The benefits of vitamins in arrhythmias of the variety and their effect on the course of the disease

One of the causes of arrhythmia – instability of heart rate – is vitamin deficiency. This is a hidden form of hunger. Lack of nutrients contributes to the development of atherosclerosis, ischemia. This condition, in turn, provokes a violation of metabolic processes in the heart, a decrease in the electrical conductivity of tissues. Vitamins for the heart with arrhythmias are an indispensable element of complex therapy.

Vitamin therapy is an auxiliary element in the treatment of patients with heart disease. Lack of ascorbic and folic acid, vitamin E contributes to damage to the heart muscles.

Drugs of this group are indicated for tachycardia, bradycardia, atrial fibrillation. They cannot stop pain or regulate heart rate. But taking vitamin complexes helps:

  • improving tissue nutrition;
  • normalization of the tone of the vascular wall;
  • improving the electrical conductivity of heart tissue;
  • normalization of water metabolism, removal of excess fluid;
  • restoration of damaged areas of the myocardium.

All known vitamins are needed to maintain the normal functioning of the body.

The lack of the following biologically active compounds affects the state of the cardiovascular system:

  1. Ascorbic acid is a natural antioxidant, immunostimulant. It blocks the formation and accumulation of cholesterol. Contained in currants, apples, sweet peppers, oranges, lemons.
  2. Vitamin E – antioxidant, prevents the formation of fibrin clots, blood clots. The record holder for the content of useful substances are pumpkin seeds. In addition, tocopherol is present in eggs and tomatoes.
  3. Vitamin P – increases the elasticity of the vascular wall, contributes to normal fibrinolysis. Contained in currants, nuts, green leafy salads.
  4. Niacin – relieves spasms, helps to expand the lumen of the vessel, normalizes sinus rhythm. It is an essential element of therapy for heart palpitations, hypertension. Contained in liver, peanuts, green leafy salads.
  5. Thiamine – normalizes the eclectic conductivity of heart tissue. The lack of a biologically active substance leads to the development of pain in the heart, shortness of breath. To compensate for the deficiency of thiamine, corn, buckwheat, and bakery products should be introduced into the diet.
  6. Pyridoxine – helps to normalize blood pressure, reduce lipid deposits. The active substance is indicated for suspected heart attack. Champions in the content of pyridoxine – garlic, legumes, pomegranate.
  7. Vitamin D with arrhythmia – this substance is involved in the absorption and metabolism of calcium in the body. Calciferol deficiency contributes to the development of arrhythmia, osteoporosis. This pathology is often found in adolescents during the period of active growth. To get a daily dose of this active substance, a walk in the park on a sunny day is enough.
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Pharmacy drugs

It is believed that it is best to obtain biologically active substances from food. But you need to consider the recommended dosage.

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So in order to replenish the B vitamins, you will have to eat a few kilograms of bread per day. It is physically impossible. Therefore, it is advisable to take vitamins for cardiac arrhythmias in tablet, injection form as prescribed by a doctor.

Official medicine products:

  • Vitrum Cardio Omega 3 – a comprehensive tool;
  • Ascorutin – as part of ascorbic acid, rutin;
  • Direct – group B, components of plant origin, such as hawthorn, ginkgo biloba;
  • Neovitam – B vitamins;
  • Cardiohels is a complex remedy supplemented with microelements, coenzyme Q10, plant extracts.

The list of vitamin preparations for the heart in arrhythmias is not limited to these drugs. A positive effect on the state of the cardiovascular system will be exerted by any complex remedy that stops the deficit of nutrients in the body.

Vitamin complexes are medicines. Therefore, they are subject to the rules of admission, similar to other medicines.

The recommendations of cardiologists are as follows:

  1. Do not prescribe yourself injections of vitamin preparations. This is done according to indications and on the basis of a medical institution. Especially if, against the background of arrhythmia, blood pressure rises or falls.
  2. Do not take drugs with additional components. Such as hawthorn extract without the consent of the doctor.
  3. Read the instructions carefully. There are described the rules for taking the drug. If indicated before meals, do not swallow tablets while eating.
  4. Wash down with clean water. It is forbidden to use coffee or tea. Grapefruit juice is strictly prohibited, as it can enter into chemical reactions with drugs.
  5. It is advisable to take the complex at the same time. If 1 tablet per day is prescribed, then the best time to take is morning.
  6. The tablets in the shell, capsules do not open and do not chew. They should be swallowed whole. Effervescent tablets need to be completely dissolved, and only then drink the resulting drink. This dosage form is prohibited for patients with gastrointestinal diseases.
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Vitamins from arrhythmias are not a means of monotherapy. Drugs of this group are prescribed in combination with other drugs. Do not self-medicate, as arrhythmia is a sign of a pathological process, and not an independent disease. Contact a cardiologist, and he will select the necessary drug, taking into account the age and history of the patient.

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