Many leukocytes in urine – what does it mean

Leukocytes are cells that are included in the body’s battle versus pathogens. They eliminate germs, avoiding infection from establishing. Under typical conditions, leukocyte and red cell are discovered in the blood. Their detection in urine shows the existence in the genitourinary system of an inflammatory procedure triggered by microorganisms.

The material of leukocytes in standard and pathology

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In a healthy individual, the variety of cells reaches 3 in guys and 5 in ladies. The detection of 6-7 cells does not constantly show a pathological procedure, it might be a specific function of the organism. However, with this material, medical professionals must currently presume the existence of swelling and take a look at the client in more information.

The existence of 10-20 white blood cells signifies regional allergic pathologies, infections of the reproductive system, helminthic sores. A high level of leukocytes (more than 50 cells) shows the existence of a purulent inflammatory procedure in any part of the excretory system (in the kidneys, bladder, ureter).

Causes of increased white blood cell levels

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An raised level of leukocyte in urine is called leukocyturia. It cannot be thought about an independent illness, it is a sign that accompanies many pathologies. These consist of:

  • pyelonephritis,
  • glomerulonephritis,
  • injuries and growths in the kidneys and bladder,
  • intake of foreign bodies into the urinary system,
  • urolithiasis illness,
  • impaired emptying of the bladder,
  • cystitis.

In addition to illness of the excretory system, an increased material of leukocytes in urine is likewise particular of pathologies of the genital organs. So, in ladies, leukocytes are totally increased with vaginitis, vulvitis. Red blood cells in the urine are likewise at a high level.

Diseases are not the only reason that leukocytes in urine are increased. Often this sign increases with non-compliance with the guidelines of sexual health. This is particularly typical in kids.

Leukocyturia in pregnant ladies

Pregnancy is frequently accompanied by pyelonephritis, a swelling of the kidney pyelocaliceal system. This considerably makes complex the course of pregnancy and can impact the development of organs and systems of the fetus. Therefore, expectant moms require to be inspected routinely to discover an increased variety of leukocytes in the urine. If it ends up that there are much of them, then it is required to perform extra assessments and recommend the suitable treatment.

Do not hesitate of leukocyturia in early pregnancy.

Large numbers show the natural response of the female body to fertilization. However, the level must increase somewhat. Protein and leukocyte in urine in big amounts can accompany pyelonephritis, which can be masked as a physiological response. If the leukocytes in the urine are considerably increased, there are red cell in the urine, then it deserves carrying out extra research study.

Leukocyturia in babies

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Norms in babies are somewhat greater than in grownups. The greatest level enabled is 8 cells. An increased material of leukocytes in the urine of babies likewise shows swelling. Exceeding the standard at an early age is extremely unsafe due to the structural functions of the kid’s excretory system. In most cases, the illness does disappoint any signs, for that reason, if a boost in the variety of white blood cells is discovered, the medical professional needs to retest to validate the medical diagnosis. If the sign increases, then you require to instantly begin treatment.

The incident of infection in babies might be related to genetic aspects – constricting of the urinary system. In this case, urine can no longer be excreted generally, and part of it is tossed back into the bladder and stagnates. Incomplete separation of urine is among the factors for the look of transmittable illness, leukocytes in the urine are considerably increased. Therefore, when narrowing is spotted, it is required to perform a personnel intervention that stabilizes the passage of urine through the excretory system and removes high leukocyturia rates.

Diagnosis of leukocyturia

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To figure out the material of white blood cells, a basic urine test must be carried out. This analysis can be done in numerous methods. The most typically utilized technique is Addis-Kakovsky, which includes gathering all urine daily and taking a look at it. The Nechiporenko technique includes identifying the variety of white blood cells in one milliliter of urine. This technique can discover red cell in the urine.

In order to effectively gather urine for research study, you require to do the following:

  • discover a dry, tidy container with a tight-fitting cover,
  • wash yourself prior to urinating
  • gather a medium part of urine,
  • close the vessel securely.

After that, you require to take the container to the center or health center, where it will be significant and sent out to the lab.

Leukocyturia treatment

About how to decrease leukocytes in the urine and what it implies, you can believe just after the total remedy of the illness that triggered the increased leukocytes in the urine. Most frequently, these pathologies are of a transmittable nature, so they require to be treated with prescription antibiotics. It is difficult to choose the drug by yourself, this is done by the participating in doctor. In addition, if you feel unhealthy, it is advised to consume lots of fluids, stay in bed, and consume right. It is necessary to reduce the use of harmful foods, this speeds up the treatment. When these rules are observed, a decrease in the level of white cells is observed.

Thus, increased leukocytes in urine are an important diagnostic sign of diseases of the genitourinary system. If leukocyturia is detected, it is advised to go through an extra assessment to figure out the medical diagnosis and recommend the appropriate treatment.

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