Lymphangitis – what is dangerous and what is the prognosis for life

6 2 2 - 21Lymphangitis, LF (from English Lymphangitis) – is a pathological secondary pathology, in which the inflammatory procedures impact the vessels of the lymphatic type, of all sizes. The nature of the illness can be either intense or persistent.

Lymphangitis manifests itself with physical damage to tissues, in the kind of swelling of the skin around the injury and the divergence of red stripes from them.

In most cases, lymphangitis and lymphadenitis (inflammatory augmentation of the lymph nodes) development at the same time.

Inflammatory conditions of the vessels of the lymphatic type does not depend upon the measurement or depth of the injury.

The defeat can accompany injuries in any part of the body, however, oftentimes, it advances with injuries to the hands or feet, considering that it is in the location of ​​these parts of the body that a a great deal of microorganisms are focused.

Classification of lymphangoitis

The category of such an inflammatory sore as lymphangitis happens depending upon the size of the vessel, which caught the impact of the inflammatory procedure.

The following kinds of the illness are differentiated:

  • Mesh. This kind of lymphangitis is defined by sores of little lymphatic vessels. It is likewise called surface area LF,
  • Stem. Also described as deep lymphangitis. It is brought on by swelling of big-sized lymph vessels,
  • Perilymphangitis. It advances along the whole lymphatic vessel, manifesting itself in a different symptomatology.

limfaticheskaya sistema cheloveka 1 - 23

Human lymphatic system

The distinction in between lymphangitis and lymphadenitis

The primary distinction in between these 2 pathological conditions of the body is that with lymphangitis, lymphatic vessels of various sizes end up being irritated, and with lymphadenitis, swelling and pathological augmentation of the lymph nodes happen, which can be provoked from main swelling of the lymphatic vessels.

What is the origin of LF?

In order to totally comprehend what lymphangitis is, one ought to comprehend the significance of the lymphatic vascular system.

The system of lymphatic vessels is a rather intricate structural vascular network that secures the body from hostile viral, transmittable and bacteriological representatives.

When inflammatory pathogens go into the body, immune defense cells are manufactured, which obstruct the course of infection and clean the blood circulation.

With a healthy system of lymphatic vessels, it is the lymph that cleans the body from pathological microorganisms. With sores of the lymphatic system, swelling of the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes happens.

Hostile microorganisms make their method from purulent developments into the area in between tissues, and consequently into the structure of the lymph vessels, and impact the inner layer of little vessels, which results in inflammatory procedures and its symptom in red lines, along the impacted vessels, on the body and the development of reticular lymphangitis.

Further, lymphangitis advances to big vessels, which results in the advancement of stem-type lymphangitis. The inner layer of tissues swells, which results in a boost in the permeability of the vessel wall.

Blood embolisms are formed, fibrin embolisms fall out. Thrombi are formed from cells of the impacted inner layer of the vessel, lymphocytes and bacteriological representatives.

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The most impacted lymph nodes

With stagnancy of lymphatic blood, lymphangitis advances and pathological death of embolism. When the tissues around the irritated vessel are harmed, perilymphangitis advances with swelling of the muscles and joints.

With small inflammatory procedures around the injury, it disappears by itself, after a couple of days without medication. If the body immune system is seriously impacted, then the transmittable sore permeates into the deep layers of tissues and results in purulent developments.

The development of limb lymphangitis can be provoked by small fractures, abrasions, scratching areas, purulent swelling of the fingers and toes.

Separate swelling of the lymphatic vessels happens in clients with herpes, syphilis or tuberculosis.

Staphylococci, streptococci, intestinal tract, hemophilic, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, in addition to proteus, are the causative representatives of such a kind of illness as non-venereal lymphangitis.

Quite typically, the existence of numerous bacteriological procedures simultaneously results in inflammatory procedures. The inflammatory procedure constantly spreads out from the website of infection through the lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels.

How does LF manifest?

The degree of medical signs manifested is identified by the size of the impacted vessels.

Inflammation of the lymph circulation in little blood vessels manifests itself in narrow red stripes extending from the website of infection to regional lymph nodes, with physical effect on these stripes, tissue compaction is felt (it seems like a cable passes under the red stripe).

And lymphangitis of big-sized vessels is brought on by a boil or a purulent injury, around which reddening of tissues establishes without noticable limits.

For intense kinds of LF, pronounced regional symptoms and intoxication of the body are fundamental.

The basic signs of a pathological condition are:

  • Chills,
  • Fever,
  • Poor basic health
  • Numbness of the tongue
  • Excess leukocytes in the blood
  • Large quantities of sweat.

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Explicit regional signs of the sore will assist to more precisely figure out the sore with lymphangitis.

