How smoking affects blood pressure

The scale of nicotine addiction is too great. No matter how this problem arises, no matter how much they talk about the consequences and pathologies that result from the inability to give up addiction, people do not deprive themselves of the pleasure of smoking a cigarette. In almost every family there is a nicotine addict, and if deciding whether health is more important or dubious pleasure is the choice of the smoker itself, passive consumers are simply victims of circumstances. Everyone knows about the negative effect of the product on the functions and systems of the body, but few people tie the specific diagnosis to the cause. Given the popularity of the process and the global volume of hypertension, the issue of mutual existence is relevant, and understandably the desire to find out smoking increases or decreases pressure.

The environmental situation in the world is deplorable and the human body is working at full capacity, attempting toxins to deliver a crushing blow. Society has also begun to show concern, as the consequences are life-threatening diseases (heart attack, stroke, hypertension). One of the most insidious and well-known pathologies that creates a lot of unpleasant problems is hypertension and it is important to understand how smoking affects pressure.

The result of a sharp jump in blood pressure can be a heart attack, stroke and death, and even timely stopped symptoms do not prevent the destructive action of the disease. All important measures to eliminate a malfunction in the system should be directed to eliminating the cause. Does smoking affect a person’s pressure? It affects, and this is the first thing that must be abandoned when the first signs of hypertension occur. It is smoking that increases the tonometer performance regardless of how many cigarettes are smoked.

The effect of cigarette smoking on the general condition

  • True connoisseurs of tobacco products primarily expose the vascular system. Blood flows become flabby, not elastic.
  • The smoker is not able to overcome painlessly long distances and loads. Any unnecessary movements are accompanied by shortness of breath and rapid pulse. The appearance of tachycardia leads to a violation of the functions of the whole organism.
  • A link between smoking and thrombosis has been noticed. Smokers are often exposed to this ailment. The components of tobacco products change the structure of the blood and make it thicker. The circulation and delivery of food to organs and tissues slows down, but the main problem is associated with blood clots. Thrombosis is a pathology that often leads to death.
  • A stroke makes serious adjustments to the activity of the brain and all internal reserves. As a result, life changes colors. It ceases to be saturated. You have to forever give up many once beloved things. Whether smoking is worth these global sacrifices is up to the person dependent on the tobacco product.
  • Smoking can lead to the appearance of cancer affecting the oral cavity, larynx, trachea, lungs, digestive system.
  • Smoking is the cause of hypertension. Immediately after a smoked portion, an increase in arterial index is observed. The cause of this phenomenon is narrowing under the influence of nicotine vessels. In the bloodstream, the vessel walls are equipped with receptors that are sensitive to a harmful substance. The body can suppress the negative effect that manifests itself immediately after receiving satisfaction, but reserves and internal forces have their own limitations, especially since this is not the only problem that systems have to cope with. Each subsequent pack and even a cigarette makes a person one step closer to a heart attack.

The effect of cigarette smoking on blood pressure drops

The chemical components that are worth giving up smoking are:

  • Tar is an excellent tool for laying asphalt and developing lung cancer.
  • Arsenic is poison.
  • Cadmium and lithium are indispensable in batteries and are dangerous for the kidneys.
  • Vinyl chloride is the cause of cancer in the liver.
  • Polonium 210 is a radioactive element that causes cancer of the bladder, liver, leukemia, and peptic ulcers.
  • Formaldehyde – appreciated by forensic experts, but contributes to the development of cancer in humans and animals.

The structure has a lot of interesting things, just by reading the name, you can put together a picture that is not too charged with optimism. They contain ammonia, acetone, acrolein, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, hydrocyanic acid, toluene, ethylene, urea, benzoperin. The latter is especially dangerous for expectant mothers and the development of the embryo, as it can be the cause of genetic diseases.

The smoker’s cigarette contains up to 4000 chemical inclusions. Attention to passive smokers! In smoke from up to 5000 chemical compounds, 60 of which positively affect the growth and development of cancer cells. Nicotine is the main substance in the constituent complex, which is considered a poison more effective than arsenic. It is he who aggressively affects the activity of all systems.

One puff sequentially envelops the airways with smoke, from where it enters the bloodstream and immediately enters the brain. The heart reacts sharply to the introduction. It begins to work at full capacity, which affects the frequency of contractions of the myocardium and blood flow walls. In the future, the vessels narrow, become more fragile and this leads to an increase in blood jump. Dependence leads to high blood viscosity, the formation of blockages of the veins, a decrease in the rate of supply of nutrients to organs and tissues.

People dependent on tobacco find a lot of positive moments from their hobby. There is an erroneous opinion that a smoked dose can relieve headache, toothache, eliminate the symptoms of nervous disorders and improve digestive processes and even the condition caused by high blood pressure. There is reasonable evidence that you can enjoy the specific smell of smoke – the release of adrenaline into the blood after a portion of nicotine.

Often people look for similar sensations in extreme sports. The difference is that the etiology of the emotional outburst is different and in the first case it can have a deplorable ending in the form of a diagnosis of hypertension. Nicotine has a negative effect on the state of blood flow, but tobacco products with various additives are more dangerous. Unfortunately, they are not so few, and they are not always distinguished by a pleasant specific smell of menthol.

The body’s response to the fight against smoking

Coping with a problem is easier when it is not lingering. Over the years, a bad habit accumulates many negative effects on a person’s condition, and most importantly, stimulates the appearance of all bothering and dangerous symptoms of hypertension.

The decision to become healthier and abandon the harmful hourly ritual runs into many obstacles and difficulties. This is a painful and not a simple process, and willpower has nothing to do with it.

Abrupt smoking cessation is no less dangerous than smoking itself. Sometimes doctors do not recommend interrupting this action, incompatible with pregnancy, even during the period of gestation. An attempt to protect the child from harmful effects may be the reason for the manifestation of all the hidden negative consequences, cause a hypertensive crisis and lead to termination of pregnancy.

Parting with a cigarette is not an easy process and requires a gradual approach, so as not to aggravate an already deplorable situation. The opinion that immediately the body will feel easier, and the person is healthier, is mistaken.

What to expect:

  • The first thing that responds to stress is the nervous system. There will be irritability, dissatisfaction with life, aggression, bouts of depression.
  • Just as the heart reacts to oxygen starvation during hypertension, so the whole body feels a lack of nicotine, which is involved in all running destructive processes in organs and tissues. The requirement of internal reserves to replenish their stocks significantly worsens the overall well-being of a person.
  • Pressure problems do not disappear, moreover, the differences get out of control and lead to an exacerbation of pathology. Symptoms are felt more acutely and bring discomfort to a habitual existence.

Being on the way to correcting the situation, accompanying measures that facilitate the work of the cardiovascular apparatus will not be superfluous:

  • Switching to a healthy diet. The exception is fried, excessive consumption of animal fats, fast food and instant foods.
  • Limitation of salt consumed in foods and in pure form. Restoring the water-salt balance is an important step on the path to health.
  • Gradual introduction of physical activity. You can start with walks in parks and forests.
  • To get rid of psycho-emotional factors, it is important to learn how to enjoy life without harmful irritants.
  • The daily regimen should not bear serious stresses, just a rest in the middle of the working day will not be superfluous. Weight control must be made a mandatory ritual to prevent the appearance of excess indicators on the scales.

Given that both smoking and the process of parting with addiction require treatment, preference should be given to the second. Throwing, there is a chance to avoid the chronic form of hypertension, and after a year and a half the cardiovascular system can recover and return to normal.

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