The structure of the small pelvis in women and men, than venous stasis is dangerous

1 1 - 31When they discuss stagnancy in the pelvic location, it implies that the outflow of blood from the organs that lie there is impaired. Each of them has its own functions, however the circulatory system is typical.

Accordingly, if the blood is stagnant in one organ, then issues appear in the rest.

What is a “small pelvis”?

The area bounded by the bones of the pelvic area is the small pelvis. In the front part, the cavity safeguards the pubic expression, from the side it is restricted by the ilium, and from the back – the coccyx and the bones of the sacrum. In women, the pelvis is broader, however not deep. And the pubic joint has a larger angle, that makes the procedure of giving birth simpler.

In this cavity, both single organs and typical organs lie, both for women and men. The anus and bladder prevail.

Women in this location have:

  • The uterus is a hollow organ that looks like a pear. Located in between the anus and the bladder. Narrowing, it enters the uterus and vaginal area. Designed for the reproductive function, the fetus is brought in it.
  • Ovaries – this is where the eggs grow, and the essential sex hormonal agents are produced, which are then provided into the blood stream.
  • The vaginal area appears like a tube about 10 cm long. The leading touches the cervix, and the bottom opens at the entryway. For women, it is closed with a hymen, that is, a hymen.

zhenskie tazovye organy - 33

You can likewise discuss the external genital areas: clitoris, labia, pubis.

In men:

  • The prostate gland is situated under the bladder and produces a secretion that goes into the semen.
  • The critical blister is the organ that expels the seed external.

All organs in this location are supported by connective tissue ligaments. Almost all of them lie side by side. As an outcome, the illness of one, adversely impacts the condition of others.

muzhskie tazovye organy - 35

Why does venous blockage take place?

In women, this issue is more typical and is accompanied by discomfort.

The following elements are thought about the factors for this phenomenon:

  • The vessels have actually lost their structural flexibility.
  • A breakdown of the nerve system triggered convulsions in the vessels.
  • The stability of the venous vessels is ruined by bad practices (alcohol, cigarette smoking).
  • kartinka tsirkulyatsiya krovi - 37Lifestyle without the essential activity and inactive work.
  • Unhealthy diet plan that can harm the digestion system. Diarrhea and diarrhea appear, and a stringent diet plan is dangerous due to vitamin shortage.
  • Women are impacted by hormonal agents and pregnancy. It is natural. impacts blood flow in the pelvic location.
  • Tight underclothing hinders blood circulation.

zastoj krovi pri prostatite - 39The blood circulation degrades slowly and, appropriately, the pain does not take place right away.

In the preliminary phase, minor tingling experiences are observed, which then turn into extreme discomfort.


With blood stagnancy in this location, there are no normal indications, and the issue can be identified by a number of symptoms:

  • Painful experiences in the pelvic location. The discomfort is hurting in nature and lasts for a long period of time. Often provided to the lower back or thigh.
  • A heaviness is felt in the lower abdominal areas.

In addition, different pathologies emerge:

  • Prostatitis establishes The prostate gland is inadequately provided with blood. Over time, even impotence is possible.
  • Lack of nutrients and oxygen, which are sent through the blood, triggers infertility in both sexes.
  • Pressure drops take place in the vessels, as an outcome of this, varicocele takes place in men, enhancement of the veins of the testicles.
  • Stagnation of blood in women causes an issue in the uterus: heavy bleeding and prolapse. The menstruation is likewise interrupted.
  • Hemorrhoids appear, accompanied by itching and agonizing experiences in the rectum.
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2 normalnaya i vospalennaya prostata - 41

When blood stasis ends up being persistent, an individual establishes hostility and irritation. Sudden state of mind swings prevail.

Circulatory system

To comprehend the essence of the issue, you require to have an understanding of the blood circulation in the pelvic location. Blood enters this location through the stomach aorta, and the veins parallel to it offer an outflow back. Each organ is braided with veins and arteries, thus forming an entire network.

taz - 43When one of the organs is obstructed, this complex vascular plan does not permit blood flow to stop. But there is a big drawback to this duplication. In case of penetration of an infection into any organ, it will immediately spread out throughout the system.

The lack of valves in the vessels of the small pelvis adds to the development of stagnancy in them. There is likewise an unfavorable truth: the vessels in this location are continued the bones and in case of their damage, the vessel bursts and fills the intrapelvic area with blood.

What is the danger of bad blood flow for men?

Violation of blood flow in this location brings men a lot of issues connected with urological illness.

