localized throughout the body. But, frequently, it establishes in the face and neck location. This condition threatens due to the fact that edema can cause obstruction of the upper breathing system and asphyxiation.

Allergy symptoms, and in this type, are rather typical amongst all medical cases.

The swelling starts with stress and anxiety and itching in the face. After that, a boost in the neck, eyelids and lips appears, which can be rather noticable. These symptoms might be accompanied by shortness of breath due to the constricting of the respiratory tracts.

The most serious kinds of angioedema happen as an outcome of damage to adipose tissue in the stomach cavity or mediastinum. In such cases, the medical photo might resemble stomach ischemic syndrome or angina pectoris.

Quincke’s edema needs immediate medical attention to remove dangerous symptoms.

Anaphylactic shock

Such an allergy is thought about the most harmful symptom of an allergy. This is because of the reality that it is accompanied by an interruption of the cardiovascular, breathing and urinary systems.

With anaphylactic shock, an individual’s high blood pressure reduces, the heart rate decreases. Together with breathing failure, this results in serious tissue hypoxia.

In addition, there is an offense of the production of urine, which is connected with the build-up of distributing immune complexes in the tissues of the kidneys. Impaired urine production can trigger damage to the lining of the brain by urea items.

Against this background, the client has conditions of awareness, approximately a coma. Disruption of the brain exacerbates the condition, because dysfunction of the breathing and vasomotor centers appears in the medulla oblongata.

In this case, the symptoms of allergy in kids are incredibly harmful and can trigger irreparable modifications in organs and tissues.


Diagnostic procedures for allergies are not performed till emergency situation care is offered. After that, application and allergological tests are performed, the function of which is to determine an irritant that can trigger the advancement of such conditions.

In some cases, determining an irritant might take a very long time, because these research studies are carried out by exemption and matching.

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In addition, lab tests are performed, that make it possible to examine the state of the human body immune system, along with examine the degree of damage triggered by an allergy.


It is much better to deal with allergies in an allergic medical facility. This is because of the reality that even moderate kinds of symptom can advance and trigger anaphylactic shock.

In addition, Quincke’s edema and anaphylactic shock need hospitalization in an extensive care system or extensive care system.

Allergy treatment methods depend upon the type of symptom and its intensity. The standard drugs for eliminating symptoms are antihistamines and adrenal cortex hormonal agents.

Thus, use:

  • Tableted kinds of antihistamines. The primary agents of these drugs are Diazolin and Claritin.
  • Injection items. The primary compound utilized for allergic reactions is Diphenhydramine. This compound makes it possible to remove allergic reactions in the fastest possible time, with the exception of incredibly serious kinds.
  • Adrenal gland feed hormonal agents. Glucocorticosteroids are offered parenterally. Intramuscular, intravenous and drip administration is possible. These medications have an effective anti-allergic impact and likewise remove swelling.

The remainder of the treatment is recommended symptomatically.

The following groups of medications can be utilized:

  • Bronchodilators. For asthmatic coughs and attacks of bronchial asthma, pocket inhalers are utilized, which consist of compounds that broaden the lumen of the bronchial tree. If they are inefficient, aminophylline and glucocorticosteroids are utilized.
  • Ointments including antihistamines or hormonal agents. The usage of such lotions is etiotropic and symptomatic treatment for urticaria. These funds avoid the additional spread of pathology, remove swelling and minimize the strength of itching.
  • Oxygen treatment. In case of symptoms of breathing failure, which manifests itself in lung allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock, oxygen is utilized. This is performed in order to bring back the typical concentration of oxygen in the blood and, appropriately, in the tissues. Normalization of oxygen levels is incredibly essential for the brain, because the main organ of the nerve system is incredibly conscious hypoxia.
  • Drugs to increase high blood pressure. Anaphylactic shock accompanies a drop in high blood pressure, which increases the state of hypoxia. The objective of emergency situation look after shock is to bring back typical hemodynamic criteria.
  • Forced diuresis. In order to get rid of the CEC from the blood stream as rapidly as possible, the forced diuresis method is utilized. It includes a mix of generous fluid treatment and effective diuretics. For intravenous infusions, electrolyte options, soda, protein options, and glucose are utilized. The usage of this technique needs necessary control over the quantity of urine excreted.

An essential function in the treatment of allergic reactions is the arrangement of emergency situation care.

First of all, individuals around them need to call the ambulance group, and after that stop the client’s contact with the irritant. This action is extremely essential, because if it is not carried out, the symptoms will advance.

After that, the client should be offered with fresh air. If possible, he is secured or secured into the street. If this is not possible, then the awkward clothing are unbuttoned and positioned near the open window.

If offered, you can offer antihistamines, however on the arrival of an ambulance, you need to notify the medical personnel about this. It is essential for recommending drug treatment to prevent overdose.


If an individual understands that he has a private level of sensitivity to some compound, then he must follow a variety of guidelines, the function of which is to avoid the advancement of allergies.

These consist of:

  • Complete exemption of the possibility of contact with an irritant. This can be accomplished by following a diet plan, everyday regimen and arranging living conditions.
  • If it is not possible to leave out contact with the irritant, then the organized consumption of tableted antihistamines is revealed. They need to be taken prophylactically, without waiting on the advancement of pathological conditions.
  • Maintaining the body immune system at an enough level. For this, immunostimulants and vitamin complexes are utilized, which are taken as recommended by a medical professional and a recommended plan.
  • Periodic assessments with a specialist. The existence of allergic reactions needs the client to check out a specialist routinely. This is essential in order to have the ability to modify the routine of substance abuse, along with to get extra suggestions concerning the way of life.

Allergy is a pathology that can trigger incredibly harmful conditions that can trigger permanent damage to the body. It is essential to do whatever possible to avoid the advancement of these pathological conditions, as their treatment needs immediate extensive care.

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