What does pain in the right side at waist level mean

Pain in the right side at the waist level is always alarming. If this is the first time this kind of discomfort occurs and lasts a long time, it can be really scary. You should not be upset prematurely, but you should not ignore such signals from the body.

In any case, it is necessary to consult a specialist. You may have to go to several doctors, donate blood and undergo various tests until the cause of the pain is established.

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What can hurt in the right side at waist level

It is impossible to immediately accurately answer the question of why this or that pain occurs, including on the right at the waist level. In the right side there are many organs, the pathology of each of which can cause pain. Among the most common reasons are:

  • ailments of the urinary tract,
  • pathology of the female genital organs,
  • bowel and stomach problems,
  • ZhKB,
  • neurological disorders
  • spine diseases.

Types of pain and what they talk about

The pain felt in the right side, namely at the level of the waist, may differ in nature, and their intensity is also different. They can occur from time to time, or they can be repeated very often. You need to be attentive to your feelings.

For a doctor, it matters where exactly the pain arises, how long it lasts, spreads to neighboring zones, under what circumstances it appears and then passes. The nature of the pain can be:

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  • pulling
  • stabbing,
  • cramping,
  • sharp,
  • stupid
  • oppressive
  • aching
  • sharp.

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Sharp and dull

Acute pain in this area is an alarming and dangerous symptom of serious life-threatening pathologies. If it appears, you should immediately go to a hospital, otherwise the worst outcome is possible.

If, in addition to this, the temperature also rises, and the pain becomes more intense with movement, moreover, it is accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea, this may be a symptom of appendicitis. If a person is not operated on in a timely manner, then appendicitis can be complicated by peritonitis.

Sharp and strong sensations in this area often indicate an ectopic pregnancy. If at this time you do not provide the necessary assistance, a lethal outcome is possible.

Dull pains often indicate frequent constipation, ectopic pregnancy, pyelonephritis, inflammatory processes in the pancreas, appendages, shingles and cirrhosis of the liver, urolithiasis, colitis, with ovulation, disorders of bile outflow (especially if they radiate to the right hypochondrium).

Aching and pulling

The aching nature of pain is characteristic of the onset of appendicitis. So colitis, an attack of gallstone disease, an inflammatory process in the appendages, an inguinal hernia, prostatitis, gastrointestinal pathologies, alcoholic hepatitis can begin.

Pulling soreness is often found in gynecological pathologies, inflammation of the bladder, prostate, and intestines. It often happens with menstruation in young girls. But if these sensations are constant, do not decrease, but increase, then an ectopic pregnancy can be suspected.

Stabbing and cutting

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If a stabbing soreness appears sharply on the right side, especially if it is combined with vomiting and nausea, it may be an attack of hepatic colic. Sometimes myocardial infarction manifests itself this way.

The same sensations in a pregnant woman are a formidable sign of the onset of a spontaneous abortion. The same symptomatology can be observed with an inguinal hernia, intestinal obstruction, rupture of the fallopian tube, duodenal ulcer, inflammation of the gallbladder, intercostal neuralgia.

Cramping pain in the right side can be a sign of various pathological conditions. If it occurs at the waist level, this may indicate liver stones, gallbladder pathologies, intestinal spasms, intestinal obstruction, and the threat of spontaneous abortion.

Depending on the location of the pain

If such pain occurs, it can be localized in different places in this area. And this is diagnostically important. It can be localized to the right under the ribs. In this case, liver and gallbladder problems, sometimes appendicitis, can be suspected. If soreness from the back occurs at the same level, then this may be a renal pathology.

Unpleasant sensations in the side on the right are often associated with stomach and intestinal problems. This is true for both men and women. Representatives of both sexes may develop osteochondrosis and neuralgia, oncology, and disorders of the genitourinary system. But there are also diagnoses that are typical only for women and only for men. These are pathologies of the reproductive system, traumatic injuries, infringement of hernias.


In men, this soreness is often felt after physical labor and lifting heavy objects. After this, hernias, osteochondrosis may occur. Pain caused by disorders in the kidneys, urinary tract and genitals can occur with infection and hypothermia.

Inflammation of the prostate can occur with a sedentary lifestyle, infectious processes. Soreness can be acute with calculi in the ureter and kidneys.

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Similar sensations in women occur much more often than in the stronger sex. Often they are caused by periods, adnexitis, oophoritis. It must be remembered that such violations often lead to infertility. In this case, you cannot do without serious treatment.

If a pregnant woman experiences discomfort, then this may indicate a threat of miscarriage. If such pain is acute, then an ectopic pregnancy can be suspected.

A stabbing cramping soreness may be a sign of a ruptured fallopian tube. In this case, you cannot hesitate even a minute and send the patient to a medical institution.


If pain in the right side is felt from the back, this may be a sign of various pathologies. At the waist level, it can be injuries to the ribs, spine, respiratory ailments, pancreas. Among the disorders that cause pain in this localization:

  • pathology of the urinary and genital organs,
  • subrenal abscess,
  • inflammation of the prostate,
  • liver dysfunction,
  • diabetes,
  • spinal pathology (osteochondrosis, radiculitis),
  • gout.

There are many pathological conditions that cause pain in the right side, as well as at the waist level. They can be localized in different ways, these sensations are different in strength. It all depends on which organ is causing them. But there are many exceptions. Feelings of localization can sometimes be deceiving. For example, it may seem that the kidney hurts, but in fact – these are manifestations of osteochondrosis. Painful manifestations of internal organs can be easily confused with neurological pathology.

It is necessary to consult a doctor on time, be examined and receive treatment if necessary. The most common pathological conditions that cause soreness in the right side are:

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  • disorders of the gallbladder and liver,
  • spinal diseases,
  • kidney pathology,
  • shingles,
  • inflammation of the pancreas,
  • hernia,
  • malignant oncology,
  • ICD.

What to do and which doctor to contact

Before visiting a doctor, you need to pay attention to the manifestation of a pathological condition. You need to listen to your body, pay attention to your own health, the presence of fever, vomiting, frequency of urination.

Specialists to contact for right side pain:

  • to a gynecologist if a woman does not become pregnant or her monthly cycle is disturbed,
  • if there is discharge from the genitals, you should consult a venereologist,
  • to a neurologist, if there is a suspicion of a pathology of the nervous system,
  • to a therapist if the liver and kidneys are impaired.

Any disease is easier to treat if you are examined on time and therapeutic procedures are started in a timely manner. Therefore, if a person suffers from pain in the right side, as well as in the waist area, you should immediately seek advice from a medical institution.

It is important to remember that most diseases are easier to treat early on. With the above symptoms, they often resort to surgical treatment, therefore, the issue of timely treatment in such a situation is extremely relevant. In some cases, with soreness in the right waist area, delay in visiting a doctor can cost your life.


What do the pains in the right side say? Causes and actions.

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