Raises coffee pressure or lowers

Many people like coffee, especially in the morning for breakfast. This drink gives you the opportunity to get a boost of energy and strength for the whole day. Some people cannot even work normally if they don’t drink a cup of coffee, but many are interested in whether coffee increases blood pressure or lowers such indicators in a person. There are many opinions that the drink adversely affects the condition of the heart and blood vessels, but is it described in the article.

Pressure effects

Coffee contains caffeine, and everyone knows that the pressure rises from it, and a lot of research has been done. There is an experiment in which pressure was measured before and after coffee consumption. It was found that after 2-3 cups of the drink, the upper blood pressure rises by about 8-10 units, and the lower by about 5-7.

After coffee consumption, a person jumps in indicators during the first hour, while caffeine acts, but the value can remain up to 3 hours. The studies were conducted on people who have no problems with pressure and have no heart or vascular disease.

Almost all scientists are convinced that in order to obtain accurate research results, it takes a very long time, lasting several years. Only such diagnostic methods can determine how harmful or beneficial coffee is for people and their pressure.

Italian scientists also conducted an experiment in which 20 people took part. For a certain period, they drank espresso in the morning. During the exercise, the coronary blood flow after one cup is reduced by 20% within an hour after administration. If the volunteer had heart pathologies, then after consuming coffee, chest pain, as well as circulatory failure, are possible. Those who had no health problems did not notice negative results. A similar action applies to pressure.

If the pressure is low, then after coffee it rises and normalizes. The drink itself causes a certain dependence, therefore hypotonics need to be careful, because over time the dosage of coffee may increase and for normal health you will need to drink more coffee in the morning, and this affects the cardiovascular system.

If the pressure rises constantly, doctors diagnose hypertension, then it is better to drink tea, because coffee will be very harmful. All this is due to the fact that hypertension already leads to stresses of the heart and blood vessels, and after a cup of drink the condition worsens. In addition, a slight increase in pressure indicators can trigger further significant growth.

Healthy people with normal pressure can not worry about the condition and drink coffee, naturally, within reason. 2-3 cups a day will not have a negative impact, but doctors and scientists advise drinking natural coffee, it is better not to drink instant coffee often, up to 5 mugs per day is considered the acceptable norm. Otherwise, depletion of cells of the nervous system is possible, constant fatigue will begin.

Does the pressure increase?

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. The main substance in the composition is caffeine, which refers to a natural stimulant. Such a substance is found in some varieties of nuts, tea and other deciduous plants, but the majority of people get it from coffee and chocolate.

After drinking the drink, the nervous system is stimulated, so the remedy is often used during fatigue, lack of sleep, and also to enhance mental activity. If the concentration of the drink becomes very large, spasms of blood vessels begin, due to which the pressure increases.

Also, the drink leads to increased production of adrenaline, which also affects the growth of indicators. Based on this, scientists came to the conclusion that with the constant use of a drink in large doses, a consistently high pressure is possible in initially completely healthy people. This process in healthy people proceeds slowly, but in the presence of certain factors that can provoke hypertension, an increase in pressure proceeds faster. To increase the indicators, you need to use 2 or more mugs per day.

Does the pressure drop?

There are studies in which volunteers who drink 2 cups a day begin a gradual decrease in performance, even though they are sick with hypertension. The doctors’ comments on this are as follows:

  1. Prolonged use of caffeine leads to addiction, after which the body begins to react less actively to the standard dose. It turns out that the body does not perceive coffee in any way, the tonometer indicators do not increase, and even a slight reduction is possible.
  2. Coffee affects different people in different ways, for some it reduces pressure, for others it increases. This factor depends on genetic characteristics, additional diseases, the nervous system.

Although the drink may reduce performance, it is not recommended to use it to lower it at high pressure.

Reasons to increase after a drink

It is also important to know why coffee affects the tonometer. After drinking 2-3 cups of the drink, an increased effect on brain activity occurs. Thus, it passes from a state of rest into a hyperactive phase, due to which caffeine is often referred to as a “psychotropic” remedy.

Influencing brain functions, there is a reduction in the release of adenosine, which is necessary for the correct transmission of impulses. Neurons are sharply excited, this lasts a long time, after which a strong depletion of the body is possible.

