Erius tablets instructions for use composition, action, indications and overdose

index 3 - 13Nowadays, the most popular antihistamine is Erius (tablets), the instructions for use must be read several times in order to avoid negative consequences.

The tablet preparation effectively fights allergic symptoms, and the allergic person feels better already in the first hour after taking the medication.

It is important! In order not to worsen the quality of life, a person prone to reactions to highly allergenic substances should always have Erius tablets with him, but before using the drug, it is important to read the instructions.

Composition, form of production, packing

Erius’s main chemical is desloratadine. Thanks to the active pharmaceutical substance, H1-histamine receptors are blocked, however, side effects of the tendency to sleep, sedation are not noticed.

The instruction says that the latest generation drug with the main pharmaceutical substance desloratadine does not pass through the physiological mechanism between the bloodstream and the central nervous system, as a result of which the negative effects of Erius in the form of tablets are minimal.

1 jerius 2 - 15Erius tablets and syrup for children

Erius tablets, intended for use by adults and children over the age of 12, are dispensed over-the-counter by pharmacists. Each tablet contains 5 mg desloratadine and other ingredients that are part of the drug:

  • dicalcium phosphate,
  • microcrystalline cellulose,
  • corn starch,
  • talc.

Erius is produced in a blue film casing, the components of which are:

  • lactose monohydrate,
  • hydromellose,
  • titanium dioxide
  • macrogol,
  • aluminum blue varnish,
  • palm wax,
  • beeswax white.

The tablets are sold in cardboard boxes, each of which contains a blister with 7 or 10 pills.

Need to know! Refer to the instructions for a more accurate description, exposure, indications for use, contraindications, effects on allergic processes, recommendations for admission for a specific age of patients.


Erius is suitable for the elimination of acute and chronic manifestations of allergies. The use of tablets has a positive effect on the state of the body with allergies, improving the quality of life. The drug fights against such manifestations of allergic reactions as:

  • coryza with sneezing, dry stuffiness,
  • conjunctivitis with lachrymation, photophobia,
  • cough
  • itching, redness of the skin,
  • swelling of the mucous membranes and skin.

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allergia - 17Erius fights a runny nose and sneezing

The use of Erius with the active pharmaceutical substance desloratadine has a positive effect on the condition of the allergic person, causing the following results:

  • relief of allergic processes,
  • decrease in vascular permeability,
  • cessation of severe itching,
  • antiexudative, antihistamine effect,
  • weakening or complete disappearance of allergic symptoms.

Benefits of the Erius tablet form:

  • Counteracting allergies,
  • Long half-life of more than a day,
  • Lack of drowsiness, sedation,
  • The inability to suppress the reaction rate,
  • Successful injection replacement in case of immediate allergic reaction,
  • Allowed to be combined with other medications,
  • Permissible for use within 2-4 weeks during exacerbations of hay fever, cough and runny nose of allergic origin,
  • During the use of prolonged-release tablets, it is allowed to drive a vehicle, continue activities related to the reaction rate,
  • The instructions say that Erius is not prescribed for children under 12 years of age.

7f9e1eb9ebb15145fe76edbd1e733470 - 19Erius is effective against allergy symptoms

Indications to application

According to the instructions, Erius is prescribed for the following indications:

  • nettle rash of a chronic type, angioedema due to taking pills, itching, hyperemia of the skin, swelling of the mucous membranes decreases,
  • seasonal allergies, allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, the use of Erius allows you to relieve symptoms: sneezing, nasal congestion, rashes of allergic etiology, tissue swelling, lacrimation, itching of the ocular conjunctiva.

Reference! Erius is recommended for use and in case of other allergic reactions, it is recommended to refer to the instructions for more information.


The instruction says that the use of Erius is impermissible in the following cases:

  • period of pregnancy,
  • lactation period,
  • hypersensitization to the active ingredient or additional components of the drug,
  • phenylpyruvic oligophrenia hereditary pathology associated with a violation of amino acid metabolism,
  • children under 12 years of age.

Attention! In the presence of renal failure syndrome, an allergist or dermatologist pay attention to the severity of allergic manifestations, therefore, Erius in tablets is prescribed with caution. The tablets contain the essential amino acid phenylalanine (2,9 mg per 5 mg desloratadine), so the use of Erius will cause side effects in patients with phenylketonuria. For children under 12 years old, instead of tablets, Erius syrup is prescribed according to the instructions.

