High pressure diuretic

Hypertension is constantly accompanied by high blood pressure, which negatively affects the quality of life, general condition and can have serious consequences for internal organs. For therapy, diuretics with high pressure can be used. Medications can normalize the condition and pressure indicators.

Description and principle of operation

Pressure pills with a diuretic effect are called diuretics. Such substances have almost no effect on the heart, unlike other medicines, but they can only be used on the recommendation of a doctor. Otherwise, undesirable side effects that are characteristic of self-treatment and pressure relief may appear in hypertensive patients.

In order to choose the best diuretic, you will need to know in detail the features of different types and categories of tablets. Although diuretics belong to the same drug group, they can have a number of differences. Their composition is different and they can affect a person with high pressure in different ways. Each diuretic has its own side effects and effectiveness.

The action of diuretic tablets on pressure and the body of people as a whole is extensive. With hypertension, the drug can be used for years to normalize blood pressure. The action is that excess fluid, salt and sodium, which are in salt and harmful to the body, is excreted. Therefore, a medicine is often prescribed when other medicines or measures to treat hypertension do not give results. Diuretics are also often used in combination with other hypertension medications.

They make it possible to obtain such changes:

  1. The load on the heart is reduced.
  2. The general condition of the body improves with high pressure.
  3. Excess fluid is removed, thereby reducing puffiness.

It is worth knowing that diuretic drugs at high pressure can save the patient only from common signs of hypertension. Such medications can not completely cure hypertension. If hypertensive patients begin to use diuretic tablets with other types of medicines, their effect will increase several times, in addition, their effectiveness will last longer, which makes it possible to reduce the dosage.

Why is a diuretic?

Hypertension is one of the indications when diuretics are allowed. Before prescribing a medication, the doctor will need to make a complete diagnosis of the patient to determine all the causes of pressure increase and the degree of damage to organs and systems. Only after the examination, the doctor can choose the right medicine, its dosage based not only on age, but also on the general condition.

Diuretic tablets from high blood pressure easily relieve patients of characteristic symptoms, which worsen the quality of life. As for the dosage, then for ordinary hypertension it should be minimal. It is worth noting that the effect will be even better than using a large dose. This is due to the fact that with large use of tablets, side effects appear and the condition worsens.

In the analysis, the experts proved that diuretics are really able to improve the condition of patients with hypertension and it is better to use gentle means, but systematically. Diuretics are recommended to be used in conjunction with a hypertensive diet, in which there will be a minimum amount of salt. In this case, the effectiveness of the treatment will be higher.

Indications for a diuretic

A diuretic is almost always used to treat hypertension.

The main indications for the appointment of this group of medicines:

  1. The elderly age of patients.
  2. Hypertensive patients who have an increased upper pressure indicator.
  3. People with impaired heart function.
  4. Patients with osteoporosis.

It is also recommended to use the medicine for patients who retain a large amount of sodium in the body and display beneficial potassium.

Diuretic and hypertensive crises

Many people are interested in how diuretic drugs are effective in preventing crises. During this condition, a person’s blood pressure rises sharply, and a number of disorders occur. According to statistics, approximately 2% of hypertensive patients are attacked by crises with hypertension.

Also, crises can occur if the pressure indicator is low and begins to rise sharply, even a little. The duration of the attack can last from several minutes and hours, to several days. Diuretics can be used for treatment and relief, but they must be powerful and strong. Such medicines are loopback. From this group, one can distinguish a good drug called Torasemide, which can be used in the form of tablets or injected into a vein.

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Basic diuretics

Diuretics for hypertension are prescribed to almost all patients. Since the list of drugs is very long, tablets for each patient are selected individually. Often, doctors use those that have rapid action, due to which the pressure decreases in a few minutes after admission. In severe hypertension, this is a positive quality.

Taking such a medicine for a long time is not recommended, because the drugs are powerful and can cause negative consequences. If you use the product for a long time, then the pressure will not decrease, but will have the opposite effect. For treatment for a long time, it is necessary to use more gentle means that only the doctor selects.

Detonic – a unique medicine that helps fight hypertension at all stages of its development.
Detonic for pressure normalization

The complex effect of plant components of the drug Detonic on the walls of blood vessels and the autonomic nervous system contribute to a rapid decrease in blood pressure. In addition, this drug prevents the development of atherosclerosis, thanks to the unique components that are involved in the synthesis of lecithin, an amino acid that regulates cholesterol metabolism and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Detonic not addictive and withdrawal syndrome, since all components of the product are natural.
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Thiaz >Diuretics can be of different subgroups and the most common are thiazide and potassium-sparing. The action of such tablets is directed to the distal canals in the kidneys. Thanks to this, it turns out to achieve a diuretic effect. Such a tool is recommended to be used if the pressure is average.

Thiazide preparations are several times milder on the body than other diuretics, but they have a more pronounced effect when compared with herbal remedies that traditional medicine uses. The main advantage of such drugs is that you need to drink tablets at a dose of 1 per day. The tool is ideal for people who only develop hypertension.

The list of thiazide tablets is quite large, but doctors prefer the following:

Hypothiazide is most often prescribed, since it is inexpensive, has a long-lasting effect. But this drug is prohibited for use by patients who have malfunctioning of the liver and kidneys.

No less effective for hypertension are tablets that retain potassium in the body. They allow you to remove excess fluid, chloride and sodium. In addition, the drug affects the renal nephrons and does not excrete potassium, which is useful for the cardiovascular system.

As a rule, such means are used for treatment:

Potassium-preserving diuretics can gently lower blood pressure and are often used in medical practice to deal with hypertension.

Loop diuretics

Diuretics in this group are indicated for people with high blood pressure. Decrease in indicators is carried out rather quickly, therefore it is better to use tablets not for constant treatment, but only in emergency cases for relief of attacks.

