Hipp – hypoallergenic formula for children from 6 months

8817095311390-19Hipp is a hypoallergenic mixture designed to feed babies with allergic reactions of the body to various factors. Among others, Hipp is one of the most useful and optimal.

Reasons for choosing hypoallergenic mixtures

In some situations, you have to switch to hypoallergenic formula for feeding. The factors are: lack of milk or a negative reaction of the child’s body to it.

If any symptoms appear: rashes, itching, skin redness, any other non-standard changes, there is a reason to visit a doctor immediately.

If the cause is an allergy, on the recommendation of a doctor, you will have to choose a mixture and transfer the child to a hypoallergenic diet. Allergy to milk proteins occurs in children, among whose relatives there is a similar disease.

gipoallergennaya smes dlya detej kak vybrat luchshuyu - 21Hives on the face of a baby

Benefits of mixtures

The use of hypoallergenic mixtures allows you to relieve negative allergic symptoms in the shortest possible time. The child returns to a normal course of life, which is facilitated by the intake of preventive foods, such as the Hipp formula, which allows you to quickly switch to regular food.

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The negative side of mixtures

  • Efforts must be made, since it is difficult to introduce hypoallergenic mixtures into a child’s diet, since the latter has an unpleasant taste. The aroma is due to the presence of amino acids, and casein is more unpleasant.
  • They cause regurgitation, in rare cases, constipation occurs.
  • Most quality substances are expensive.
  • A formula-fed baby may have a tinge of green stools, which is normal.

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Visit to a specialist

Parents should think about transferring their baby to formula nutrition in various situations. Symptoms are: rashes, changes in stool and others, but you cannot purchase the mixture yourself.

To prescribe and select a product, you need to visit a doctor, since another factor may be the true cause of changes in the body.

Poor digestion of food is a consequence of stool change or rash, according to Dr. Komarovsky, caused by the rapid consumption of large amounts of food. The doctor will also help if you are allergic to the mixture.

detskoe pitanie hipp - 27Hipp product line

Varieties of mixtures

Products are divided into two types, therapeutic and prophylactic. In most cases, the number 1 on the package denotes a product for children under six months, number 2 for hypoallergenic formulas for children from 6 months, number 3 for hypoallergenic formulas for children over 1 year old.

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Preventive hypoallergenic mixtures

These include foods with proteins split into peptides, the digestion process of which takes less time and rarely causes allergies.

An allergic reaction is initiated by the mass of peptide molecules in food. A high mass prohibits the transition to prophylactic mixtures in remission of less than six months.

If you conduct a short review of hypoallergenic mixtures, you will notice: all prophylactic ones have the GA prefix in the name, which indicates hypoallergenicity.

gipoallergennye smesi dlya detej - 29Feeding with Hipp’s hypoallergenic formula

On some mixes like Hipp, the word is written in full. The HA prefix indicates that the product is low-allergenic, but does not guarantee complete safety. The following manufacturers stand out:

  • Nutrilon, Nutrilak, Similak, Frisolak, Celia, Hipp.
  • Nan, Humana.

Each package indicates whether the product is low-allergenic or hypoallergenic. How Hipp’s hypoallergenic mixture differs from the usual one: more hydrolyzed protein, less fat.

Carbohydrates are found in the form of lactose or lactose and maltodextrin. A mixture of carbohydrates is recommended for children with a lack of milk proteins. A smaller amount of carbohydrates is observed in the mixtures of Nutrilak, Celia, Frisolak, Hipp.

Features of preventive products:

  • They are prescribed for children at risk of being exposed to an allergic reaction to lactose.
  • They are prescribed for children with prolonged remission, which helps to return to the use of regular food.
  • Prescribed to patients after the first manifestation of milk allergy.
  • Not indicated in cases heavier than lungs.
  • Most prophylactic formulas have two formulas designed for feeding children of different ages.
  • Products from Celia, Hipp and Nan contain probiotics. Most others, as well as Hipp’s blend, contain prebiotics that stabilize the body.
  • The best blends contain nucleotides to boost immunity. Some contain lutein, which develops the organs of vision.

1 9hq - 31Powdered milk mixture HiPP HA 2 Combiotic mixture (from 6 months)

Healing hypoallergenic mixtures

Among the medicinal, the use of which is recommended for food poisoning, there are highly hydrolyzed ones with the following names:

  • Nutrilon and Nutrilak STTs, Nutramigen.
  • Hipp.
  • Friso PEP.
  • Alfare.
  • Pregestimil lipil.

Features of medical formula for baby food for allergies:

  • The products have a high level of hydrolysis.
  • Food Poison Recovery Mix contains milk proteins that have been enzymatically broken down into simple peptides.
  • Whey peptides are larger than casein peptides and are therefore used in mild to moderately mild cases.
  • Most medicinal mixtures are suitable for use at any age.

allergiya na smes u grudnichka 6 - 33Varieties of hypoallergenic mixtures

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Hypoallergenic whey blends are lactose-free, such as Alfare. Others contain milk proteins, but in smaller amounts compared to other types.

Friso PEP Healing Blend is considered to have the best taste and is the sweetest, Hipp also tastes good. Fats in mixtures contain triglycerides, which aid in the digestion of food and the absorption of broken down proteins. Nutrilon, Hipp and Frizo PEP are secreted by the presence of a prebiotic and nucleotides.


In comparison with whey, casein does not provoke allergies, and a low amount of peptides leads to an improved recovery effect in severe cases.

Casein products have fewer nutrients, and amino acids have a negative effect on taste. Casein hypoallergenic blends contain no prebiotics, but starch or glucose.

Some hypoallergenic blends contain triglycerides and nucleotides.


In addition to the standard options presented, there are soy blends.

Such products are consumed after six months.

Switching from a regular diet to soy is rarely possible, since about a third of children are allergic to soy. The transition is made gradually, with the replacement of dairy food with soy in portions.

Mixtures of Nanny and Cabrit stand out separately. If you are intolerant of cow’s milk and soybeans, it is recommended to eat the products of these companies, since the mixtures are based on goat’s milk.

vidy gipoallergennyh smesej po sostavu - 35Types of mixtures by composition

Therapeutic and prophylactic hypoallergenic mixtures

These mixtures are not very popular. HiPP Combiotic produced in Germany should be highlighted. Available in two types.

The first type of hypoallergenic mixture Hipp is therapeutic and prophylactic, it is recommended for children up to six months, the second is closer to the therapeutic one and is recommended for children from six months.

Hipp is prescribed for children with a high chance of an allergic reaction and with mild to moderate allergies.

Hipp is hypoallergenic, expensive and rare, but has a pleasant taste and a range of useful substances.

The table provides basic information about Hipp Hypoallergenic Combiotic 1/2.

Hipp hypoallergenic Combiotic 1/2

SKU:Hipp 1 2141, Hipp 2 2183
Net weight:500 grams
Contained useful substances:Prebiotics, similar to those found in breast milk, that enhance the protective and absorbing function of the intestines.
Probiotics are live lactobacilli that create a healthy microflora in the intestines.
Fatty acids LCPZHNA, Omega-3 and 6 in Hipp 1, Omega-3 and 6 in Hipp 2, which develop mental abilities and organs of vision.
Low-allergenic hydrolyzed proteins, the digestion of which takes less energy and better saturates.



Only the doctor knows which mixture is best for the child, so the choice falls on his shoulders. Among the mixtures, the pediatrician chooses the one that is suitable for age, composition and type of allergy.

With options available, a higher price does not correspond to a better quality product. The choice depends on the composition and price category, but it is better to buy a product focusing on the production date.

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