How rose hips affect pressure

Rosehip – a miracle cure in the fight against diseases such as hypertension, hypotension, anemia, atherosclerosis and other diseases of the internal organs. Its fruits incorporate a large number of useful trace elements. Folk recipes that have been tested for centuries include the use of leaves, inflorescences, roots, and not just the fruits of this shrub.

Naturopaths argue that the medicinal properties of rose hips and human blood pressure are interconnected. After a complete examination and analysis, at the request of the patient, the doctor will give recommendations on how to start taking funds from the dog rose, after which the pressure will restore and the immune system will strengthen at the same time. It is not recommended to engage in self-medication, since the prepared medications from it may have contraindications, so you can not do without the advice of a doctor.

What is a wild rose

Rosehip is a very useful perennial plant (shrub), which has in its composition a huge amount of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Most often, fresh or dry fruits are used, tinctures, teas, decoctions and much more are made from it.

It is more beneficial to use rose hips, which they managed to pick before the late autumn, that is, before the cold weather, since berries, slightly frostbitten, lose their useful qualities. After the berries are picked, they must be dried in an oven at a temperature of 100 degrees or in a dryer. After the drying process has been carried out correctly, the berries should become burgundy. They need to be stored in a tightly closed container or in a linen bag for no more than two years.

Useful qualities of rose hips

The plant is very popular in medicine because of the large number of nutrients and trace elements that are in its composition. Thanks to them, good vascular tone is maintained, blood composition improves, anemia is prevented, and blood coagulation is regulated. In its composition:

  • Trace elements – copper, calcium, manganese, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorus.
  • Vitamins – PP, B1, B2, B6, C, A, K, E.
  • Essential oils.
  • Beta-carotene.
  • Flavonoids.
  • Pectins.

Why take rose hips

Doctors advise you to use rose hips when there is no need for medication. The action begins to occur after taking the broth for 5 days, that is, there is a cumulative effect. So, with what ailments the dogrose will help to cope:

  • It normalizes arterial pressure for hypertension and hypotension (at high arterial pressure, decoctions are used, and at low – alcohol infusions).
  • It helps with a lack of vitamin and anemia.
  • Removes a headache of various origins.
  • It has a diuretic and choleretic effect.
  • It supports vessels in tone, quickly regenerates damaged areas, accelerates metabolism.
  • It has anti-inflammatory effect, promotes healing of wounds, trophic ulcers, relieves edema.
  • Strengthens the immune system, enriches with vitamins.
  • Helps with bacterial infections.

Many are not aware of the positive effects of rosehips on blood vessels. Indeed, in comparison with sedatives, he does not induce drowsiness and a sharp drop in blood pressure (BP). The systematic reception of the decoction makes up for the necessary fraction of the average daily norm of microelements and minerals.

Contraindications to taking rose hips

The use of decoctions and tinctures from this plant should be treated with caution to people who have a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer, as well as gastritis with high acidity. They do not advise him because it is enriched with vitamin C, which will have a negative effect. But with gastritis with low acidity, on the contrary, it is recommended. Rose hips are contraindicated in case of frequent constipation and in case of deterioration of gastrointestinal motility.

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Rosehip negatively affects the enamel of the teeth, so after each use, you need to rinse your mouth with water.

Dog-rose medicines with constant and prolonged use have a bad effect on the liver and can lead to non-infectious jaundice. They are contraindicated for people predisposed to thrombophlebitis, as well as having serious abnormalities in the work of the heart.

Rosehip increases or decreases pressure

People with differences Blood pressure is worried by one question: “How does the rosehip affect pressure, does it raise or lower it”?

The answer depends on how the medicine is prepared. In the manufacture of tinctures for alcohol, the prepared product will increase pressure, activate the heart, have a tonic effect. If the medicine is prepared on the basis of water, then it has a calming effect, sleep improves, blood pressure decreases, tachycardia passes, but it is not recommended to take it when driving a vehicle.

It all depends on the personality of the body and in order to find out what effect the dogrose has, you need to find out whether it increases or decreases blood pressure. To do this, you first need to drink one glass a day and measure blood pressure, and record the testimony. After some time, look at the dynamics – there is an increase or decrease. After that, take measures regarding which disease is present – hypertension or hypotension.

There is an opinion that after taking funds based on these berries, blood thickens, the doctors do not give a definite answer about this. When used correctly, replacing black tea three times a day for a month with rosehip without sugar, blood circulation will improve much. Thanks to ascorbic acid, blood is diluted. But there are cases of increasing blood viscosity and therefore, as mentioned above, it is not recommended to drink it to people with thromboembolism. Blood viscosity can occur due to excessive use of the product, as well as with insufficient amount of fluid consumed, high hemoglobin, and liver diseases.

