What medications can be used to treat fatty liver hepatosis

If fatty liver hepatosis is diagnosed, drug treatment is one of the main methods of getting rid of the disease. The key goal of therapeutic treatment for fatty hepatosis is to eliminate the cause or provoking conditions that directly affect the development of the disease, establish a normal diet, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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General characteristics of therapy

How to treat fatty liver hepatosis is decided only by a specialist in each case, depending on the degree of organ damage.

Is it possible to cure liver pathology with medicines?

Experts note that with such a disease, fat accumulates in the liver structures, as a result of which the cells of the organ are reborn into lipid tissues. Such pathological processes are reversible if the correct regimen is drawn up for the treatment of fatty hepatosis, if the patient follows all the instructions of the attending doctor and follows the correctly prescribed diet. In such cases, the prognosis for recovery is good.

If the disease is detected at the early stages of its development, it is possible to cure fatty liver hepatosis only by correcting nutrition. To do this, you must exclude the use of fatty foods. Since the first stage of the development of the disease passes practically without pronounced symptoms, a person usually ignores any deviations in his health.

Often, hepatic pathology is diagnosed already at the stage when lesions have occurred in all tissues of the organ and their long-term regeneration with the help of drugs for the liver will be required. The main protocols of therapeutic action are to eliminate the main cause of the disease and increase the regeneration of hepatocytes.

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Treatment of fatty liver hepatosis with drugs is due to the prescription of drugs of several categories: essential phospholipids, sulfoamino acids, drugs of organic origin.

The former are designed to cleanse the organ of lipid accumulation. This group of funds is distinguished by the mechanism of action. The active substances of hepatoprotectors are absorbed into the cells of hepatocytes, protecting them from the effects of negative substances.

They also promote the outflow of bile and prevent organ hyperplasia. These funds are also used as a preventive measure against liver pathologies.

Treatment drugs that fall into the second category are antioxidants. Their main function is to reduce the number of oxidation reactions in the organ, thereby protecting hepatocytes. Herbal medicines help to reduce the viscosity of bile, activate its outflow. This helps with symptoms such as dull pain, heaviness in the right iliac region.

In the predominant number of situations when diagnosing a disease, drug treatment of fatty hepatosis is mandatory. An important condition for the treatment of fatty liver hepatosis is adherence to a strict diet.

Features of the diet

Before treating fatty hepatosis, it is important to visit a doctor. After such a pathology is detected, the main stage of therapy for hepatosis of the liver is adherence to proper nutrition. To prevent further dystrophy of organ structures, certain rules should be followed:

  • completely eliminate the consumption of alcoholic beverages from the menu. If you cannot do this instantly, it is recommended to start diluting alcoholic beverages with juice or mineral water,
  • refuse to consume fatty foods – homemade cream with a high percentage of fat, homemade fatty cheeses, margarines, butter and mayonnaise,
  • replace meat products with fish,
  • heat treatment conditions are very important – exclude frying, it is better to cook, bake or stew food, it is recommended to cook in a multicooker or in a double boiler,
  • include a large amount of fermented milk products in the diet,
  • be sure to observe the drinking regime, drinking clean drinking water without gas during the day.

When the disease is in the initial stages of its development, complex therapy will help eliminate the negative manifestations of the disease. If the disease is mild, the therapy combines the effects of antioxidant substances, stabilization of cell membranes, immunomodulation, anti-inflammatory effects and neutralization of organ dysfunctions. How to treat fatty liver hepatosis and which pills to take is decided only by the doctor after a preliminary diagnosis.

Before treating an ailment, it is very important to conduct an examination. Then a medicine is prescribed for fatty hepatosis. Reviews of many doctors and patients indicate that the drug Ademetionine is effective. It is a versatile remedy that helps improve liver function. It contains the active component adenosine. It is a very important acid for the human body.

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This medicine allows you to cure many liver pathologies, it helps to restore the destroyed cells of the organ, prevents oxidation by lipid structures, and activates the synthesis of protein structures.

It has an effective effect not only with alcoholic hepatosis, but also with other types of hepatic pathologies (cirrhosis, hepatitis).

An effective medication for fatty liver hepatosis is Ursosan. It relieves pain, neutralizes acids, restores immunity, prevents tissue overgrowth, and influences biochemical processes in the gallbladder.

The amino acid taurine stimulates the elimination of toxic substances from the human body. It is the active ingredient in many drugs. These include: Dibikor, Geptral, Taufon. These drugs cleanse the liver, relieve pain, increase the microcirculation of blood fluid, improve the activity of hepatocytes, promote the outflow of bile, and lower cholesterol levels in the body.

The medicine Karsil helps to cure fatty liver hepatosis. It contains effective components of organic origin, due to which toxins are removed, and the organ is protected.

Essentiale helps to increase the liver’s resistance to the influence of negative factors, essential phospholipids gently cleanse and restore it. With symptoms of fatty hepatosis, this drug is almost always prescribed. How to use, dosages and duration of the course of therapy are determined by the treating specialist.

The best in treating the disease are also Hofitol tablets. With their help, the organ’s resistance to the influence of pathogenic microorganisms increases, and metabolic processes are adjusted. To improve the outflow of bile, the drug Holosas is prescribed. It helps to eliminate discomfort and a feeling of heaviness in the right hypochondrium, is used to eliminate alcohol intoxication.

Metromorphine improves the absorption of glucose, stimulates the function of hepatocytes, and reduces the severity of obesity.

Overview of drugs and their action

The treatment regimen for fatty hepatosis involves the use of the following drugs:

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  • Lecithin, Essliver, Essentiale. Protect hepatocytes, break down lipids. The course of treatment is long.
  • Geptral, Taufon, taurine. They are antioxidants, stimulate the circulation of blood fluid in the liver, dissolve acids, and improve metabolic processes. Treatment is long-term.
  • Gepabene, Hofitol, Karsil. They have choleretic and hepatoprotective properties.

Supportive funds

To prevent the development of liver pathologies, it is recommended to use the following means:

  • hepatic collection,
  • hepatoprotectors – Ursosan, Livedexa, Ursodez, these drugs restore lipid metabolism, relieve painful sensations, improve the quality of the immune system,
  • Allohol, Holosas – promote the outflow of bile, dilute it,
  • riboflavin and niacin – strengthen the body,
  • multivitamin complexes – Komplevit, Biomax,
  • Vasilip, Atoris – reduce cholesterol levels, improve fat metabolism,
  • Metformin helps glucose to be absorbed faster by preventing it from being converted to fats,
  • Eubikor, Berlition – break down lipid structures, restore the microflora of the intestinal tract,
  • in the presence of severe spasms or pain in the right iliac region, No-shpa or Papaverine are prescribed.

Also, prevention is carried out with the help of homeopathic medicines. They contribute to a mild correction of the symptoms of the disease. But they should be taken continuously and systematically. These drugs include Helel, Galstena. All medications should be prescribed only by the attending specialist.

Detonic – a unique medicine that helps fight hypertension at all stages of its development.

Detonic for pressure normalization

The complex effect of plant components of the drug Detonic on the walls of blood vessels and the autonomic nervous system contribute to a rapid decrease in blood pressure. In addition, this drug prevents the development of atherosclerosis, thanks to the unique components that are involved in the synthesis of lecithin, an amino acid that regulates cholesterol metabolism and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Detonic not addictive and withdrawal syndrome, since all components of the product are natural.

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