Urine with blood in men, causes, diagnosis and treatment

Blood in the urine of men is a typical phenomenon and needs the instant intervention of professionals in this field. In medical language this is called hematuria. In nature, there are 2 types: the very first is the detection of blood embolisms in the urine with the naked eye, the 2nd – the existence of blood is revealed just by a comprehensive lab analysis.

The color of urine modifications due to the look of a a great deal of red blood cells (red blood cells) in it, which is not the standard in daily life.


There are lots of reasons for hematuria, however amongst the primary and crucial are the following:

  • Cystitis (a severe contagious illness of the genitourinary system. If dealt with improperly, blood embolisms appear in the urine)
  • Cancer of the prostate or bladder (the illness earnings without apparent signs, however the very first call will be precisely the red blood cells in the urine)
  • Prostatitis (by no ways in all cases with this illness hematuria is discovered, however there were cases when these signs made it possible to begin treatment on time),
  • Kidney stones (frequently, the exit of stones is accompanied by extreme discomfort and blood in the urine. A stone leaving the body can hurt the soft walls of the bladder due to its irregular structure)
  • Viral and contagious illness.
  • Injuries (burst urea, burst kidney)
  • Leukemia.
  • Urethritis.
  • Unknown neoplasms that ought to be identified previously.
  • Hereditary illness.
  • Pyelonephritis.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • The existence of parasites in the body.

Also, blood in the urine might appear not as an outcome of illness, however if the everyday routine is poorly observed, when the body is overwhelmed with exercises, with high blood pressure.

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Symptoms of illness that trigger hematuria

Among the primary signs that will end up being the very first heralds that specific conditions are taking place in the body, it ought to be highlighted:

  • Frequent desire to go to the toilet and an undesirable smell of urine (it is simple to discover sediment, mucous and blood of unidentified origin in the urine)
  • Nausea, throwing up, fever (usually this will suggest kidney illness)
  • Very uncomfortable urination, regular urination, blood in the urine (proof of prostate issues and prostatitis)
  • Urination without discomfort however with red blood cells will suggest a malignant growth.
  • Purulent discharge will suggest the existence of urethritis in the body.
  • Detection of blood on the penis after sex will suggest that there are injuries and microtrauma in the bladder,
  • Pain in the lower abdominal area, mucous, discomfort and burning experience, the odor of ammonia from urine make certain indications of cystitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis
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Methods for early diagnosis of hematuria

If procedures happen in the body that trigger issue, you ought to right away go to the medical facility to enable early diagnosis to figure out the issue. The faster the cause is recognized, the simpler and quicker it is to remove it.

There are lots of methods to figure out the causes of a specific illness. Turning to the medical professional, he will recommend:

  • Complete blood count and biochemistry analysis (this will figure out the basic condition of the body and basic issues that exist)
  • Urine analysis (after identifying its structure, the medical professional will prepare a general image of the illness and treatment techniques)
  • Ultrasound evaluation (Allows the medical professional to analyze internal organs, recognize the website of infection. This approach is among the most precise, efficient and fastest)
  • Computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Biopsy.

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    Only after performing the above tests, the medical professional can prepare a clear and clear image of the course of the illness and suggest the most optimum treatment. It ought to be born in mind that self-medication is strictly restricted!

    Hematuria treatment

    Blood in urine is an extremely severe phenomenon and does not endure disregard. Having discovered the very first indications, you ought to right away seek advice from a urologist straight. It makes no sense to wait on the “it will pass by itself” stage and can result in really severe effects and even death.

    The initial step is to minimize blood loss. For this, the medical professional recommends drugs like Vicasol or Dicinon. If the blood is brought on by calculi, then antispasmodics and thermal treatments are recommended, which will facilitate its exit from the body and make this duration less uncomfortable. Very frequently, a course of prescription antibiotics is recommended, which just a medical professional can pick properly.

    In some cases, surgical treatment might be needed. It is really crucial to take iron medications and B vitamins.

    It ought to be born in mind that throughout the duration of treatment you require to be particularly mindful and mindful about yourself and the body: it is necessary to observe the everyday routine, get more rest and sleep, follow a rigorous diet plan (prevent spicy, salty, sweet, sour and all those foods that can trigger regression or provoke bladder inflammation).

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    Alternative techniques of dealing with hematuria

    Traditional medication will never ever change or cancel the main one. This is simply an extra method to reduce the course of the illness and assist the body steadfastly get rid of all the undesirable signs that accompany the client throughout the course of treatment. Together with the drugs that the medical professional recommends, you can arrange encouraging treatment with alternative techniques.

    A big quantity of liquid ought to be taken in and it is really beneficial to utilize numerous natural infusions. Best of all, illness of the genitourinary system are impacted by: oak bark, motherwort, horsetail, centaury, yarrow, bearberry, blackberry and peony roots. It is really advantageous to take in sufficient pine nuts.

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    Prevention of hematuria

    To prevent regressions of the illness, you ought to keep in mind the most basic guidelines:

  • Personal health.
  • Wearing underclothing made from quality materials that are tidy and enjoyable to the body.
  • Avoid hypothermia.
  • Attentive mindset to your sex life.
  • Refusal of soapy shower devices in favor of intimate soap.

    Hematuria is an undesirable illness and, sometimes, it takes a great deal of time to entirely recuperate from the illness.

    It is necessary to be client and strictly follow the guidelines and suggestions of the medical professional, who will quickly make the appropriate diagnosis and pick a private treatment system. Blood in urine does not endure compromises, however needs the most mindful mindset.

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