What to do if you have high cholesterol

Even 30-40 years earlier, nobody in our nation actually understood anything about cholesterol and the factors for its boost in the body. But then a huge battle with this compound started, and the stereotype that this compound is an outright and genuine damage that needs to be ruined has actually securely gone into the mind.

Of course, this is partially real. But just if the level of this lipid in the body goes beyond the optimum acceptable worth. And if high cholesterol, what to do with it?

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High cholesterol – what does it suggest

It deserves clarifying, high cholesterol – what is it and why is it so harmful? There are 2 kinds of this compound in the body. They are traditionally called excellent and bad. Bad is a low density lipoprotein, excellent is a high density compound. What does it suggest?

The primary distinction in between these 2 “brothers” from each other is (according to this concept they are called) that a person of them works to an individual, and the other, when surpassing the standard, is not simply hazardous, however can likewise have a very unfavorable impact on the body.

What does excess low-density lipids impact? If the level of a compound in the body is high, then with a high degree of likelihood it can be stated that there is a threat of development in the client’s vessels or that cholesterol plaques have currently started to type. Which indicates: atherosclerosis is establishing, and not just veins, capillary and arteries – the whole cardiovascular system is under danger. If you do not battle this in any method, in the extremely future this client might get a horrible conclusion in the medical card: coronary cardiovascular disease, stroke or perhaps cardiovascular disease.

So, it is much better to keep track of the cholesterol level in order to respond in time to its discrepancy from the optimum acceptable worth in plus.

Reasons for the boost

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What illness cholesterol can reveal? Indeed, the signs of LDL (low-density lipoproteins, the so-called bad cholesterol) are frequently markers of a harmful illness. So a high level of this compound is displayed in the blood of heavy cigarette smokers, those who like to beverage in big amounts, and individuals struggling with physical lack of exercise. Also, the reasons for high cholesterol levels depend on severe kidney illness or perhaps kidney failure, harmful liver pathologies such as, for instance, cirrhosis, some deadly neoplasms, diabetes, medical diagnoses related to the pancreas.

From what and why does this compound boost in the client’s blood. I should state, the factors can be usually the most basic and most prevalent. Such as aging (individuals who have crossed the fifty-year mark frequently experience pathology), poor nutrition and anemia, or vice versa, excess food, food at first abundant in cholesterol.

In ladies, lipoids leap up versus the background of pregnancy. Physicians frequently in their practice hear such a concern: can it increase on a worried basis. The response is yes. Indeed, LDL can leap up versus the background of worried overstrain, a continuous state of tension.

Symptoms of high cholesterol

The signs of high cholesterol themselves are tough to name as such. Specific signs that the indicators of a given substance have deviated from the maximum permissible value in the body are not particularly evident at first. That is, there are no specific signs other than the numbers in the conclusion of the blood test.

But when the substance is kept at a high mark for a long time and has already begun to give harmful effects, then the signs appear. Only in the form of indications of specific diseases.

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When cholesterol plaques still adhere in small “pieces” to a person’s blood vessels from the inside, the patient does not feel anything. But when there are a lot of these plaques, and atherosclerotic pathology begins, then obvious problems appear.

If the plaque strongly blocks the veins of the neck, then at best it threatens tinnitus and hearing loss. At worst, insufficient blood supply to the brain. And this is a poor state of health, a feeling of fatigue, fainting.

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Also, against the background of an increase in the level of lipids, the development of atherosclerosis of the peripheral arteries is possible. As a rule, this concerns the vessels located in the limbs. This is manifested by tingling, and then specific pains in the legs and arms, which are often accompanied by a rash of ulcers. Among other things, among the signs of this pathology are leg swelling, lameness, hair loss on the arms and legs.

This consequence of high cholesterol is rarely talked about. However, this is a very real diagnosis, which doctors quite often meet in their practice – coronary insufficiency. She is diagnosed by the following marks: sharp pain in the chest, passing into the abdomen and back, sudden cold and numbness in the arms and legs, nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath. In this case, you also need to urgently call an ambulance. If you do not have time to see the doctors, everything can end very badly.

And the most serious consequences of excess cholesterol in the human body are, of course. strokes and heart attacks. You also need to know the signs of these dangerous diagnoses in order to determine the danger in time.