These consist of:

  • Redness and swelling around the injury, without plainly specified limits,
  • Increased skin temperature level around the injury
  • Redness in the kind of lines throughout the skin
  • Inflammatory procedure around the injury
  • The symptom of a red vascular network at the website of the sore,
  • Pain feelings throughout physical effect on the red lines,
  • Pressing discomfort along the whole length of the impacted lymphatic vessel,
  • Dry and rough skin
  • Pathological augmentation of lymph nodes,
  • Pulsing discomfort in the contaminated limb,
  • Incomplete limb motions due to discomfort.
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The persistent kind of LF acquires all of the above signs and is brought on by vascular convulsions, a boost in the locations impacted by infection, a downturn in blood circulation in the lymphatic vessels and blood tension, swelling of the impacted limb and possible disturbance of the organ near which the vessel is situated.


The most serious kind of the illness is purulent. There is a really quick defeat of lymphangitis due to injuries, or throughout open operations. Some conditions can worsen the course of lymphangitis.

They consist of:

  • chrezmernoe upotreblenie spirtnyh napitkov - 29Excessive intake of alcohols,
  • Constant hunger
  • Diabetes,
  • Extreme fatigue of the body.

A regional concern of LF is local lymphangitis. It advances as a repercussion of the penetration of microorganisms from the focus of infection into the lymph nodes. There is a boost in lymph nodes and discomfort when exposed to them physically.

General intoxication of the body is likewise observed. Regional lymphangitis can infect one or numerous close-by lymph nodes, in the kind of a purulent-inflammatory procedure.

There is likewise a type of irritation of lymphangitis for clients with breast or lung cancer. With such illness, malignant lymphangitis advances, which is likewise described as carcinomatous.

The primary concerns to which lymphangitis leads are:

  • Swelling of soft tissues with a breakdown of the performance of blood flow in the lymphatic vessels,
  • Lymphadenitis – a pathological augmentation of the lymph nodes, provoked by the inflammatory procedure,
  • Perilymphangitis – swelling of the tissues that surround the lymphatic vessel,
  • Thrombophlebitis – swelling of the venous walls with the development of embolism in the lumen of the irritated vein. This illness impacts just the veins of the lower extremities, which can provoke their apoplexy,
  • Pachyderma is an inflammatory layer of tissue,
  • Elephantiasis – agonizing thickening of the skin and subcutaneous tissue,
  • Multiple abscesses – a a great deal of purulent swelling of tissues with their melting and the development of a purulent cavity,
  • Subcutaneous phlegmon – scattered purulent swelling of cellulose, or connective tissue,
  • Sepsis is a basic infection of the body with pathogenic microorganisms that have actually gotten in the blood stream.

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Also, in males, swelling of the vessels of the lymphatic key in the groin location happens frequently, which results in lymphostasis of the penis.

This lymphangitis is an illness of a non-venereal nature and advances as an outcome of continuous masturbation, or after injuries to the genital organ, in which microcracks and abrasions are formed, then infections go into the body.

After this, swelling of the lymphatic vessels found in the genital trunk happens. Such locations swell, thicken and bring discomfort. Lymphangitis of the penis lasts numerous days, or hours, and vanishes by itself.

Epizootic LF is a different group. This infection happens in horses, which is defined by an inflammatory swelling of the lymph vessels in the kind of granules. An transmittable sore goes into the horse’s body through microcracks in the skin when healthy and impacted animals cohabit.

What to do if signs continue?

If the signs do not go away by themselves, after 2 days, an immediate requirement to go to the medical facility for a complete assessment and immediate treatment. Purulent swellings on the legs or arms are particularly dangerous, considering that the variety of undesirable germs in these locations is high.

Also, abscesses on the face and in the cervical area are dangerous, specialists ought to be taken part in their autopsy.

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Ulcers in these locations need timely and efficient treatment, as they can provoke swelling of the submandibular lymph nodes, which can result in dangerous problems.


To detect the illness, the client is described a lymphologist. After the medical professional listens to all the client’s grievances and analyzes the history, a preliminary assessment is carried out to figure out the pronounced signs.

For the last medical diagnosis, the medical professional directs the client to extra lab and device evaluations.

It likewise omits erysipelas (infectious skin illness) and phlebitis (intense or persistent swelling of the venous wall), which are comparable in a number of the signs manifested.

The primary approaches for detecting lymphangitis are:

