Valerian extract tablets action and use

Valerian tablets are an organic medication. It impacts the worried, cardiovascular system and is utilized to deal with the matching pathology.


Valerian tablets are round, biconvex and yellow in color. They are covered with an unique membrane that liquifies in the intestinal tract lumen and safeguards the active components in the stomach. Small green or brown spots are permitted on the surface area.

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The primary active component is a thick extract of valerian, its material in one tablet is 20 mg. Also, the medication consists of excipients:

  • Titanium dioxide.
  • Magnesium carbonate.
  • Anhydrous colloidal silicon dioxide.
  • Povidone.
  • Beeswax.
  • Tartrazine.
  • Sunflower oil.

The tablets are packaged in a blister of 10 and 50 pieces. The cardboard box includes blisters and guidelines for use.

Important! There is a dose kind of valerian extract in the kind of a cast. It has a quicker restorative result, however includes alcohol in its structure.

How it works

The extract of the medical plant valerian includes a substantial quantity of important oils. When they get in the body, they impact particular receptors of the main nerve system, due to which numerous restorative impacts are recognized:

  • Sedative result due to a decline in the seriousness of the practical activity of neurocytes (cells of the nerve system) and synapses. Due to its restorative result, the medication assists an individual to cool down in difficult circumstances.
  • Influence on the policy of the work of internal organs with a boost in the activity of the parasympathetic part of the nerve system.
  • Improving sleep – a thick extract of valerian decreases the extreme activity of neurocytes in the cortex and promotes much faster oversleep individuals with sleeping disorders.
  • Antispasmodic action – under the action of valerian, the smooth muscles of the walls of the hollow internal organs are partly unwinded when it comes to increased muscle fiber tone.
  • Reducing the frequency of heart contractions due to a sedative result on the main nerve system.
  • The medication reduces the pressure level by unwinding the walls of the arteries and increasing the size of their lumen.

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The drug starts to be taken in from the intestinal tracts into the blood stream and act within a brief amount of time after taking the tablet. To date, there are no dependable information on the metabolic process of esters and other parts of thick valerian extract.

Due to the application of the primary restorative impacts, there are numerous primary indicators for which Valerian tablets need to be taken:

  • Increased worried excitability – the medication needs to be utilized to cool down when exposed to extreme tension aspects or when it comes to the advancement of nerve pathology with their increased practical activity.
  • Insomnia of moderate seriousness with a practical origin.
  • Complex treatment of non-severe practical modifications in the work of the structures of the cardiovascular system, which appear by a boost in high blood pressure, tachycardia (the term tachycardia specifies a boost in the frequency of heart contraction).

Also, the drug can be utilized for the complex treatment of somatic or practical pathology of the digestion system, which is accompanied by a convulsion of their walls.


In basic, the use of the drug in tablets is possible for grownups and kids, which is related to the plant origin of the primary active component. There are numerous outright contraindications to the use of the drug:

  • Individual intolerance to any of the parts of valerian extract.
  • Hypersensitivity to the auxiliary parts of the tablet kind of the drug.
  • Pathological or physiological conditions of the client’s body, accompanied by inhibition of the practical activity of the nerve system.

Before you begin taking tablets, it is essential to make certain that there is nobody or more of the contraindications.

Mode of application

Valerian extract tablets are taken orally. They need to not be chewed and need to be cleaned down with a lot of water after intake. The course of treatment depends upon the indicators, it is identified by the going to doctor separately.
The typical dose for grownups and teenagers over 12 years of ages is 2-4 tablets 3 times a day. The possibility of taking tablets for kids aged 6 years and older is identified by the medical professional separately, while the typical dosage needs to not go beyond 1-2 tablets daily.

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To go to sleep for sleeping disorders, it is suggested to take the tablets 30 minutes prior to bedtime. In this case, the night dosage need to go beyond the day-to-day dosage; it is not suggested to take tablets in the early morning. For an enough restorative result in the pathology of the nerve system, the medication needs to be utilized every day.

Important! The drug can be utilized not just as a course of treatment, however likewise sporadically, in order to much better sleep or manage tension.

What responses can there be

Despite the truth that Valerian tablets are represented by an organic element, their consumption can in some cases be accompanied by the advancement of unfavorable responses from numerous systems:

  • Gastrointestinal system – the look of queasiness, which is accompanied by throwing up.
  • Structures of the brain, spine, peripheral nerves – scattered headache, lightheadedness, uninspired basic weak point, extended and noticable reduction in state of mind (anxiety), hand tremblings (tremblings), reduced psychological capability.
  • Sense organs – reduced visual skill and hearing, dilated students.
  • Immunity – allergies, accompanied by the look of a skin rash, itching, peripheral tissue edema (angioedema), in addition to modifications in the skin that appear like a nettle burn (urticaria).

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The look of indications of the advancement of unfavorable responses is the basis for stopping the additional use of the medication.


To get an enough restorative result and omit the advancement of unfavorable responses, you can consume no greater than 5-6 tablets at a time. If this dose is surpassed, overdose signs will establish, that includes:

  • Nausea with throwing up.
  • Suppression of the practical activity of the brain, accompanied by serious sleepiness. The deadly dose of valerian extract, in which the breathing and vasomotor centers of the brain are hindered, stays uncertain, in theory it needs to be large.
  • Dilation of the students, showing a harmful result on the main nerve system.
  • The look of undesirable squeezing feelings in the heart.
  • Tachycardia – with a substantial concentration in the blood of the drug, the frequency of heart contractions.
  • Pain in the abdominal area.

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Treatment of a pathological condition related to a substantial excess of the drug dosage is performed in a healthcare facility setting. Gastric and intestinal tract lavage is carried out, enterosorbents are recommended, in addition to symptomatic treatment focused on combating the symptoms of an overdose.


During the course of treatment with tablets with valerian extract, they need to be taken properly, for which specific functions are taken into consideration:

  • Alcohol consumption is left out, as this results in a boost in the seriousness of the sedative result.
  • The tablets include sugar as an auxiliary element, which need to be taken into consideration when utilizing the medication by individuals with concomitant diabetes mellitus.
  • Postponed serious liver or kidney pathology is the basis for mindful use of the drug.
  • Esters of thick valerian extract can have an unfavorable result on the establishing fetus. For pregnant ladies, tablets can just be recommended by a physician on stringent medical premises, if the desired advantage to the mom exceeds the possible damage to the coming kid.
  • Engaging in activities that need increased concentration of attention is left out.

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Valerian extract tablets are offered without a prescription. To prevent undesirable repercussions, prior to utilizing them, it is a good idea to seek advice from a physician and thoroughly checked out the guidelines.
Valerian tablets can be considered the symptomatic and pathogenetic treatment of a wide variety of pathological conditions. Due to its plant origin, the drug is fairly safe.

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