After using the tablets, urination begins in a short time, due to which excess fluid quickly leaves the body. Loop diuretics are recommended for adults only. Pills strongly affect the kidneys and can be used not only for hypertension, but also heart failure, severe edema.

It is recommended to take the drugs in small courses to prevent side effects and reduce the likelihood of deterioration.

Doctors often use several drugs, the name of which is as follows:

The exact choice for a particular person will be indicated only by the doctor. Before using the medicine, it is recommended to study the instructions and especially carefully familiarize yourself with the compatibility of the drug with other tablets.

When using loop diuretics with medications for inflammation, the diuretic effect is reduced. In addition, if you use the medicine with another incompatible product, then bleeding may begin or heart complications will occur. One of the common diuretics is Furosemide. The only drawback is the large number of contraindications, due to which the tablets are used only for crises and sudden pressure surges.

An analogue of Furosemide is Diuver. The cost of tablets is several times higher, but the tool can be used for a long time.

Combined diuretics

This group of diuretics is suitable for people with hypertension 2-3 degrees of severity. The beginning of use should be carried out with a minimum dose, and after a while it can be increased, but only if the medicine does not properly reduce the pressure and relieve the symptoms of the disease.

In addition, you can use additional drugs with a similar effect, but in a small dose.

For the treatment of hypertension with combined diuretic tablets, doctors prescribe:

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It is recommended to take combined drugs when other diuretics are not suitable for the patient for a number of reasons.

Features of diuretics

If a decrease in pressure is carried out using diuretics, the patient should abandon the consumption of salt and salted foods, alcohol, as well as some other medicines. During treatment, it is necessary to take tablets for a long time in a small dose. Subject to these rules, a person will be able to get a positive, desired result.

When the body gets used to the drug, then doctors should prescribe other drugs, even increasing the dose can not give a positive result. It is not recommended to use diuretic drugs at a young age, as well as people with obesity or diabetes. In the case of the use of diuretic drugs that cannot preserve potassium, doctors additionally prescribe vitamins in order to restore the potassium norm.

Diuretics must be taken correctly, according to the instructions and recommendations of the attending physician. You can understand the effectiveness of treatment if you constantly donate blood and urine for analysis. This makes it possible to understand how the kidneys function and, if necessary, adjust the treatment regimen. The effectiveness in the treatment of hypertension will be, if you use the basic rules:

  1. Follow the rules of nutrition.
  2. Do not combine diuretics with sleeping pills.
  3. Add foods that contain a lot of potassium to your diet.

The remaining rules are generally accepted and they will be surely told by the doctor at the reception.

The negative effects of diuretics

Diuretics can have an undesirable effect, but often this happens if the rules for using the tablets are not followed.

As a result, the following side effects begin in patients:

  1. A small amount of uric acid in the blood is more often observed after using thiazides.
  2. Acute gout.
  3. Nausea and vomiting.
  4. Drowsiness.
  5. Muscular cramps.
  6. Dry mouth.
  7. Diarrhea.
  8. Rising sugar.
  9. Arrhythmia.
  10. Allergy.
  11. Convulsions.

With hypertension, pressure almost always jumps and diuretics are often used to stop a sharp increase in performance. It is not recommended to use drugs for a long time since the opposite effect is possible and the pressure will begin to rise. When treating with diuretics, one should constantly be examined by a doctor and monitor the condition.

Diuretic folk remedies

Knowing why diuretics cannot be used and their effect on the body, for some patients treatment with folk remedies may be prescribed. In this case, you need to use herbs, tinctures based on herbal ingredients and fruit mixtures. Before using the treatment with only traditional recipes, it is necessary to discuss therapy with the doctor, since refusing medication can aggravate hypertension and its symptoms.

A diuretic effect can be obtained by adding the following products to the daily menu:

  1. Oats
  2. Beets.
  3. Asparagus
  4. Cranberries, preferably fruit juice.
  5. Parsley.

Herbs and infusions based on the following plants also help well:

  1. Lingonberry leaves.
  2. Bearberry sheets.
  3. Burdock root.
  4. Knapweed.

It is useful to prepare funds for reducing pressure based on beets, lemon, horseradish and carrots. Such ingredients can be combined, use each product separately and add honey to the mixture. Due to this, an excellent diuretic will be obtained, which should be taken 1 tbsp. once a day.

Treatment with folk remedies is a cheap and useful method of therapy that normalizes blood pressure, relieves symptoms and is useful in general for the body.

Among the effective recipes for hypertension, I distinguish:

  1. Fruit and vegetable tincture. To prepare, squeeze the juice of 1 lemon, combine it with 400 ml of cranberry and beet juice. After this, 250 ml of honey and 200 ml of vodka are added. After mixing the ingredients, you must leave the product for about a day and take 3 times a day, 40-50 minutes before meals, 2 tbsp. The medicine can lower the upper and lower pressure, will have a mild diuretic effect.
  2. Chokeberry. Such a berry has a diuretic effect in itself. To prepare the therapeutic mixture, grind 500 grams of fruit in 300 grams of sugar and take 100 grams of medicine 2 times a day.
  3. Tincture on nuts and onions. For the mixture, 10 walnut partitions, 1 kg of chopped onion should be used. 150 ml of honey and vodka are added to the pulp. After stirring, the medicine is left for 10 days in a dark place, and then taken 3 times a day for 1 tbsp. Be sure to use tincture before bedtime.

When treating folk remedies, you can use monastery tea. It is based on many herbs, it has a diuretic effect, improves kidney function, and also relieves vascular spasms.

The use of the described diuretics is allowed only after discussing them with the doctor, which makes it possible to exclude allergies and other side effects.

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