Rosehip in hypertension

A decoction of the fruits of this plant has long been used as a restorative agent. You can drink it to people of any age and even children. It has a positive effect in hypertension, as it reduces pressure and has a beneficial effect on the walls of blood vessels.

To normalize blood pressure, you need to drink it for three weeks, and then take a break. Before use, consult a physician. As a rule, the consumed dose for an adult is 250 ml. decoction, three times a day. Children are recommended from 70 to 130 ml. decoction, according to age. You need to drink it before meals, as a decoction induces appetite.

A decoction of berries is advised to be taken in winter during vitamin deficiency, when the body is weakened. After use, the immune system will strengthen. By the way, it can be used instead of tea, since the broth copes with quenching thirst, therefore, the body will receive the amount of water it needs, which is simply necessary for hypertension.

Preparation of berries and proper preparation of rose hip remedies for blood pressure drops

In order for the plant to bring the intended result, you need to properly prepare a medicinal decoction or tincture from it. To prepare the medicine, it is necessary to take already chopped fruits in the amount of two tablespoons, pour them 500 ml. water and boil for 15 minutes. Allow to cool and insist for at least a couple of hours. Then strain and consume with honey, sugar and lemon. Such a decoction reduces pressure, and in order to increase it, you need to drink alcohol tincture from the fruit. Therefore, this plant is an assistant in the fight against hypertension and hypotension.

In order to save as much vitamin C as possible in the prepared medicine, it is necessary to put the crushed fruits in a thermos and simply pour water at 40-50 degrees Celsius, leave for 60 minutes. There is another way, you need 4 tbsp. tablespoons of fresh fruit pour cold water and let it brew for 24 hours. The container should be with a tight-fitting lid.

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To reduce blood pressure in hypertension recommended:

  • Water tinctures from dried or fresh fruits.
  • Rosehip tea with mountain ash, cranberries, currants.
  • Tea additives – honey, lemon, sugar, mint.

To increase blood pressure in hypotension, combined drugs are recommended:

  • Infusion of alcohol or vodka.
  • Rosehip infusion with green tea, hypericum.
  • Rosehip infusion on water with sage.
  • Add honey, dried apricots, chopped nuts to the medicine.

It is important to remember that before treatment it is necessary to do a general blood test to make sure that there are no various pathologies, because the presence of thrombocytosis, erythrocytosis, and excessive blood coagulation is considered a contraindication to use.

Rosehip berries recipes at high blood pressure

When the first symptoms of increased pressure appear – dizziness, nausea, headache, tinnitus, medications from rose hip will help normalize it:

  1. Put the fruits in a thermos and pour boiling water, insist for eight hours. Consume 100 – 150 ml. in the mornings and evenings.
  2. Pour a tablespoon of rosehip roots with three glasses of water and bring to a boil over low heat. Cool to a cool temperature and boil again. Put everything in a thermos, insist for three hours, then strain. The broth is ready for use. It has a diuretic effect, so toxins will leave the body, as well as strengthen immunity, improve memory. You can take a decoction with the addition of green tea and lemon.
  3. Quickly made tea. Pour a couple of spoons of berries with boiling water, insist for 5-7 minutes, the tea is ready to drink. Drink it is recommended three times a day.
  4. Grind lemon with peel, add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of cranberries, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of ground rose hips, 1 tbsp. honey. Stir and take a tablespoon in the morning and evening.

Rosehip recipes for low blood pressure

To increase blood pressure, prepare the following drinks:

  1. Take half a glass of rose hips, needles, pine cones and pour half a liter of alcohol, insist for 15 days in a dark place. Drink a teaspoon in the morning and evening.
  2. Grind rosehips in an amount of 100 grams in a coffee grinder, pour them in 500 ml. vodka and insist in a cool place, without exposure to sunlight for 10 days. When the medicine is ready, you need to take it half an hour before meals, 25 drops, for three weeks.
  3. In one liter of vodka add 10 pieces of dried berries of wild rose and hawthorn. Insist 15 days in a dark place, and then strain and take twice a day. Often, in recipes to lower the pressure, rosehip is used along with hawthorn, the drink turns out to be tart in taste, the remedy comes out much more effective.

It is necessary to use self-prepared recipes using rose hips with caution, because self-medication with hypertension and hypotension is very dangerous and can lead to irreversible consequences. Therefore, before use, you must first consult with your doctor.

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