Enuresis in children what is it, causes and treatment

Children’s enuresis what is it?

Children’s enuresis is unrestrained urination, generally in the evening. This pathology generally impacts young boys aged 3 to 10 years.

Enuresis in a kid under 2 years of age is a regular physiological phenomenon, which is due to the immaturity of the matching regulative systems. The development of abilities in handling the urination procedure happens by 3-4 years, however if this has actually not occurred, you need to try to find the factors.

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  • Heredity. Approximately 20% of children with incontinence had moms and dads with the exact same condition throughout youth.
  • Psychological environment. Some moms and dads themselves are to blame for this issue: they indulge the kid needlessly, not teaching them to tidiness and individual health. But there are likewise the opposite circumstances: with too stringent moms and dads, the kid does not ask to go to the toilet, hesitating to turn and state himself. Children’s mind is really susceptible, so mental injury frequently causes urinary incontinence.
  • Surgical interventions. Enuresis might appear in a kid as an outcome of previous operations: elimination of an umbilical hernia, circumcision, cryptorchidism, dropsy of the testicle, varicocele and others.
  • Diaper abuse. This creation is practical, firstly, for the mom. Frequent and unsuitable usage of them can cause severe issues. From the age of one, it is essential to potty train the kid.
  • Pathological course of pregnancy and giving birth. This is oxygen hunger of the fetus, entanglement with the umbilical cable, detachment of the placenta too soon, extended dehydration. The optimum damage to the main nerve system happens as an outcome of extreme birth injury.
  • Diseases of different etiologies. These can be cerebral injuries due to previous contagious illness: viral meningitis, staphylococcal sepsis, viral sleeping sickness, contagious poisonous shock. Intestinal intrusions, vulvovaginitis, balanitis, postitis. Diseases of the broncho-lung system: bronchial asthma, pulmonary edema, pneumonia, tuberculosis. Heart illness: flaws, myocarditis, endocarditis.
  • Delay in the advancement of the cerebral centers of urination.
  • In children under 3 years of age, urination happens automatically, given that it is managed just by the spine (back center). At the age of 3 to 5 years, a location is formed in the kid’s brain that is accountable for regulated urination. The procedure ends up being manageable just under the condition of typical advancement and interaction of these locations.
  • Violation of the production of vasopressin (antidiuretic hormonal agent, ADH).
  • ADH is created by nerve cells of the hypothalamus, controls the chemical structure of urine and its quantity, keeps the fluid balance of the body. In children with incontinence, the secretion of the hormonal agent is lowered. Lack of vasopressin in the evening causes increased urine production and overflow of the bladder.


During the preliminary collection of info, the functions of the course of the illness are defined: perinatal, familial, provoking aspects, previous illness. In order to recognize developmental pathologies, the physician performs an external evaluation of the kid: pressure on the abdominal area (palpation), rectal evaluation, evaluation of the external genital organs, lower back.

Also, according to the physician’s prescription, the following can be carried out: urine analysis for the existence of pathogenic microflora, basic and biochemical blood tests, ultrasound research studies of the kidneys and bladder, urological, endoscopic, radiographic, electrophysiological research studies. All these diagnostic treatments make it possible to identify the existence or lack of different developmental abnormalities in a kid.

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To start with, moms and dads require to thoroughly discuss this issue with the kid and convince him to get evaluated. Any kind of condemnation, inflammation, disgust is undesirable.

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If the secretion of vasopressin is impaired, the physician might recommend desmopressin, which is its artificial analogue. The dose is strictly specific. If an increased bladder tone is detected, oxybutin is utilized, which unwinds its muscles and minimizes convulsions.

With unstable enuresis, the kid is revealed to a neurologist or psychologist. Prescribe drugs to enhance brain activity (nootropics): picamilon, neurobutal, semax, cerebrolysin and others. Vitamin courses and basic enhancing physiotherapeutic treatments work: massage, hydromassage, pine baths, electrosleep, restorative gymnastics.

Special devices that produce a conditioned reflex have actually shown themselves well. With a low signal, they awaken the kid in the evening, teaching him to awaken in time.

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In the lack of hereditary pathologies, the very best treatment for infantile enuresis is to produce a healthy psychoemotional environment for the kid and accustom him to the day-to-day regimen. In the eve going to sleep, it is essential to omit TELEVISION, computer system, outside video games.

You can walk with your kid on the street, play a peaceful video game with him, use illustration, coloring, reading. The kid’s bed need to be reasonably firm and the air in the nursery need to be cool and damp. Before going to sleep, you need to not provide your kid diuretic items such as kefir, milk, watermelon, melon.

Eliminate foods which contain chemical tastes, dyes, preservatives, and salted and hot foods from your diet plan. Show your kid love, attention and regard, teach you a healthy way of life from youth, temper your body, mind, teach you constantly and all over to stay calm and to get rid of life problems with self-respect.

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