Reasons for crying a newborn before urinating

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In the first months of a child’s life, it is extremely difficult to understand why he is capricious. At this age, the main way of expressing his negative emotions – be it fear, unpleasant sensations or discontent – is crying.

Often, parents notice that when a child pees, he cries, often tears appear immediately before urinating. There is no need to panic, otherwise this condition will be transmitted to the baby, and this will aggravate the symptoms. It is important not to ignore what is happening and find out why the baby is crying before peeing.

What is the reason for the crying of a newborn before urinating

When trying to figure out why a newborn cries before urinating, you need to understand that tears in a nursing baby are not necessarily the cause of pain or any serious illness. Pediatricians are convinced that a crying baby can mean that a newborn wants to convey to adults the intention to pee.

A full bladder causes discomfort, this can be the reason that the child cries. With the help of tears, the baby tries to convey this to mom and dad, and since other methods of communication at this age are unfamiliar to him, he cries.

Often, the baby is uncomfortable. For example, the crying of newborn boys is directly related to the sensations that a diaper causes. When the baby is about to pee, he strains his penis. If the diaper is the wrong size, it can press on the penis, and as a result, the baby will feel pain.

Both newborn girls and boys may experience discomfort caused by chlorinated water and cry when the baby pees.

For hygiene purposes, it is worth using boiled water. It is better for infants to use the amount of soap and other personal hygiene products as little as possible, since they can disturb the microflora, which will cause the baby to cry when he wants to write.

Causes of painful urination

The main reason a newborn cries before urinating is dermatitis. Urine on the baby’s skin is irritating.

As a result, diaper rash, redness, a rash appears in the affected area, and when urine gets on the damaged skin, it stings, which provokes crying. The baby remembers these painful sensations and knows how to connect them with the process, therefore, before starting to write, he will start crying, anticipating pain.

An allergic reaction is often the cause of a child’s cry. A diaper, cream, infant formula can provoke an ailment. Often, the cause of redness of the skin can be the presence of an infection in the body, and if urine gets on the skin, the baby experiences pain and cries.

Often the cause of crying in a girl is an inflammation of the vagina. If the baby is crying, before peeing, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of the labia, perineum and the space between them.

Discharge may indicate inflammation of the vagina. If there are inflammatory diseases, yellow or green discharge is not excluded.

As a rule, such infections are transmitted to the girl from the mother during childbirth. Do not be afraid, you need to visit a pediatric gynecologist who will help you cope with the disease. In the case of a timely appeal to a specialist, no complications should arise.

It is extremely important to observe hygiene, washing the girl is especially significant. This should be done with clean water, in the direction from the vagina to the anus. Thus, the likelihood of introducing an infection is significantly reduced.

If the inflammatory process is not treated, there is a high probability of sticking (adhesion) of the labia in girls. This, in turn, will lead to painful urination, and more serious consequences are not excluded.

Cystitis or pyelonephritis can cause discomfort in a child. Cystitis (inflammation of the bladder mucosa) can occur in children of both sexes.

It can be both an independent disease and a consequence of existing problems in a child. Often the cause of an exacerbation is a cold, acute respiratory infections, pneumonia or diarrhea. Pyelonephritis is an inflammation of the kidneys in a newborn.

According to statistics, girls are exposed to this disease six times more often than boys. A sign that the crying of a child is associated with this disease will be the presence of the following symptoms: increased sleepiness, high fever, frequent regurgitation, loose stools, nausea and vomiting.

All of the above diseases are accompanied by cramps during urination. The baby screams and groans.

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kak sobrat mochu u grudnichka - 13The presence of inflammation can be determined by the following signs:

  • temperature increase,
  • darkening of urine,
  • the presence of bloody streaks, clots, pus in the urine.

Often, the cause of crying is the presence of urethritis. This is a disease of the lower urinary tract. In the case when the disease is not in an acute form, it is not easy to detect the symptoms. Only a doctor can make a diagnosis after a series of studies, in particular, urine analysis and taking material for bacterial culture.

Newborn boys often cry before peeing due to the presence of diseases of balanitis and balanoposthitis. When the baby experiences pain after urination, his penis and foreskin should be examined.

If there is redness or swelling, this may indicate the presence of this ailment. Balanoposthitis in a child is often manifested by secretions that look like curd. In general, any urinary tract infection causes painful sensations.

Descent of the testes is one of the common causes of crying when urinating. This happens in the first few months of life, so excess stress becomes the cause of pain.

Whatever the main reason for the crying of the child, it is worth noting that if the baby reacts in this way to the inflammatory process, then in the results of his analyzes the number of leukocytes and erythrocytes will be increased.

If there are stones in the urinary system or if renal-ureteral reflux is detected during ultrasound, the renal pelvis will be enlarged.

Disturbing symptoms

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If a newborn baby cries before urinating, it is advisable to pay attention to his overall behavior.

If at the same time the child behaves quite naturally, then worry and believe that the child is sick, no. When a toddler is pushing when urinating, it indicates that he has some health problems.

An alarming signal for parents should be an increased body temperature in a child. When an inflammatory process occurs in the body, the baby may experience pain when urinating.

Often the crying of a child indicates the presence of more serious pathologies. The first step is to see a doctor so that he excludes diseases such as:

  • vesicoureteral reflux. This disease requires surgery. It will not be possible to cope with it with medicines, with the help of drugs it is possible only to eliminate the pain for a while,
  • kidney stones: for young children, doctors prescribe baths prepared with the addition of natural ingredients that can dissolve stones in babies and remove them naturally,
  • the presence of a foreign body in the urethra: the first thing that experts do is remove it, after the baby is doused and baths based on natural ingredients.

The symptoms of these conditions may not be visible to parents. However, if the baby cries a lot for a long time before peeing, then there is a problem in the urinary system.

What to do

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In the event that the child cries before urinating, self-medication is not necessary. You should contact a specialist as soon as possible. Only he is able to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe safe and effective drugs.

Childcare Tips:

  • give the baby plenty of drink (decoction of chamomile, lingonberries, water),
  • wash girls strictly in the direction from the vagina to the anus,
  • use only baby hygiene products when bathing,
  • monitor the air temperature in the room, avoid hypothermia,
  • when using diapers, apply a powder so that diaper rash does not form.

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In order to prevent the crying of a child, it is necessary to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations for treatment and pay attention to the prevention of the disease.

Some parents wonder what to do if their baby cries while urinating and is cheerful and cheerful the rest of the time. In this case, pediatricians recommend not to worry. Most likely, the toddler thus “says” that he wants to write, he feels anxiety and calls his mother for help. And since he cannot say anything yet, he cries.

If the child cries regularly for several days while urinating, the first thing to do is to inform the pediatrician. The baby’s reaction may indicate the presence of a serious illness that needs to be treated.

In order to prevent the disease, parents are advised to properly wash the child, especially the girl. otherwise infections of the genitourinary system are not excluded.

It is not recommended to use highly scented products (soap, gel) when bathing a child, as this can cause a violation of the vaginal microflora. It is important that there are no drafts in the room where the child is, otherwise the baby, due to hypothermia, will experience pain when he begins to write.

The child’s reaction should be the reason for careful investigation. It is likely that the baby or baby thus informs that there is some kind of pathology.

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