Development can be anticipated:

  • Prostatitis
  • Prostate adenomas
  • Urethritis.

uretrit u muzhchin - 45

These illness are challenging to deal with and it is much better to prevent such pathologies.

Stagnation seriously impacts the production of sperm and sex hormonal agents. This procedure is straight associated to blood flow, because great flow will offer nutrition to the internal organs and, appropriately, will have a favorable result on men’s health.

The risk of blood stagnancy in this location for women

How this pathology is provoked in women is still unidentified. But numerous physicians think that an inactive and non-active way of life will be an essential aspect for women. And this is laden with unfavorable effects.

zastoj - 47Venous blockage is a severe risk to a female. She will not have the ability to bring to life a kid if this issue is discovered in the genital areas. The phenomenon of stagnancy in the uterus is rather typical, which will be an overwhelming barrier to motherhood.

Sometimes throughout fluoroscopic evaluation of the small pelvis phlebolitis is discovered in its cavity. These are typically safe stones in the veins. They report that thrombus development had actually formerly happened in the vessels, however the unfavorable procedure all of a sudden diminished, and venous stones stayed in these locations. The existence of phlebolitis suggests venous pathology.

Pathologies are frequently vulnerable to women in connection with bearing a kid. Pregnancy increases the size of the uterus, which starts to continue the mother lodes, triggering stagnancy in the whole pelvic system.

Sometimes a pathological condition is kept in mind after an abortion, when the uterus is scraped. If blood ends up being contaminated in the uterine cavity, then a hematometer establishes. The blood has actually collected and the outflow is impaired.

flebolity - 49

How to enhance blood flow in this location?

If there are normal signs of impaired blood circulation in this location, it is much better to seek advice from a professional.

The physician will provide the essential suggestions for treatment and recommend workout treatment workouts.

  • Immediately, the physician will recommend medications that tone and enhance the capillary. But these funds are utilized in case of blockage and fragility of the veins. Naturally, tablets alone are inadequate. Special workouts are needed.
  • lechebnaya gimnastika pri gemorroe kompleks uprazhnenij 2 - 51The complexes of restorative gymnastics, which are offered and popular, are utilized to remove numerous illness. They add to the fast enhancement of blood flow in the small pelvis and a boost in vascular tone. The just contraindication for active sports activities will be varicose veins. With such a medical diagnosis, a necessary assessment with a medical professional is needed.
  • Herbal medication is extremely beneficial. Collecting herbs can enhance blood circulation. In addition, they have antibacterial homes. To minimize stagnancy, preparations and casts of thyme, hawthorn, raspberry are taken. A two-week course of treatment is enough.
  • Often, blood stasis takes place due to issues with the intestinal tracts (irregularity). To avoid this issue, you require to consume right. It is imperative to exclude flour and sweet products. It is advisable to limit fried foods.
  • 2 voda - 53Do not under any circumstances allow dehydration. The required amount of water will lower the viscosity of the blood and the vascular permeability will greatly improve.

But these activities need to be carried out in a comprehensive manner. Only in this case will blood circulation in the pelvic area improve.

Exercise to avoid blood stasis

To eliminate stagnation, it is recommended to do:

  • Running but jogging
  • Swimming,
  • Therapeutic yoga.
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1 joga - 55

But cycling and long walks are undesirable.

At home, 15 minutes of light gymnastics is enough.

The following exercises are recommended:

  • Lie on the mat and perform circular movements with your feet, reminiscent of riding a bicycle.
  • Lying on your back, pull your heels to your buttocks, your arms are along your torso. Slowly raise and lower the pelvis.
  • stul - 57Normal squats, but taking an upright position, you should jump out.
  • You can sit on an imaginary chair, and in the lower position you need to linger as much as possible.

It is desirable to master the “Wave gymnastics” complex. Especially useful is the exercise “Circles and Eights”, which not only prevents stagnation, but also provides significant assistance in the treatment of pathologies associated with them.

preventive measures

Disruption of normal blood flow in the pelvic organs cannot be cured – there are no medical indicators. Yes, this is not a disease, but a cause that causes severe pathologies.

Even the most expensive drugs are unable to overcome blood stagnation. This can only be done by the person himself.

Hard work is not required for this, but only you need:

  • tabak i alko net - 59Increase the number of sexual contacts – improves blood microcirculation.
  • Give up tobacco and alcohol.
  • Stick to a sensible diet, avoiding fried and sweet foods.
  • Avoid dehydration.
  • Move more.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated, but following these recommendations will help to avoid problems with blood circulation in the pelvic area.

We can conclude: if a person is committed to an active lifestyle, then he will not even know about this issue.

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