A child complains of heart pain – what to do

Parents of a small child who does not understand and does not know how to fully explain the localization and nature of painful sensations need to understand that you should not focus on the words of the children only. Why? For example, your baby may have a very bad stomach ache, while the baby shows on the heart. Parents begin to panic and give the baby sedatives or more serious medications.

That is, we conclude – complaints about heart pain from a child may be fake. The causes of unpleasant sensations can be – scoliosis, osteochondrosis, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, pain in the liver, kidneys, lungs. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons and to establish the present – you need to contact specialists.

First aid

There are no age-related features in emergency care. The algorithm is standard:

  • Call Ambulance;
  • creation of comfortable conditions;
  • peace.

Before the arrival of the doctors:

  • no loads, physical activity;
  • comfortable pose;
  • access to fresh air, loose clothing;
  • sedative drops, Nitroglycerin, Aspirin (for the prevention of complications).

Due to the imperfection of the body systems, adolescents may have shortness of breath with cardiac arrest, so you need to be prepared to perform a closed heart massage, artificial respiration.

Causes of heart pain in children associated with serious cardiac abnormalities

Pain in the heart of a child can be triggered by severe neurosis. In addition to the fact that the baby will complain of unpleasant tingling in the left side of the chest, parents can note impaired motor activity in the baby, sudden mood swings, restless state. Over time, pain begins to increase, as the heart muscle contracts more. The nature of the pain is stitching, aching.

If the baby complains of pain in the heart after coughing or inhaling sharply a large amount of air, then it can be suspected that it is not the heart itself that hurts, but the area around it. Cardiologists define this condition as angina pectoris.

After the viral disease in the form of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections, myocarditis often develops in children. In a special order, attention should be paid to heart complaints in those children who some time ago suffered an infectious disease provoked by a bacterium – streptococcus. It could be a sore throat or scarlet fever.

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Does your child have a heart condition and have recently had a severe infection? In no case do not postpone a visit to a cardiologist. Perhaps there is a place to be viral myocarditis or rheumatism.

Pain in the heart, manifested during breathing or coughing, is a symptom of pericarditis.

When is a doctor needed?

If the attack is single – there is no reason for panic, but in any case it must be shown to the doctor to exclude serious pathology. This must be done without fail if the following symptoms are observed:

  • general weakness for a long time;
  • hyperthermia without a cold or infection;
  • losing weight for no apparent reason;
  • loss of appetite;
  • dyspnea;
  • joint pain

These may be symptoms of inflammation of the membranes of the heart, in the case of endocarditis (in the absence of treatment) – the result will be an acquired heart defect. The survey algorithm is as follows:

  • physical examination, collection of complaints;
  • OAC, OAM, biochemistry (sugar, cholesterol);
  • ECG, Echocardiography, Holter;
  • x-ray of the chest, spine;
  • tonometry, pulsometry.

Your doctor may prescribe additional tests.

What to do if a child has heart pain?

Having considered several reasons why pains occur in the region of the heart in children, you can go to another, no less important question: what to do in this condition, and how to provide the child with first aid? If pain in the heart during inhalation or exhalation appeared once, then parents have no special reasons for excitement, since during the formation of the body pain occurs in different parts of the body, and this is considered normal.

Examination of the child for cardiac abnormalities

But if the same site in a child hurts more than once with a certain frequency, then this is a serious signal indicating a violation or pathology. With these symptoms, it is best to immediately go to the hospital for medical care. As for self-medication, it is better not to use it at all, since immunity is not yet formed in children, and any, even the smallest mistakes, in the treatment of pathology can cause irreversible consequences in the body that can provoke a fatal outcome.

Pain in the heart in children is not always associated with a disease of the heart muscle itself or the vascular system. But, hoping that today the crumbs have a little heart ache, and tomorrow it stops – is not worth it in any case. The sooner a disease is detected, the faster you can eliminate it. Severe heart defects are very difficult to treat at an older age. In addition, they can really entail a number of complications.

Features of treatment

Therapy of heart pain depends on the underlying cause, the diagnosis and includes:

  • lifestyle changes;
  • medication;
  • physiotherapy;
  • psychotherapy.
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In contrast to adults, for a teenager in case of chest pain, a correction of the daily regimen with elements of physiotherapy and psychotherapy may suffice. The discomfort in the heart is stopped like this:

  • good rest: sleep and walks in the fresh air;
  • reduction of mental stress, stress, conflict;
  • decrease in physical activity (dosed, reasonable);
  • hardening;
  • cold and hot shower;
  • swimming, sea bathing;
  • balanced diet calculated by a specialist (the body grows).

If you can not do without medications, then it is preferable:

  • sedative drops: Corvalol, Valocordin, Motherwort (monitor pressure);
  • painkillers for prolonged pain in the heart: Analgin, Pentalgin, Nurofen;

In children and adolescents, the dose and frequency of administration, which is determined by the doctor, is important.

You can add rose hip, lemon balm, lemon to tea, walnuts are good, but everything is agreed with the attending pediatrician. In summer you need to eat as many berries as possible. Wild strawberries are indispensable for the heart.

A hot foot bath with mustard for 15 minutes or mustard on the chest will not harm the child.

Who can I contact?

To the cardiologist and therapist. The baby should be referred for a consultation with a pediatric cardiologist and pediatrician. To clarify the diagnosis, it will be necessary to conduct an ultrasound diagnosis and make an electrocardiogram. If the results of these studies show that the heart muscle is not damaged, then in this case it will be necessary to additionally be examined by a gastroenterologist, neurologist, and also an orthopedist. In no case should any pain in the heart region be ignored.


For the heart to grow and develop correctly, children need movement. A couple of hours sitting is an acceptable limit. After this, you should stretch yourself: run, do gymnastics, play the ball. And then you can sit down at work again. This is the basis of adolescent health.

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In addition, every teenager should ideally engage in the sport that he likes. Dosed under the supervision of a trainer. These are not empty words – this is how vascular tone is trained, blood flow is normalized, and hypoxia of tissues and organs is prevented.

In addition, preventive measures that prevent heart disease are:

  • proper diet with the prevalence of proteins and calcium: chicken, fish, veal, cottage cheese, greens, fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grain baked goods;
  • sleep – at least 8 hours, it is better – 9, if there is such an opportunity;
  • medical examination.

Compliance with such recommendations will provide the growing body with the most important thing – health.

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