Condom allergy causes, symptoms and treatment

condom 538602 640 - 17If one of the partners has an allergy to condoms, then you need to identify the causes and immediately begin treatment.

The reasons for this phenomenon are different, as are the ways to get rid of it. There are several options for dealing with a condom allergy.

Causes of condom allergies

Both men and women can be allergic to condoms after using them. The body’s reaction occurs to the material from which contraceptives are made. In some cases, allergies appear due to the lubricant on the condom or, in other words, lubricants.

allergiya na prezervativy - 19Allergy to latex condoms

In addition to latex, condoms contain many different components, for example, surfactants from thermoplastics – they can also provoke an allergic reaction. The main composition of the latex itself is represented by the juice of Brazilian hevea and is used to make condoms in a highly concentrated form.

As for the lubricant, it contains many different substances, such as:

  • starch,
  • spermicide,
  • dye,
  • flavoring, etc.

Each manufacturer of contraceptives uses a specific composition for their manufacture, the body may react to some of them with allergies.

Given that during intimacy, the genitals of both partners are in direct contact with the contraceptive material and other related substances, the mucous membrane and skin become very susceptible.

Therefore, one should not hesitate and ask the question “can there be an allergy to condoms” – maybe, because all favorable conditions are created for the effect of an allergen.

allergiya na prezervativy 1 - 21Condom allergy symptoms in women

Irritation from a condom is an individual phenomenon and manifests itself instantly, after interacting with an allergen. Any symptoms indicating contraceptive intolerance may not appear after some time of using it, since condom allergy has no cumulative effect.

There are two reasons that are attributed to a predisposition to allergies:

  • high susceptibility of the body to various allergens,
  • a hereditary factor, for example, close relatives have allergies.

zud vo vlagalishe - 23How does condom allergy manifest in women?

Latex allergy symptoms

There are various mechanisms for the development of the disease:

  • spicy,
  • development like dermatitis.

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Often, the symptoms of allergy can be detected a few hours after using it, and it is important to know how the disease manifests itself. The main symptoms of allergies include:

  • the appearance of edema. Often observed in girls
  • there is a deterioration in the general state of health, the head starts to hurt, fatigue appears,
  • in rare cases, there is a possibility of rhinitis, frequent sneezing, nasal congestion. More severe manifestations of condom allergy include an exacerbation of asthma or the appearance of Quincke’s edema.

Typical manifestations of contraceptive allergy are as follows:

  • there is redness in the perineum, itching and burning sensation,
  • characteristic symptoms of urticaria. On the skin, the appearance of small blisters is observed, which do not contain liquid and come in various sizes. Rashes are both single and multiple,
  • girls may face thrush, which does not heal even after taking medication,
  • the appearance of atopic dermatitis. The disease is characterized by multiple rashes, which become crusty over time. Aggravation is observed in case of direct contact with latex. Localization happens not only in the genital area, but also in any part of the body.

allergiya na apelsiny 3 - 27Manifestation of allergy to condoms

How to avoid condom allergies?

At the first suspicion of an allergy, both in men and women, it is necessary to take measures to eliminate the problem. The first thing it is recommended to do is to go to the doctor’s appointment. There is a risk that the symptoms that appear are a sign of a developing sexually transmitted disease. Any unhealthy condition of the body can affect the female reproductive system and its work.

If the cause is a condom allergy, it is best to take an allergen test. Based on the results after diagnostic procedures, they choose the most appropriate solution to the problem:

  • In the case of latex allergy, condoms produced on its basis are excluded. There is an option to choose an alternative method of contraception: spiral or pills. Also purchase products made from polyurethane, silicone or try to change the manufacturer of contraceptives. The manufacturer Durex, Non-Latex series is distinguished by good quality.
  • In case of intolerance to the concomitant substances of the contraceptive, you also need to choose a different brand. Products are purchased that do not contain dyes and flavorings. It is best to buy products with water-based lubricants or quality lubricants. There are a series of anti-allergenic condoms – they are worth paying attention to.


Treating condom allergies in women

To get rid of discomfort and other manifestations that cause discomfort as soon as possible, it is important to start treating allergies as soon as possible. There are several ways to do this.

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For competent medical treatment of condom allergies, it is recommended to consult a specialist. Only a doctor, after a thorough diagnosis, will be able to determine the necessary drugs to cure the disease. You can use any means on your own only if there is confidence in the effectiveness of the reception.

The table shows the most common and effective remedies, as well as the symptoms that determine the need for their use.

Folk methods

You always need to know what to do if there is no way to use medications to get rid of allergies.

You should pay attention to the recipes of traditional medicine aimed at getting rid of allergic manifestations – this will avoid unpleasant sensations:

  • Douching. The solution for the procedure is prepared from soda (1 tsp) by dissolving it in water (0,5 l). Furacilin is also suitable, you need to dissolve a tablet in 100 ml of water. Before the procedure, it is required to disinfect the syringe tip with boiling water.
  • Infusion. Infusion is carried out for 2 hours with a mixture of chamomile and St. John’s wort. You need to take 2 tbsp of herbs. 1 liter. water. The procedure is carried out with warm infusion. There is an option to use the infusion as a liquid for sitz baths.
  • Broth. For 10 minutes, it is required to cook 30 g of dry fennel in 300 ml of water. After waiting for the solution to cool down to a comfortable temperature, carry out the procedure.

images 3 - 31Chamomile decoction is the best antiseptic



Alexander, 32 years old.

Recently faced a problem. Suddenly discovered strange red pimples near the penis. At first I was very scared, although there seemed to be no reason to think that I had picked up something. The doctor said it was an allergy to poor quality condoms. I stopped using them and passed.

Olga, 26 years.

It is terrible, of course, when something incomprehensible appears in intimate places. Immediately you start to think, you don’t know what, but it turned out that my husband just bought other condoms and they had a strong flavor in them. We no longer use this brand, but the itching has passed by itself.

Katya, 30 years.

I never thought that this happens, but still. Allergy to latex manifested itself inappropriately, but disappeared after taking an anti-allergenic drug. Now I only use silicone condoms.

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