Symptoms and treatment of renal hypertension

The disease can have various manifestations, the nature of the severity of symptoms will depend solely on the form of the disease. A benign form is accompanied by less pronounced manifestations, the disease develops gradually and does not immediately make itself felt. There are pains in the head, in the heart, there is a general weakness of the body, shortness of breath and other unpleasant symptoms. During the malignant form, the disease progresses very quickly. Concerned with frequent and severe dizziness, vomiting often occurs, and the quality of vision decreases due to a violation of the retinal blood supply. Both stages can still be characterized by such manifestations as a decrease in cognitive functions, constant bouts of rapid heartbeat, dimmer in the eyes, and others.

Renal hypertension is directly related to kidney disease, which is why high blood pressure is not the only cause of various symptoms. High blood pressure and frequent headaches are just a small part of the symptoms that occur during the illness. Symptoms of renal hypertension may include the following:

  • An increase in the amount of urine excreted.
  • Frequent and prolonged pain in the lower back.
  • Frequent urging to the toilet.
  • Temperature increase.

These are signs that are observed on the part of the kidneys. Their nature and intensity depends on the genesis of the disease.

Diagnosis of Renal Hypertension

To make an accurate diagnosis of renal hypertension is not enough listed symptoms. To identify the disease, it is necessary to undergo a full examination, which includes the passage of instrumental and laboratory methods. They may include an examination of such organs:

The patient is examined for several weeks. All this time, strict monitoring of changes in the work of various organs and systems is carried out, after which final conclusions are made. If pathologies of the excretory system are observed, the disease receives the status of “renal hypertension”. To study renal pathologies in more detail, the patient additionally undergoes such studies as:

Only after conducting an accurate diagnosis and identifying the correct diagnosis, it is possible to choose the appropriate treatment that will prevent the disease progression as quickly as possible and eliminate all acute and unpleasant symptoms of manifestation.

Treatment of Renal Hypertension

Choosing the right treatment method will depend only on the nature of the course of the disease, as well as on the varieties. Before prescribing a particular treatment, a full examination of the patient is mandatory to determine all the nuances that can help in the proper selection of medical methods and medicines. The treatment period is quite complicated, which is why in case of the above symptoms you should immediately consult a doctor for a full examination and diagnosis.

Symptomatic renal arterial hypertension is treated comprehensively, using not only medications, in some cases there is a need to go before surgery. Treatment takes place in order to restore optimal blood circulation, lower blood pressure and normalize kidney function. Medical methods alone are not enough, so most often doctors also use surgical and hardware methods that accelerate the recovery process.

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The main therapy is carried out, the task of which is to quickly eliminate the underlying disease. During this period, the doctor, conducting preliminary examinations, prescribes a number of suitable drugs that will help slow down the mechanism of development of arterial hypertension, as well as stop progressive renal ailments. The most important thing at this stage of treatment is the correct medication approach for each patient individually, which will only accelerate the recovery process, maximally preventing the occurrence of side effects.

Hardware Methods

If drug treatment is not able to cope with the progressive course of the disease, hardware methods come to the rescue, which are characterized by a stronger effect on the disease. The most effective method is sounding. This is a modern and popular treatment for renal hypertension. It is characterized by special nozzles of the vibroacoustic apparatus, the effect of which is due to sound microvibrations. The hardware effect gives positive results, accelerating the recovery process, minimizing all negative manifestations and symptoms.

Surgical method

Surgical intervention is used when renal hypertension disrupts the normal functioning of the body, for example, during doubling of the kidneys or during the formation of cysts on them. In this case, neither medication nor hardware treatment will help us get rid of such manifestations. The most effective and correct method will be surgery.

Surgical intervention can be carried out in various ways. Most often, a catheter is inserted into the artery, which contains a balloon. During the action, the balloon swells, expanding the artery. When a catheter is removed from the vessel, a stent remains. Thanks to this method, blood flow improves, blood pressure decreases, and the walls of blood vessels become stronger.

In the case when this method of surgical intervention is inappropriate, serious measures are applied – removal of the kidneys. This method is the most crucial during the correction of hypertension. His surgeons use it extremely rarely, but all the same, such methods have a place to be in modern medicine.

Traditional methods of treatment

Most often, alternative methods of treatment are used during preventive measures or in the initial stages of the manifestation of symptoms. All folk remedies are prescribed strictly after a medical examination. Many of the means of folk origin can have a negative effect on the heart, and an incorrectly selected dose is fraught with very deplorable consequences. In order for this method to really give the desired results and minimize all manifestations of the disease in the initial stages, you need to consult a doctor, and only then go into decisive action.

Symptoms and treatment of renal hypertension for each person will be individual. In order for the treatment to give the fastest results and not cause any side effects, you need to take quick measures immediately after the appearance of the slightest symptoms of the disease. Only a complete and instant diagnosis of the whole organism will allow you to quickly get rid of a progressive disease and restore impaired functions.

Disease Prevention

Treating a problem is much more difficult and longer than observing preventive measures that will quickly prevent the development of such an unpleasant and serious disease as renal hypertension. To maintain an optimal level of functioning of the heart and kidneys, it is imperative to establish an interconnection of organs, which will help to quickly establish work between them.

Preventive measures are manifested in the following:

  • Quitting alcohol, drugs and smoking.
  • Proper and balanced nutrition, allowing you to keep weight normal.
  • Minimum consumption of salted, fried and spicy dishes.
  • Regular monitoring of pressure during various stressful situations.
  • Occupation with moderate physical activity, which will strengthen the blood vessels, train the heart, increase the general tone of the body.

Preventive measures include taking certain foods and drinks that have a positive effect on the kidneys and prevents the development of renal hypertension. Traditional medicine has prepared a lot of different recipes and products, using which, you can protect your body from such a disease. To strengthen your body, you must:

  • Drink fresh juices daily, both from fruits and vegetables.
  • Once a day, drink one teaspoon of fish oil, and also include fatty varieties of any kind in your diet.
  • Include as much onion and garlic in your diet as possible.
  • Drink tincture of hawthorn, which can be bought at a pharmacy.
  • Once a day, drink kefir syrup, herbs, garlic and seaweed.

If you take preventive measures correctly and seriously, you can permanently protect your body from the occurrence of such diseases and minimize all unpleasant symptoms. The regularity and awareness of the seriousness of the problem is very important, because during advanced cases, even quick surgical interventions will not be able to give the desired result.

Rapid identification of symptoms and surgical treatment of renal failure will help in the shortest possible time to prevent the development of its progression, to protect the patient and guarantee his speedy recovery. When prescribing a particular treatment method, specialists must carry out a full comprehensive examination of the patient, identifying certain changes on which the nature and method of treatment directly depend.

Renal hypertension is a serious disease associated with high blood pressure, which occurs due to pathology of the renal vessels. Symptoms may manifest in different ways, but the most important are dizziness, heart palpitations, and sharp pains in the lower back. If such symptoms occur, you should immediately consult a doctor who will conduct an examination and prescribe an individual treatment. Only the right approach and comprehensive treatment will certainly allow you to quickly get rid of the progression of the disease, restore all the functions of the organs and systems.

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