What to do if, after removing the gallbladder, bitterness appears in the mouth

Sometimes after removal of the gallbladder, bitterness in the mouth is a common symptom. The lifestyle after cholecystectomy changes dramatically. The digestive organs are under tremendous stress, therefore, after the procedure to remove the gallbladder, it is very important to adhere to all prescriptions and recommendations. Otherwise, unforeseen consequences may occur, which include a feeling of bitterness in the mouth. Failure to comply with proper nutrition and other errors can cause the onset of pain syndrome on the right, this can be supplemented by nausea, intestinal upset, bloating, increased gas production.

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If the gallbladder is removed, bitterness in the mouth is considered a frequent companion of the patient. Not only bitterness in the mouth begins to appear, but also dry mouth after surgery to remove the gallbladder. A key predisposing factor for persistent bitterness in the mouth after bile has been removed is the transfer of food from the intestines back into the abdominal cavity. This mass is a substance that is saturated with bile secretion and stomach acid. That is why there is a strong bitterness in the mouth if the bile ducts are overloaded.

Why does a bitter taste appear in the mouth? After cholecystectomy, there is often a bitter taste in the mouth. This is one of the symptoms of postcholecystectomy syndrome. In the abdominal cavity, the substance begins to cause painful sensations, heaviness, burning. The body reflexively tries to remove the internal contents, resulting in nausea and vomiting.

Peristalsis intensifies, the mass is mixed with a huge amount of acid and thrown secretion. As a result, there is bitterness in the mouth. Especially often, this symptom occurs after eating. The causes and treatment of this condition are directly related to each other, since the duration of therapy and the treatment algorithm will depend on the severity of the symptoms. It is very important to see a doctor to get rid of unpleasant symptoms. Bile, which was previously in the cavity of the organ, begins to be thrown into the intestinal tract and into the epigastric region.

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Another reason for the sour taste in the mouth is an increase in the concentration of bilirubin in the absence of a gallbladder. Lipid acid in the mouth is not the only cause of an unpleasant condition. The bitterness that appears in the mouth is provoked by the fact that bile stagnates in the tissues of the liver and in hepatocytes for a long period of time, due to which the concentration of this substance increases significantly.

The liver cannot cope with this substance after the treatment of cholecystitis, as a result of which it continues to be in the general bloodstream for a long time. The result is intoxication with toxic substances, the mouth cavity is filled with a bitter taste. Another reason that there is unpleasant sensations in the mouth after removal of the organ is that the pancreas does not function normally. Gallstone disease causes the development of various disorders in the digestive system. With radical treatment of this ailment, certain complications arise, they are expressed in stagnation, pathological reactions.

How to get rid of bitterness in your mouth

What to do if bitterness appears in the mouth after the gallbladder removal procedure? What drugs to take to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, if bitterness appears in the mouth, traditionally only the doctor decides. Self-medication in such a situation is unacceptable. You can not drink any medications or use non-traditional methods of therapy. It is important to visit a specialist who will tell you what medicine to drink to get rid of biliary disease. To eliminate the unpleasant symptom that occurs after cholecystectomy (bitter in the mouth) and to maintain the state of the body as a whole, the following elimination options are prescribed:

  • treatment with medication,
  • therapy with folk remedies,
  • proper diet, thanks to which you can reduce the amount of bile in the stomach.

What means can be used to remove bitterness, a specialist must decide.

Medication Therapy

In case of an unpleasant aftertaste, it is better to cook only steamed, you cannot eat fatty, spicy foods, and alcoholic beverages are not allowed. The following drugs are used to support the liver: Duspatalin, Meverberine. These medicines can be used only after consulting a doctor. They will help eliminate spasms, heaviness and discomfort, bile will freely exit the ducts.

In case of unfavorable processes in the liver, it is necessary to take hepatoprotectors. With their help, it is possible to improve the functioning of the organ, restore metabolism, and activate the outflow of bile. In addition, the doctor prescribes choleretic drugs (Allohol, Holosas).

Traditional medicine

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Traditional medicines are good helpers in getting rid of unpleasant symptoms after cholecystectomy. It is recommended to use herbal decoctions using wild rose, lingonberry, tansy, flax. Teas, decoctions and infusions are prepared from them. They can only be drunk with the permission of a specialist.

The use of dried fruit compote helps a lot. These drinks should be consumed on an empty stomach several times a day.

Prevention and diet

To prevent the appearance of an unpleasant symptom, it is recommended to follow proper nutrition in the postoperative period. For this, fried, spicy, sour, bitter, fatty foods, alcoholic and carbonated drinks should be excluded from the diet.

Meals should be fractional – often, but in small portions. The number of meals should be at least five times during the day. This will allow the bile to pass away faster, prevent unpleasant consequences and complications after surgery.


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