True marks of a stroke: suddenly and sharply the head ached, as if it were being pierced with a metal knitting needle, it seems that coordination and orientation in space are lost, the tongue and face, arms, legs, neck jar, stop obeying, when you try to say something, you cannot say , double vision, hands and feet grow cold and numb.

How to understand that, most likely, there is a threat of a developing heart attack: the onset of anxiety, a feeling that there is not enough air, as if there is nothing to breathe, a feeling that it is pressing in the chest, arms and legs hurt, stomach, severe sudden fatigue.

Increase in pregnant women

Often in women who are “waiting for a miracle”, a blood test shows that the maximum permissible cholesterol threshold is exceeded. Moreover, doctors-gynecologists say that for expectant mothers this indicator jumps constantly, and for them their own norms for the content of lipoprotein in the blood have been established. The indicator 6-8 mmol/l is an acceptable value for pregnant women. And at the same time, even a small increase is considered common.

If indications for cholesterol rise significantly, then you need to deal with the reasons. This can provoke an incorrect, too fatty diet, infections, severe nervous tension. Both high cholesterol and its causes can seriously harm both the expectant mother and the unborn baby. So, in such cases, doctors prescribe the necessary and safe therapy.

Treatment and diagnostics

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An increased content of LDL is shown by a blood test aimed at identifying this substance. As a rule, the test results are ready the next day after blood sampling. In conclusion, several signs are described. Namely, total cholesterol, low density lipoprotein (LDL) and high density.

Next, the doctor analyzes this data, calculates the final cholesterol value according to a special formula based on the figures obtained during the analysis. If the numbers are moderately or slightly elevated, the patient is prescribed a special cholesterol-free diet and repeated blood sacrifice after a while. If non-drug treatment does not improve the situation, the doctor will look for another way out.

If the lipoid in the blood is above the norm, then the necessary drugs are prescribed along with the diet. And this must be taken as seriously as possible. Indeed, in this way, the patient will most likely be able to prevent a more serious illness.

How to treat an excess of this compound in the blood – more on that below.

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Medication Therapy

So, the attending doctor made the final conclusion that cholesterol levels in the body have reached dangerous levels, and this problem cannot be solved without pills. Usually, doctors prescribe medications that are divided into several groups. The first drugs simply fight with the increased content of the compound, the second not only lower bad fats, but also increase the good fats, which begin to fight dangerous “brothers”, the third group of drugs absorbs bad drugs and helps the body’s systems to remove them from the body.

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Be that as it may, regardless of whether treatment with special drugs is prescribed or a cholesterol-correcting diet is prescribed, a diet with an excess of lipids is necessary. It will help to cope with the high content of this compound and will help stop its growth in the body.

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What are the basic principles of an essential diet? Of course, first of all, the restriction or, ideally, a complete rejection of fatty, smoked, too salty and too sweet food, fried (especially fried in oil) foods.

You should definitely include in your menu foods that are high in fiber, fatty acids, proteins, vitamin C, polyphenols. In addition, the patient is recommended to replace the usual drinks with decoctions of garlic, plantain, hawthorn, red unrefined rice. All this contributes to the fact that the level of harmful lipids will decrease, and useful ones will increase.

Lifestyle change

If an excess of cholesterol, causing concern, is currently observed in this particular patient, then one of the ways to combat this pathology, as a rule, is not enough. If a diet is prescribed, then it is worthwhile to specifically think about changing your lifestyle. Already indicated for treatment with medications and supplements? Especially.

The patient must refuse, along with some food, alcoholic beverages. Even from the weak and weak, even from their rare use. Smoking should also be banned.

The diet must be selected very carefully, it must be correctly and comprehensively balanced, with the obligatory presence of substances necessary to lower LDL and increase HDL. With the necessary rejection of hazardous and improperly prepared foods.

Also, patients who have a record of high-cholesterol pathology in their medical records should pay attention to the correction of their weight and physical activity. Physical inactivity is unacceptable, constant moderate loads are needed, at least reduced to regular walks before bedtime, lasting about an hour.


High cholesterol. Causes and repercussions of high cholesterol.

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