Leukocytes in urine during pregnancy, norms and reasons for the increase

The body of a pregnant female is really susceptible, so you need to monitor its condition and frequently go through numerous tests.

One of the crucial indications of the state of the body immune system is the level of leukocytes in the urine. Its increase might suggest the existence of an inflammatory procedure, which, if identified early, can be avoided in time.

Leukocytes in urine during pregnancy what is it

One of the crucial indications when taking tests during pregnancy is the level of leukocytes in the urine. These are such leukocyte on whose activity the protective function of the entire organism depends. If an inflammatory procedure happens in the body, leukocytes leave the vessel walls and wind up in the urine.

By their number, the medical professional can figure out the state of the female’s resistance during pregnancy. However, just by this analysis, he will not have the ability to properly figure out the focus of the inflammatory procedure. This will need a variety of other research studies and evaluates.

Leukocytes can appear in the urine not just from the organs of the genitourinary system, however likewise from the vaginal area. Therefore, it is crucial to keep excellent genital health prior to gathering urine.

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In basic, a somewhat raised leukocyte count is thought about typical for a pregnant female. To have a concept of ​​the limitations of appropriate worths, it deserves stating that the numbers ought to not surpass more than 3 systems in the field of vision under a microscopic lense. In practice, medical professionals recommend concomitant treatment after identifying more than 10 leukocyte systems in the outcomes of urine tests.

Increase than harmful

An increase in leukocytes in the urine suggests that there is some sort of inflammatory response in the body, or other elements affected the results, for example, during the analysis, a non-sterile container was utilized. If the outcome stays the exact same when the test is duplicated, then you require to take the medical professional’s prescriptions seriously.

Since this is the most budget-friendly method to learn about the existing inflammatory procedures during pregnancy, it is possible to recommend a course of treatment on time. For example, leukocytes in urine during pregnancy usually suggest the existence of thrush or an issue in the performance of the kidneys. Left without attention and proper treatment, an increased level of leukocytes can result in abortion or fetal death.

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Reasons for the increase

Inflammatory procedures that result in an increase in leukocytes in the urine of a pregnant female can happen in the kidneys, urethra, and bladder. Therefore, the treatment will require to be performed according to the developed medical diagnosis.

The most typical illness that happen in practice are:

  • Candidiasis, which happens due to the look of a fungi of the genus Candida. It adversely impacts the microflora, which ends up being really delicate during pregnancy.
  • Colpitis, in which the inflammatory procedure impacts the mucous membrane of the reproductive organs. Improper health and reduced resistance add to its advancement.
  • Pyelonephritis, typically brought on by an infection in the kidneys. As the uterus grows and more and more puts pressure on neighboring organs, then the work of the kidneys is “hit”. There is a stagnancy of processed waste items of the body, the bacterial background modifications, which provokes the development of leukocytes. Even prior to screening, it is possible to figure out the existence of this illness by regional discomfort on the one hand in the kidney location, heat, sleepiness.
  • Cystitis, which, by the way, can accompany nearly no signs. It happens due to the growth and weakening of the ureters.


To figure out the illness and develop the reason for the increase in leukocytes, a repetitive analysis is recommended, for example, according to Nechiporenko. It varies from the typical urine analysis in that in the very first case, the variety of leukocytes is counted under a microscopic lense in the field of vision, and in the 2nd case, in a milliliter.

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The outcomes likewise reveal the material of erythrocytes, which is essential in identifying the existence of infection in the body. Ideally, according to the outcomes of such a medical diagnosis, if the leukocytes are not more than 2000, then this is thought about the standard.

Another method to identify kidney breakdowns is the shipment of urine tests according to Zimnitsky. It is thought about among the most time consuming, because it is needed to gather all the urine during the day in various containers. The collection starts at 9 am, and prior to that time it is needed to totally empty the bladder without gathering urine in a container.

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It is essential to observe the three-hour period in between urine collection, if there is no desire to go to the toilet, then the container with the defined time for this duration is left empty. The results gotten might suggest kidney failure, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, the existence of inflammatory procedures in the kidneys.

What to do and how to deal with

If the tests revealed an increase in leukocytes in the initially trimester, a mild treatment is recommended, which is based upon plant extracts and natural active ingredients. Herbal and diuretic preparations are recommended in case of cystitis; it is likewise suggested to consist of cranberry juice in the diet plan. Amoxiclav, Monural, Kanefron and others are recommended from medications.

Treatment of pyelonephritis is not total without prescription antibiotics, usually they are recommended in the 2nd and 3rd trimester, when the primary laying of the internal organs of the fetus has actually currently taken place. In this case, Cefazolin, Furadonin, etc. are recommended.

In no case needs to you recommend and take medications by yourself, as this might position a hazard to the life and health of the coming kid.

It is essential to adhere to a healthy diet plan and get rid of foods that trigger water retention in the body.

It deserves quiting junk food, too fatty, hot and salted foods. Adequate fluid consumption, the addition of natural teas (for example, with chamomile, rosemary) in the diet plan will have a favorable result on kidney function and have an anti-inflammatory result.

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