  • Complete blood count (CBC). Shows the basic state of health of the client, and variances from the signs of the standard of aspects that fill the blood,
  • Biochemical blood test (BAC). An comprehensive blood test, which will assist figure out the state of practically all organs of the body and an infraction of a bigger spectrum of blood aspects than in the KLA. It is likewise possible to figure out the inflammatory procedures of the vessels,
  • Immunological blood tests. Allows to figure out the existence of antibodies in the blood, immune complexes, and other compounds that are accountable for swelling by immune complexes,
  • Skin biopsy. It is a research study of a skin piece under a microscopic lense. And it enables you to precisely detect which procedure is advancing in the tissues. It is utilized to remove erysipelas,
  • Ultrasound assessment (ultrasound) of capillary. A research study with which you can aesthetically see the state of the vessels, identify their width of the passage, and detect possible swelling and contortion of the lymph vessels,
  • Doppler ultrasonography. It is an extra research study to ultrasound, with the assistance of which the speed of blood circulation in the vessels is identified, which will assist figure out possible stagnancy of blood and locations with bad permeability due to inflammatory procedures,
  • Duplex scanning. Application of Doppler ultrasound and ultrasound at the very same time, which offers the most precise research study outcomes,
  • MRI. Provides total info on the state of the body and each of its elements. But it is a really pricey analysis,
  • Computer thermography is a kind of medical diagnosis that enables you to get a thermogram utilizing infrared rays, which reveals existing problems. Such locations throughout thermal assessment have a various color from healthy locations, which shows the existence of a pathological procedure in the body. Helps to successfully detect growths of the lymphatic system,
  • Bacteriological assessment of the contents of the injury is a research study created to separate germs and study their residential or commercial properties in order to develop a microbiological medical diagnosis,
  • Radiography for lung lymphangitis. The usage of an X-ray, in this case, will assist identify several seals and augmentations of capillary and lymph nodes.
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The option of the research study approach comes from the participating in doctor, who recommends it, depending upon the client’s grievances and pronounced signs.


Therapy starts with quenching the transmittable focus, which straight affected the development of the pathological procedure.

For this, the preliminary surgical treatment of the injury is carried out, in which the opening and drain of abscesses and all possible kinds of purulent swelling is carried out.

The impacted limb is repaired in a raised position, so that the lymph streams well from the website of infection. Puffiness is lowered by using ice.

Treatment ought to happen in a medical facility and just by a certified expert. An autopsy of purulent swelling is carried out; for this, basic surgical treatment is utilized.

No intricate operations are carried out. After opening, the pus is eliminated, and the injury is treated with bactericides.

It is strictly prohibited to utilize the following actions when an abscess appears:

  • Apply different lotions. The application of treatment with dressings with lotions is carried out just after opening and dealing with the injury. No cabbage leaf with swelling will assist eliminate an abscess,
  • Warm up the impacted location with natural home remedy.

In most cases, the following drugs are recommended:

Antibiotics cephalosporins
(Cefotaxime, Cefazolin)
Show bactericidal action
Macrolides prescription antibiotics
(Azithromycin, Erythromycin)
They have a bacteriostatic result
(Netilmicin, Gentamicin)
Used to deal with transmittable illness
(Tavegil, Suprastin)
These compounds reduce the action of complimentary histamine
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
(Ibuprofen, Nimesil)
Effectively alleviate swelling (discomfort, swelling, skin inflammation)

Effective disinfection approaches are laser or ultraviolet irradiation, which assist accelerate the recovery procedure and considerably enhance the basic condition of the client.

Chronic lymphangitis is treated with physiotherapy, mud treatment, and x-rays. Patients are recommended dressings with medicated lotion. Dimexidum compress and different semi-alcohol compresses are utilized.

ultrafioletovoe obluchenie - 37

Ultraviolet irradiation is likewise an efficient treatment.

With an extended course of lymphangitis, X-ray radiation is utilized. Such treatment, under the impact of X-rays, has a harmful result on pathological cells, provoking their anomaly. They gradually stop the procedure of their performance and result in their death.

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How to deal with in the house?

The usage of alternative treatment is possible just after the authorization of the participating in doctor, considering that problems due to private elements are possible. Folk solutions for lymphangitis are infusions and preparations of chamomile, St. John’s wort and calendula.

Also, mint leaves are utilized for compresses.

Also efficient infusion are 2-dimensional nettle, hop cones, oregano and yarrow.

The usage of conventional medication is allowable just as a concomitant treatment, or in order to quickly bring back tissue at the website of opening the abscess. Talk to your medical professional prior to utilizing any herbs.


  • Proper nutrition. A well balanced diet plan is required, which will assist keep the complexion and avoid microcracks and skin injuries for no evident factor,
  • A healthy way of life is an important consider the avoidance of a lot of illness,
  • soblyudenie pravil lichnoj gigieny. - 39Compliance with the guidelines of individual health. First of all, adherence to the guidelines of individual health will assist secure versus transmittable sores,
  • Avoiding tension. Limit yourself as much as possible from stress, as they adversely impact the health and condition of the skin,
  • Take medications routinely if recommended by your medical professional. Failure to follow the course of treatment can result in the death of tissues in the body and death,
  • Observe the water balance. Drink a minimum of one and a half liters of tidy water a day, this will assist keep the complexion,
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and cigarettes,
  • See a physician when a year, take a blood test and totally analyze the body. This will assist identify illness at an early phase of advancement, which will considerably assist in the course of treatment and the possibility of problems.

Video: Lymph and reason for swelling of the lymph nodes.

What’s the projection?

With the prompt usage of efficient treatment, the prognosis is beneficial, it is simple to deal with and does not trigger problems.

With self-treatment, or neglecting treatment, more major problems can advance, that makes the prognosis less beneficial, all of it depends upon private signs and concomitant illness.

Having discovered the smallest signs of lymphangitis, go to the medical facility for assessment and streamline treatment.

Do not self-medicate and be healthy!

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