There is an effect on the adrenal glands, due to which the amount of “stress hormones” in the blood increases. As a rule, their production occurs during stress, anxiety and fear. All this leads to an acceleration of the heart, fast circulation, as well as spasms of the vascular system. A person becomes more active, moves more and pressure increases.

Green coffee

There are varieties of green coffee that are often used in medical practice to improve metabolism and normalize blood sugar. Like black coffee, green grains should be used sparingly so as not to harm the body.

Based on the studies, the consumption of 2-3 cups of a drink based on green grains reduces the likelihood of developing:

  1. Oncological disease.
  2. Obesity.
  3. Diabetes
  4. Capillary disease.

Caffeine is also found in green grains, so it is recommended that healthy people use it without hypertension or those who have hypotension. With a predisposition to hypotension, a drink may have the following effects:

  1. Coronary vessels are normalized.
  2. The blood vessels of the brain are stabilized.
  3. The work of certain parts of the brain improves.
  4. The work of the heart is stimulated.
  5. Blood circulation increases.

After green coffee, the tonometer readings do not decrease, and as doctors’ reviews show, it is not recommended to use any coffee with degrees 2 and 3 of hypertension. For other people, consumption within the permissible norm should not cause consequences. True, it must be remembered that an increase in the daily dosage leads to spasms of the vascular system, so various malfunctions in the body are possible.

Coffee with milk

Even if you drink a drink with milk, this does not mean that there will be a certain benefit. The bottom line is the dosage, the more drink, the greater the stress for the body. Many scientists have come to the conclusion that if you add milk or cream, then such substances will reduce the amount of caffeine and neutralize its effect on the body. But to neutralize the drink is completely impossible.

With hypertension, it is recommended to add dairy products, while using acceptable measures, drink 1-2 cups a day. In addition, cream or milk makes it possible to replenish the balance of calcium in the body, which is lost when drinking coffee. For coffee lovers, without hypertension and other concomitant diseases, it is recommended to drink up to 3 cups of the drink with the addition of milk, then there will be no negative effect.

Decaffeinated coffee

How harmless is decaffeinated coffee, to whom and how much is it allowed to drink? It may seem that such a tool is an excellent way out, but this is not true. In the finished liquid, there is still a fraction of caffeine, but its concentration is lower.

During production, a certain norm of caffeine is allowed, so in a cup of the drink there will be about 14 mg of the substance, if we are talking about a soluble drink and about 13,5 mg in a custard natural product.

Decaffeinated coffee under high pressure is not recommended, because it has many harmful elements that remain as a result of cleansing the product. Also in the composition there are many fats that are not found in natural grains. No less important is the taste, which not everyone likes.

If you really want to drink coffee, then it is better to make a cup of natural, custard, but not strong, with the obligatory addition of milk or cream. Or just use a substitute in the form of chicory.

Intracranial pressure

If increased intracranial or ocular pressure is diagnosed, then the use of coffee is strictly prohibited. Most often, an increase in intracranial parameters occurs due to spasms of the vessels of the brain, and caffeine only makes them stronger. This provokes circulatory failure, as well as a general deterioration in health.

With intracranial hypertension, it is necessary to drink such drugs that will increase the lumen of the vessels, normalize blood circulation. In this case, the negative symptoms will disappear and will not appear. It is not necessary to conduct experiments on their own, they will only harm.

Performance enhancing coffee

To increase pressure, you can use different varieties and types of coffee, one way or another they affect the heart, blood vessels, blood circulation. Even soluble with milk in unlimited volumes leads to an increase in tonometer.

If you drink the drink in moderation, then you can get some benefit from it:

  1. Exchange processes are improving.
  2. The likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes is reduced.
  3. The risk of oncology is reduced.
  4. The work of the senses improves.
  5. Increases concentration and memory.
  6. Increased performance.

If there is a predisposition to hypertension, then the drink should be drunk 1-2 cups per day, make it weak, and use only in grains for grinding and brewing. Be sure to add milk to the drink and drink after eating. If the increase in pressure after coffee is observed quite often, it is recommended to drink it not every day, but replace it with tea, juices and other liquids.

People with tachycardia are better off not using the drink, because a frequent heartbeat is a danger not only to health, but also to life. If there are no problems and diseases, then coffee should be drunk in small doses and not often, such a tool will be only useful. Without serious reasons, you do not need to refuse to drink, just know the measure and monitor the body’s reaction.

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