Instructions for use, dosage

It is important to know! Erius in tablets is prescribed strictly by a doctor.An independent initiative to purchase a drug in a pharmacy is not welcome. Before you start taking the pills, read the instructions, which detail the dosage of the drug according to the age and individual characteristics of the human body.

Recommendations for taking Erius:

  • pills are taken with or without food
  • after opening the blister pack, put the pills in your mouth,
  • It is not necessary to take Erius with plenty of water, as the tablets are quick-dissolving. If necessary, you can take a sip of liquid,
  • within 24 hours, it is enough to use 1 tablet of 5 mg loratadine. Erius is considered a long-acting drug,
  • allergy sufferers with hay fever are advised to take the medicine according to the instructions until the allergic symptoms disappear completely,
  • with symptoms of allergic rhinitis, it is advisable to take Erius until the exposure to the allergen stops,
  • the instructions say that the drug should be stored in a dry, dark place out of the reach of children, at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. The blister is opened as the medicine is applied.

Reference! The instruction indicates that taking pills does not contribute to psychomotor dysfunctions, the use of Erius allows you to drive a vehicle, complex mechanisms that require concentration.

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Side effects

If the instructions are followed, negative phenomena are extremely rare. Only 0,6 1,2% of people taking Erius complained of discomfort and local action from the tablets.

Interesting! If you follow the instructions exactly, side effects from Erius can be avoided.

General reaction to pill use:

  • general weakness
  • migraine.

From the side of the circulatory system, rapid heartbeat.

  • dry mouth
  • increased enzyme performance,
  • overestimated content of bilirubin.

Allergic reactions: urticaria, anaphylactic shock.

peredozirovka preparatami - 21Taking Erius tablets

Attention! If the tablets are taken according to the instructions, but there are negative reactions from the organ systems, you should consult a doctor. The doctor will replace Erius with another antihistamine and prescribe sorbents, drinking plenty of fluids to quickly remove the drug from the body.


The intake of a dose of Erius exceeding 5 times did not cause negative symptoms. Clinical studies confirm that daily intake of pills for 2 weeks is not accompanied by dysfunctions of the cardiovascular system.

When using a dose of tablets for 10 days, exceeding 9 times, there is no prolonged QT interval syndrome on a standard ECG.

Important! In case of accidental use of a large number of tablets, rinse the stomach immediately, take a sorbing agent. Erius is not excreted by the kidneys in renal failure, peritoneal dialysis is not effective.

Interaction with other drugs

According to the instructions, Erius is combined with antibiotics:

  • azithromycin,
  • ketoconazole,
  • erythromycin,
  • antidepressant fluoxetine,
  • the antiulcer drug cimetidine.

Note! The instruction prohibits taking Erius in combination with alcohol.

Medicines analogues

There are many generic versions of the antihistamine drug Erius:

  • Cetirizine,
  • Parlazin,
  • Fenistil,
  • Ebastin,
  • Dimetindene,
  • Letizen,
  • Ksizal,
  • Fexofenadine,
  • Suprastinex and others.

However, desloratadine-based drugs are considered absolute analogues:

  • Alestamine,
  • Blogir-3,
  • Diazolin,
  • Dramina,
  • Ketotifen,
  • Claridol.

The most commonly used:

  • Desloratadine,
  • Desloratadine-Canon,
  • Desloratadine-Teva.

The difference between generics and Erius lies in the auxiliary components, the country of origin and the price.

preparat erius i alkogol - 23Analogues of the drug Erius

Important! Only a doctor is involved in the selection of a suitable generic, especially if the child needs an antiallergic medicine.


Erius is an effective pill for eliminating allergic symptoms. There are a lot of positive opinions regarding this medicine on the Internet.

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Doctors prefer Erius because the drug quickly affects the H1-histamine receptors, and the result lasts for more than a day. Moreover, the instruction says that the medication is well tolerated and there are few negative consequences due to the use of Erius.

Dermatologists and allergists advocate not only the use of Erius in case of relief of allergic symptoms, but also advise taking the drug to prevent the immune response to an irritant.

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